Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 10: Just Try It Once (3)

He focused on his fifth reincarnation instead of his fourth. Although he tirelessly acquired a tremendous amount of God’s Potions, it wasn’t by any mean perfect.

God’s Potion’s incredible effect was also followed by an immense side effect and strong poisoning. If one were to drink too much, one would be deprived of their bodily function, making one’s everyday life impossible.

Therefore, he mastered skills, such as 『Cure Poison』,『Iron Body』, and so on.

『Absolute Cure』 and 『Adamant』.

After adding these two skills to his arsenal, Park Chun-woo was able to overcome the strong side effect God’s Potion has on his body.

However, it was too late at that time. He had only a week before the third apostle’s descent.

The third apostle overwhelmingly crushed Park Chun-woo back when it was his third reincarnation. Park Chun-woo knew that he could not beat the third apostle, for he has yet to drink a sizable amount of God’s Potion.

Just like he predicted, Park Chun-woo lost horribly.

However, it wasn’t a pointless battle. He used this battle to predict and calmly analyze the difference in power between him and the third apostle before he died.

Fifth reincarnation.

Park Chun-woo retired right away.

He purchased the entire mountain in Gangwon Province and built a house, secluding himself from the rest of the civilization. There, he spent most of his times drinking God’s Potions.

Like that, seven years have passed.

For the first time, after mastering his『Create Potion』skill, Park Chun-woo has finally revealed the God’s Potion to other people.

* * *

He was extremely worried that by any chance Kim Cheol-Soo could not awaken as a hunter, unlike his past.

That’s why Park Chun-woo let him drink the God’s Potion.

To a regular person it would only benefit their health and physical body, but if one had a potential to become a hunter, they would see a notification.

Fortunately, the future has not changed.

Kim Cheol-Soo still had the potential to awaken as an S-Class hunter. It’s just that he was bit late.

Park Chun-woo explained the power of God’s Potion to Kim Cheol-Soo, Choi Cheol-Sik, and Hanseong Su.

He, of course, did not speak anything about his reincarnation.

Since they wouldn’t understand even if he explained, he just told them he learned the God’s Potion’s recipe in an epic-class dungeon.

“Hmmm. I see. As expected, Hunter Park Chun-woo is amazing.”

Kim Cheol-Soo did not seem that interested.

Although he knew that God’s Potion was an incredible item, he believed that it didn’t have much to do with him.

On the other hand, Choi, Cheol-Sik and Hanseong Su’s reactions were completely different.

“OH MY GOD……. .”

“Even in my dreams, I wouldn’t have thought that kind of potion existed.”

“I also did not know until I awakened as an S-Class hunter.”

Overwhelmed by the ability of the God’s Potion, Hanseong Su and Choi Cheol-Sik could not repress their astonishment.

When a hunter levels up, they are given 10 stats to use, and another 10 stats are automatically invested in a stat the hunter used the most during the level up.

Basically every time a hunter levels up, their stats are increased by 20.

The number of stats a hunter can possess is 10.

So if one were to drink a bottle of God’s Potion, it was the same as gaining a half a level. Instead of attacking the dungeons to level up, one could just get stronger by drinking the potion. It was certainly the easiest way to get stronger.

At that moment…

Inside of Hanseong Su’s head, it finally clicked.

“Chun-woo. Then, the reason why you retired and shut yourself inside your house all the time, and kept drinking like an alcoholic was …… .”


Without any hesitation, Park Chun-woo nodded his head.

Since he already disclosed the secrets of the God’s Potion, he had no reason to keep it a secret as to why he locked himself in his house and retired from being a hunter.

“After retiring, I continuously drank God’s Potion. I only diluted with alcohol and drank when I had a visitor or any outsider near my residence. This was the fastest way if I wanted to get stronger.”

“7 years… Then, how strong are you now? By any chance, are you stronger than Sage Cloud?”

Sage Cloud.

Rank 1 Hunter, He specialized in wide ranged attack magic, such as Meteor and Hell Fire. However, he was deemed as the strongest magician due to his ability to multicast such powerful abilities. Everyone compared a hunter’s strength to Sage Cloud, for he was like a figurehead in the hunter society.

Park Chun-woo chuckled.

“It is probably faster to just see it right? I will share my stat window.”

He readily shared his stat window.

At the same time, both of their mouths gaped widely.

