Can’t Stop Craving Potions- Chapter 0: Prologue

First reincarnation.
I saw the very limit of being an A class.
Yet, I still died without ever finding out how to advance to a higher class.

Second reincarnation.
Finally, I became an S class.
Park Chun-woo became the world’s first adventure to reincarnate twice in his lifetime, leaving his name for all to know.

Third reincarnation.
I learned all the possible skills a hunter could learn.
2,511 skills.
There wasn’t a single skill that Park Chun-woo did not learn.

Fourth reincarnation.
I broke the limit. I ascended my own potential.
I surpassed my own potential.

Because I did not have anything left to do, I began to increase the proficiency of my skills through grinding. My grinding, however, ended after maximizing 215 skills.

However, I still failed.
I became so strong that I have thought that I could not possible become any stronger, but I still could not clear all 12 missions that were given to me.

It was the same as my third reincarnation.
Park Chun-woo was once again obstructed by the 10th mission.

The fight against the 3 apostles… I died while kneeling in front of the overwhelming difference in power.

Then….. .

Sleepless (TL)

saihikawa (PR)

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  1. gen

    your table of contents page has
    instead of the “again-and-again” that comes from following from novelupdates to here(and the url i see up top). I see that this is only an issue with the prologue chapter being “again and again” and the later being others not having that difference.

    only reason i caught this is cause i was on ‘returnee’ and browsed to the TBC page. when it didnt work, i went via NUpdates, and got here.

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