Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 1: Come Over and You Will Die (1)

Gulp. Gulp.
Park Chun-woo drank something from the 1.5L plastic bottle in one go.
His face became hot and reddish.
His circulation became faster, and his eyes bleared.
He truly loved being drunk. If there was heaven, he believed that he was in heaven at this very moment.

“Ah, ah. This is what it feels to be alive.”

He was lying on his hammock, enjoying the cool and refreshing wind.
In the meanwhile, he kept drinking the unknown liquid without any sign of stopping.
After he gulped all the liquid in the bottle, he grabbed another bottle from under his hammock. It was to the point where he was confused if his purpose for lying on the hammock was for resting or drinking his beloved liquid.

I wonder how much time have passed?

A sport car stopped near and parked at Park Chun-woo’s residence. A half-bald guy came out of the car wearing an infuriated expression.

“Again.. You are drinking again? You drink day in and day out. How are you not tired of drinking yet?”

you that this is medicine, not alcohol. Come on leader, you drink some too. This is extremely tasty only when you drink directly from the bottle.”

“I already told you several times how it is not okay for a soldier to drink alcohol because his body becomes extremely heavy and sluggish.”

“Then, I will just drink it myself since I’m not a soldier.”

Hanseong Su.

He was the leader of the mercenary group when Park Chun-woo was still a mercenary hunter.
While sighing, Hanseong Su took out a bag full of food ingredients.

“Whatever, let’s just eat.”

“Did you bring flower meat? I had a huge craving for A-grade flower meat today. If I take a bite of the tender flower meat and drink this….. Keueu!”

*(TL: Keueu is the sound you make when you can’t even imagine how good something will taste)

“I brought some, so don’t pass out from shoving too much alcohol down your throat, like last time. Just lie down quietly.”

“I will stay right here.”

Hanseong Su brought out a barbeque grill to the backyard and started the fire.
He put some meat on the grill and went in the house to get the rest of the ingredient and cookware.

Hanseong Su naturally went around Park Chun-woo’s house as if it was his own house.

Soon, juicy and tender flower meat skewer was ready.
Park Chun-woo came down from his hammock right as the meat was done cooking.
However, he still had the bottle tightly grasped in his hand.
He repeated the process of eating a piece of the flower meat and drinking a mouthful of the liquid, which he proclaimed it to be medicine.

“People do not want to come near my house even if they have to die, but why do you come here every first day of the month without skipping a single day? You must be tired of visiting me right?”

“No, I’m not tired of it even a little bit. If I can persuade you to come back to the mercenary group, I can come here as many times as you want me to.”

“Can’t you give it up already? I don’t want to go back even if I die, so stop bothering me. Actually, I’m really annoyed by the dregs who occasionally visit me. I should just kill them all when I’m frustrated.

Hangseong Su’s expression darkened.

“You are the who is out of the ordinary! You are the only one who became an S Class at an age of 18! You even obtained a secondary class! Why do you insist on not being a hunter when you are so strong?”

S Class
It was a title which belonged to only 12 people around the world, representing their dominating prowess and overwhelming abilities as hunters.

Park Chun-woo was one of the 12 S Class hunters.

Park Chun-woo was originally an A Class, but at the age of 18 he became an S Class. He advanced into a secondary class, which never happened before.

The world flipped upside down.
Experts started to experiment and research if it was possible to change or advance into a different class. If this was possible, It would be possible to increase hunters’ overall strength and exterminate the powerful monsters, ending the fight entirely.


Park Chun-woo who was needed for the research stopped being a hunter right after he became an S Class.

And slowly, seven years have already passed.

Countless people tried persuading Park Chun-woo to return to the world of hunters, but nothing had worked.

The officials tried to forcefully have Park Chun-woo cooperate in their research, but all ran away after witnessing his immense power. They all ran away stricken with fear, unable to utter even a single word.

Once a month, around the middle of the month, Park Chun-woo never went out of his house other than the sole purpose of restocking his food supplies and other necessities.