Name: Park Chun-woo Age: 26
Level: 500 Class: S
Nature: Absolute Neutrality Affiliated Mercenary Group: None
Health: 999999+??? Mana: 999999+???
Strength: 999+??? Agility: 999+???
Intelligence: 999+??? Ability Power (Magic): 999+???
Endurance: 999+??? Charisma: 999+???
Luck: 999+??? Leadership: 999+???
Immunity: 999+??? Mana Amplification: 999+???

*(PR: It’s a cheat XD)

Park Chun-woo’s status window marked all of Park Chun-woo stats as 999+???.

The maximum amount of points a hunter can gain when reaching level 500 is 10,000. It was the amount of points that can be used to raise all 10 stat points to 999.

The problem was what came after.

When a stat reached 999, it can’t be raised through stat points gained by leveling up. It can only be raised through clearing dungeons, mastering skill proficiencies, and other obscure ways.

When other people sees a status with a stat over 999, ‘?’ saws up if the bonus stat is in one’s place, ‘??’ mean tens’ place, and ‘???’ meant it was a three digit number.

In other words, all of Park Chun-woo’s bonus stats have exceeded 100.

He reached the maximum level and have all of his bonus stats exceeding 100?

Even Sage Cloud who was ranked number 1 was informed to be still in his 400’s. If one were to just compare their stats window, Park Chun-woo overwhelmed Cloud Sage.

At the lowest, he should be around level 700, maybe more.

‘No wonder I got beaten up shitlessly. How do you even win against this monster?’

Choi Cheol-Sik could not help but shudder.

He reproached his past self who fearlessly irritated Park Chun-woo. There was no way Choi Cheol-Sik, who just reached level 350, could stand a chance against Park Chun-woo.

On the other hand, Hanseong Su was just stupefied momentarily.

‘I knew what I felt when Park Chun-woo awakened for the second time was right. This bastard is stronger than the Sage who is like an automatic answering machine.

*(TL: Remember that awakening and reincarnation are two different thing. Awakening is the process a person turns into a hunter)

During Park Chun-woo’s second awakening, Hanseong Su felt that Park Chun-woo was stronger than Sage Cloud, and this very sensation was the reason why he relentlessly asked Park Chun-woo to get out of his retirement.

His prediction was on point.

Park Chun-woo was stronger than Sage Cloud. However, Hanseong Su did not expect Park Chun-woo to be so overwhelmingly strong.

However, there was something odd… something that didn’t fit the puzzle.

He could not understand how Park Chun-woo, who retired right after his second awakening, reached level 500.

“Hey, when did you reach level 500? You retired right after becoming an S-class. Wait, by any chance, God’s Potion or whatever it’s called, raises your level as well?”

“No, it does not. Although God’s Potion raises one’s bonus stats, it does not raise or influence one’s level. I already reached the maximum level when I awakened as an S-class hunter.

“…… Is that the truth?”

“What would I gain from lying? I really was maximum level when I awakened for the second time.”

Hunters’ levels are randomly decided when awakened.

Usually, the higher one’s class is the higher one’s level would be when awakened.

Choi Cheol-Sik was level 80 when awakened, and Sage Cloud was level 110 right after his awakening. To this day, there was nobody who surpassed him in terms of their awakening level.

But, Park Chun-woo’s awakening level was 500?

It was a ridiculous story, but it did not seem like Park Chun-woo was lying.

Park Chun-woo was actually telling the truth this time around.

He was level 500 at the time of his second awakening.

He reached level 500 during his fourth reincarnation, and when reincarnated for the fifth time his skills, levels, and items remained the same.

Of course, Hanseong Su and Choi Cheol-Sik, who did not know the truth, weren’t able to contain their shock and astonishment.

However, Park Chun-woo did not really care about his awakening level being 500.

Although it was something that would shock the whole world, it wasn’t much to Park Chun-woo.
This reincarnation was his last.

If he could not clear all 12 missions, even his soul would dissipate so, why would he care about his level.

“What’s important right now is not my level but the God’s Potion.”

“Uh, Yea. Hmm. Right.”

Hanseong Su nodded his head.

Although his mind was stunned by Park Chun-woo’s unbelievable level, the gist of the situation was the God’s Potion.

Let’s go back to the main point.

“Chun-woo. Why did you ask the President to drink the God’s Potion?’
“I wanted to confirm it.”
“Yes. Because If a normal person were to drink the God’s Potion, all it does is making their body healthier, but if a hunter were to drink it, they would see the notification window.”
“What you are saying doesn’t add up. How did the President see the notification window when he is not a hunter?”
“There is no rule that because one is not a hunter right now they wouldn’t be a hunter later on. Because he had the potential to awaken, God’s Potion reacted with his latent ability.”
“How did you know that the President might be a hunter or not?’
“That is a secret. I will tell soon~ enough.”

