BJ Archmage – Episode 9 : ? (2)



A blue-eyed NPC wearing a white robe was sitting in the corner, making their hair. 


But Midas’ sight wasn’t directed to the NPC, but towards the player beside them.


Midas was having a conversation with the NPC.


“I received an errand quest from Hyden.”


On saying that, Midas had a bitter smile inside.


‘Would the makers of this game have imagined this kind of scenario?’


The player stood around the NPC and had just received a quest, only to sell it to some else.


 It felt like Taedong River that met Kim Seondal.


*A Korean folklore about a swindler named Kim Seondal who sells water from Taedong River.


Of course Midas didn’t reveal his innermost thought.


“I will check the quest for a second.”




Maintaining a perfect poker face, Midas did various short calculations in his head.


‘I’m digging into Hyden.’


Following the current Midas’ understanding, he was in a situation where he needed to receive medicine from Hyden to cure the nameless wolf.


And due to the linked quest for the Legendary one, he needed to increase Hyden’s favorability towards him.


‘Money is going away every time I do this, huh.’


To state it in another manner, it meant that if he wanted the favorability to increase upto the desired amount, he needed to give his money to the Explorer’s Guild.


[Hyden’s errand]

  • Quest Rank: Normal
  • Quest Level: Level 5 and below
  • Quest Details: This is Hyden’s errand. Gather 10 Goblin’s fur and come back.
  • Quest Reward: 10 Gold, EXP.


A detail that stuck to the expectation of being a repetitive quest..




But it was seen in Midas’ eyes.


!When coming back after gathering 30 Goblin’s fur, [Hyden’s request (Level: Rare)] event  will occur.


A hidden reward within a quest that only he could see.


Midas who confirmed it formed his smile.


‘I saved my money!’


A member from Explorer guild spoke to Midas.


“If you purchase one more Right to do a quest, I can provide you a quest related to hunting Goblins in a party, are you interested in purchasing it?”


He tried to do business.


A surprising systemized service, Midas smiled while speaking about the service.


“I’m dirt poor. It will be pretty difficult for me to scrape some up.”


After speaking words with sincerity without the slightest bit of fabrication Midas turned his back around.


There was confidence in his eyes.


‘For the current me, I can catch Goblins alone.’


It was a confidence that he didn’t need to hunt as a party when facing Goblins.


‘The ability effect that I obtained through [Tutorial Master Reward Rune].’


It wasn’t a vague confidence.


‘Here, I can even see the pattern, so there’s no reason for not being able to catch it alone.’


Now the result of calculation after realistically analyzing his current situation and ability, his confidence showed up based on his calculation.


Midas who held that confidence headed to the hunting ground.


And in the hunting ground Midas was able to realize.


That reality was always different than speculation.




Through the tutorial players experienced two things.


The first one was that they experienced a game over.


At the same time they also experienced a battle with Orcs.


Through these two experiences the players who just started this game had mostly one reaction when they fight against Goblins.


“It seems like I can catch this.”


It seems like I can do it!


Because of that confidence most players unexpectedly tried to battle, Goblins, but to the surprise of no one but themselves, it was a futile attempt.




Of course an easy start didn’t mean the battle was easy.


“Damn why it isn’t right!”


Hunting something would not be much trouble for all these players, had they not started the game all over with a new character, as when a Goblin’s HP reached below a certain level they gained an Escape skill.


“Oh? Oh! It freaking running away!”


“Fucker really!”


“Damn, why is that little shit so quick!”


To chase and catch a Goblin who used Escape was harder than one initially thought.


“Ah, it’s damn annoying!”


If one was going to catch three or four Goblins, it was not only about time but it was also very tiring and difficult to achieve.


After all, they could only stay in peak state of mind for a short time. One’s concentration was not limitless.


Of course, not everyone was like that, trying to brute force a capture.


There were also players who captured them using a predetermined and effective strategy.


For example ,cases where one guessed a Goblins’ physical condition and read the timing when the Goblin would gain access to their Escape skill, and then moving to block their  escape path.


“Wah, look at that person.”


“They are only attacking its feet!”


Or there were also cases when one fought with Goblins they destroyed the areas around the feet early so that they were unable to run away effectively.


“That player tied its feet!”


“Wah, they used a rope.”


“Why are you guys acting as if this is your first time seeing these things. Quickly hunt it down so we can start proper levelling.”


There were also cases where one used items like rope to tie the feet and made them completely unable to move.


It was obvious but those players weren’t beginners who just started the game.


“Are they the Explorer’s guild’s helpers?”


“Just as expected, they are on a different level compared to us noobs.”


Most of the time, one could hire someone from the Explorer’s guild to carry them through monster hunting or quest completion.


“Holy shit, if I knew the difference between noobs and pros was this large, I would’ve employed a Helper from the Explorer’s Guild!”


At that time, one realized why the Explorer’s Guild was able to gain one victory after another even though they engaged in activities that gained people’s ire, why they received the same people’s money, and allowing them to become rich through selling their services.


‘The helpers obviously know how to do it.’


Midas who saw that scene held his uncontrollable laughter.


‘It’s a touching sight.’


The Explorer’s Guild brought a lot of helpers for each level.


The problem was among the helpers, all of them didn’t receive treatment for leveling up.


There were cases where when the skills were all the same and they were at a level where they couldn’t do any quests anymore, where they exceeded the regular level, they created a character again.


They repeatedly made characters and maintained it below level 20, and they did the helper job in the starter village.


Considering the time and money it took them to make a new character and optimize it as a helper, it wasn’t a bad investment. They were able to receive good money for it.


‘They are only machines.’


But in the end, could they even call themselves players?


‘That isn’t easy as well.’


Of course, it’s better not being made to do those kinds of things as a miner than being exploited.


‘Heh, it’s not like I’m in a different condition than them.’


To Midas who intended to start the game as a miner, it meant that he didn’t have the right to sympathize with those helpers.


Because of that he erased his uncontrollable laughter.


‘Let’s capture the target.’


He searched for the prey he was going to hunt by himself.


Searching for a prey was not hard.


Because in Midas’ eyes a traffic light that showed the monsters’ state was seen.


However even if a Goblin hid his face that traffic light obviously showed Midas the Goblin’s location.




At that time Midas’ stare stopped on one Goblin.


‘Why is it yellow by itself?’


A Goblin surrounded by a yellow aura was sitting alone in a separate location, all by itself.


Midas’ stare focused on that Goblin.




At last Midas was able to know the reason.


[Items that can be dropped: Goblin’s skin, Goblin’s resentment (Level: Rare)]


‘Thank you for making this game so luck based.’


Midas thanked RNGsus once more.


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