He smoothly enjoyed his life like a playboy.
Return to being hunter? If I wanted to I would have already returned.
Even if Hanseong Su talked to him for 100 days, Park Chun-woo’s decision never swayed.
The talk of returning went in one ear and went out the other ear.

“Leader. Going inside a Dungeon to kill monsters, getting your body all pungent with blood, and seeing people die… I’m tired of it. I just want to live peacefully breathing this fresh air and enjoy my life to the fullest.”

“Your power is something that any country would pay billions of dollars for. Look at the Republic of Korea. They are so worried of not being able to rely on your overwhelming power. They said they will assert you as the strongest S Class as long as you assist them.”

“It’s ok. I have a lot of money. I probably have enough money to live carelessly my whole life.”

“I heard lately there has been more dungeons spawning around the world. We need you to mitigate as much damage as possible and uphold your responsibility as a S Class.”

“It is better if everyone is just wiped out if they are going to whine because I’m not there.”

“Don’t you have to finish what you started, as a man and as a hero of humanity? Chun-woo, come on, let’s finish this together.”

“Isn’t it traditional for a man to do what he wants to do? What I want to do is stay unemployed. I don’t want to become a hunter.”

“Who told you that?”

“The bald, old man in front of me.”

It was impossible to persuade Park Chun-woo even if one were to spend 100 days talking to him. Emotional speeches, threats, and encouragements were all useless in front of Park Chun-woo.
Eventually, Hanseong Su gave up persuading Park Chun-woo.

Of course he would be back a month later to attempt persuading Park Chun-woo once more.
Every month he will find Park Chun-woo and will try to convince Park Chun-woo to return till the day he die.

“Don’t come back again next month.”

“I won’t go too far away.”

Hanseong Su finally left Park Chun-woo’s house.

After he could not see the sports car anymore, he went back into the house. Park Chun-woo went through the secret passage in his study and quickened his pace to the underground basement.

When he arrived at the first floor of the basement, he grabbed a couple of translucent liquid bottles from the fridge.
It was different from the liquid Park Chun-woo was intoxicating himself with. It did not have an alcoholic smell and it contained very high amount of viscosity, making the liquid very sticky.


He filled the bathtub completely with the mysterious liquid.


He flicked his finger.

The liquid in the bathtub soon began to smoke.

While grinning,  Park Chun-woo soaked himself in the bathtub after taking off his clothes.
However, he still has yet to let go of the bottle in his right hand.

“Yes. This is the taste. As expected, undiluted drink taste way better. I thought I was in trouble because I could not stop trembling due to the side effect. Ah. This is what it feels to be alive.”

Blue House Underground Bunker.

*(TL: Blue house is white house of Korea)

The President and Korea’s most influential people arranged a secret meeting. Among them, Hanseong Su, who visited  Park Chun-woo few days ago, was included.

“This time, China has awakened their 4th S Class. His specialty is close-range fighting. Also, there has been a rumor that the way he swings his spear resembled the looks of the three kingdom’s mightest commander.”

“Finally China has…. awakened their 4th S Class hunter.”

“At this rate, China is going to rise into a superpower nation.”

“In addition to the appearance of 4th S Class hunter in China, China has asserted that a part of North Korea’s land which they had experimented and researched nuclear power in the past is their land.”

The atmosphere in the bunker became extremely heavy and tense.

<Sleepless> (TL)

<saihikawa> (PR)

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  1. greyhide

    Author just opened a can of pandemonium apocalypse lol
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    Very odd opening. The author does very little to establish the kind of world this is taking place in and we just have to piece it together retroactively.

    I don’t really understand the significance of being “S Class” nor having a second class. What does it mean that he reincarnated? Can everyone do this?

    It’s not even like I take issue with being unsure of things in general- it’s just that nothing has been established at all and yet dialogue is happening and events seem to be occurring.

    Well, hopefully things come together a bit more coherently as I read.

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