Anything pertaining to his reincarnation he kept it a secret. He believed that it would be better to not say anything rather than lying clumsily and getting caught by Hanseong Su.

Park Chun-woo turned around and looked at Kim Cheol-Soo.

“Mr. Prez.”
“Yes, Hunter Park Chun-woo.”
“I will awaken you into a hunter. In return, could you join my mercenary group if you are awakened?”
“But, I’m the President. There wasn’t any president previously who joined a mercenary group.”
“There isn’t any law restricting you from doing it. The reason why there hasn’t been any president who joined a mercenary group is because there hasn’t been a hunter president so far. So, there shouldn’t be any problem of you joining a mercenary group.”

Park Chun-woo’s point of view was accurate.

The reason why there hasn’t been a president who joined a mercenary group was not because they weren’t allowed to but because there hasn’t been a president who was also a hunter.

In countries that lack military prowess, there are some cases where a strong hunter is considered as a leader and a hero. There are also cases where a country is lead by a powerful mercenary group.


Kim Cheol-Soo was troubled.

Although it wasn’t a problem for him to join a mercenary group, he was worried about aftereffects of him joining a faction.

However, his worry did not last long.

Park Chun-woo just grinned and hammered Kim Cheol-Soo’s worry away.

“I will make you into an S-Class hunter. If you do not awaken, I will awaken you through the second awakening. How about it? Will you join my mercenary group?”

*(TL: second is awakening is how Park Chun-woo became an S-class from an A Class hunter)

“Ah-Ah- I will do it! I will definitely join!”

Kim Cheol-Soo replied immediately without any hesitation. Unlike his usual, calm voice, he was excited to the point where he could not help but shout aloud.


If it was an S-Class, everything was different.

If Kim Cheol-Soo were to awaken, Republic of Korea would have 3 S-class hunters.

Furthermore, they had Park Chun-woo.

Because they had Park Chun-woo, who was stronger than Sage Cloud, they would not even lose to a powerhouse like China in terms of military prowess.

No, they might even be able to overwhelm China.

Any consequences that might occur after joining a mercenary group could not even compare with the benefit of becoming an S-class hunter.

After confirming Kim Cheol-Soo’s consent, Park Chun-woo took out two soju bottle completely filled with God’s Potion.

He then respectively handed the God’s Potion to Hanseong Su and Choi Cheol-Sik.

“Just think of it as sample taste testing. Don’t you wanna experience the true effect of the God’s Potion yourself?”


Choi Cheol-Sik and Hanseong Su could not help but swallow their dry saliva.

As a hunter, they both possessed a powerful desire to get stronger.

They held a potion that could raise every stats by one point each, how could their eyes not widen in astonishment.
In an instant, they chugged down their God’s Potion. At the same time, they saw a notification window just like Kim Cheol-Soo said.

God’s Potion is consumed. Every stats will increase by 1.

Everything Park Chun-woo said was the truth.

A notification window popped up after drinking the God’s Potion. All 10 stats increased by 1.

Park Chun-woo added.

“If you join my mercenary group I will give you 8 bottles every month, and give 4 bottles as a bonus at the end of every year. We will, of course, form a contract. Call?”

*(TL: Those of you who don’t know or like poker, “Call” in poker mean “Do you accept?” or “Do you agree?”)

8 Bottles every month and 4 bottles at the end of every year.

It meant they could obtain 100 bottles every year.

In other words, it meant that they could earn about 50 levels worth of stat points for free every year.

Choi Cheol-Sik and Hanseong Su’s eyes both met each other. After sharing a glance, they both nodded simultaneously.

“I also call.”

While smiling Park Chun-woo, put out his hand.

“Let’s work hard together from now on. Although it is a mercenary group, everyone will be able to move freely and continue their everyday lifestyle.”
“I look forward to my awakening.”
“Hm. Let’s do well.”
“I’m happy that we are able to work together again, Chun-woo.”

Park Chun-woo, who was shaking his hands with everyone, did not dare to say what was on his mind.

‘Three more hunting slaves legally acquired.’
*(PR: Is this a start of a slave harem? I hope so. XD)
*(TL: Harem sounds weird xD more like slave nation ^^ )

Other than Park Chun-woo nobody knew what was happening.

Nobody knew what kind of meaning his smile held in store for them….

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Proofreader: Saihikawa

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