Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 11: I will help you awaken (Forcefully) (1)

Kim Cheol-Soo, Choi Cheol-Sik, and Hanseong Su decided to join the mercenary group.

Regarding the official process for recruitment, Park Chun-woo decided to discuss this at another time, after all the preparations for Kim Cheol-Soo’s S-class Awakening are finished. However, since he already received their promises, it was same as already being decided.

The first frame has been set.

Although he had to recruit more members and had mountains of work left to do, it was enough for now.

Park Chun-woo left the office while smiling.

Because Kim Cheol-Soo, Choi Cheol-Sik, and Hanseong Su told him that they had something to discuss privately, he decided to take a rest nearby.

Park Chun-woo detested complicated discussions.

He hung a hammock on a nearby tree and laid down. Of course, he took out his God’s Potion and started drinking it.

The cool and refreshing wind felt amazing.

At that moment.

Park Chun-woo’s expression distorted.

“It is already fall, but there are still mosquitoes around. Tssk. I thought there wouldn’t be any mosquitoes or bugs around the Blue House but I guess it is still the same no matter where you live.”

He shook his hand into the air repeatedly.

“Don’t mess around. You are going die if you do.”

Out of nowhere, Park Chun-woo spoke in Chinese and closed his eyes. Until Hanseong Su came out calling his name, he rested peacefully on his hammock.

* * *

Beijing Hunter Union Headquarter.

On the 11th underground floor of the 70-floor building, a man was watching a video through 200 monitors.

It wasn’t unusual for him to be dizzy or perplexed, but he didn’t miss even a single frame. He remembered everything he needed to remember.


The man groaned.

“Is this the limit? It would be too risky if I wanted to overhear their conversations….. .”

Feeling anxious, the man couldn’t decide what to do.

How long has it been? The monitored captured the image of Park Chun-woo coming out from the Blue House Office.

“That bastard is Park Chun-woo….. The only person to ever awaken twice. Because he retired right away after becoming an S-Class hunter, his abilities are still unknown. I wonder how strong he is…”

The man showed a lot of curiosity toward Park Chun-woo.

S-Class Hunter Park Chun-woo, the world’s first hunter to awaken twice had returned after seven years of retirement. How strong is he really? Maybe he is stronger than Choi Cheol-Sik? If they were to fight one-on-one, who would win?

While the observer was pondering over his curiosities, Park Chun-woo shook his hand casually into the air after setting up his hammock.

At the same time, 10 monitors shut down.

“What did he do just now ….. ?”

Just now Park Chun-woo was definitely lying on his hammock. All he did was swaying his hand into the air few times.

10 monitors broke just from that. Did he send his spiritual energy?

He recreated the recording in a slow motion and tried to confirm if he was right, but he was wrong. Only thing Park Chun-woo did was just casually swinging his hand into the air.

“Park Chun-woo. What on earth did you do?”

Although he could not hear any sound through the monitors, he could barely understand what Park Chun-woo was saying through his lip’s motion.

  • Don’t mess around. You are going to die if you do.

The observer got goosebumps at that moment.

Even though he was not facing him face-to-face and was observing him through the monitors, he clearly felt Park Chun-woo’s murderous aura.

Although he was an S-Class hunter just like Park Chun-woo, his instinct told him that he would not be Park Chun-woo’s match. He realized that Park Chun-woo was way stronger than he currently was.


He swallowed his saliva dryly.

He took out his cell phone and started calling someone.

“I have confirmed Park Chun-woo’s presence in President Kim Cheol-Soo’s Blue House Office. Choi Cheol-Sik and Hanseong Su were also present in the meeting. Regretfully, I could not clearly figure out what kind of discussion was held during the meeting. My apologies.”

  • Even for us, it would be too much to observe what is happening inside the Office. That is good enough. Thank you for your effort.

“Thank you. Ah, and…. Just now Park Chun-woo killed our surveillance bugs… . Out of 11 bugs, only 1 bug remains alive.”

  • How did he know? Shouldn’t it look the same as any normal bug?

“I’m not sure either. He killed 10 of our surveillance bugs just by wave his hand once on the air.”

  • Hmm.

Even though he played the recorded multiple times, it was the same. Although only thing Park Chun-woo did was waving his hand one time into the air, 10 of 11 surveillance bugs were killed. It was hard to figure out how he killed the bugs just from the recorded videos alone.

  • I’m beginning to understand why the Republic of Korea made so much commotion trying to make Park Chun-woo return. There is a chance that Park Chun-woo is stronger than Choi Cheol-Sik. Try to get in touch with Park Chun-woo without the Korean officials knowing. Keep the surveillance on the Blue House as always.

“Yes, sir.”

  • How’s the situation in Kilju?

“There hasn’t been anything usual. Although it looks like they tried to reacquire Park Chun-woo as fast as they can in order to protect their land, they can’t seem to pinpoint our exact position.”

  • Right, if they had already pinpointed your locations. The United States wouldn’t be this quiet.

“Yes, you are right.”

  • In a half of a year, Lu Bu will come from the dungeon. After that, he will immediately head toward Kilju. Until then, keep your eye out for any changes. No matter how small, if you detect any suspicious actions in Kilju, report right away.

“I will keep that in mind.”

* * *

a few days later.

Park Chun-woo visited the Blue House Office once again

He already made all the preparations he needed in order to forcefully awaken Kim Cheol-Soo into an S-Class hunter.

“Before awakening Kim Cheol-Soo into an S-Class hunter, let’s make the mercenary group first. I decided that our mercenary group’s name will be 『Scarlet』.”

“Scarlet mercenary group .…. It has been a long time since I heard that name.”

“I decided to name it 『Scarlet』 cause there weren’t any good names I could think of, and it reminded me of our good early hunting days. Again, I hope leader will take care of mercenary group as our leader. I absolutely detest complicated stuff so it would be for the best”

“Alright. I will do it.”

Scarlet Mercenary Group.

It was the name of mercenary group Hanseong Su used to manage.

Although Hanseong Su disbanded the mercenary group due to Park Chun-woo retirement, Park Chun-woo recreated the Scarlet mercenary group.

Recalling his past memories, Park Chun-woo could not remember or think of any other names than 『Scarlet』 for his new mercenary group.

  • Hunter Choi Choel-Sik joined the Scarlet Mercenary Group. As the leader of the mercenary group, you will be granted the rights to view Hunter Choi Cheol-Sik’s status.
  • Hunter Hanseong Su joined the Scarlet Mercenary Group. As the leader of the mercenary group, you will be granted the rights to view Hunter Hanseong Su’s Status
  • You will pass the rights to the Scarlet Mercenary Group to Hanseong Su. It will be six months until the rights of the mercenary group can be passed. Will you still pass the rights to Hanseong Su?

“I will pass the rights to Hanseong Su.”

Park Chun-woo passed the rights of the Scarlet Mercenary Group to Hanseong Su, naming himself the vice-president of the mercenary group.

Because Kim Cheol-Soo did not awaken as a hunter yet, he could not join the mercenary group.

After finishing the official procedures to enlist themselves as the Scarlet Mercenary Group, Park Chun-woo opened his mouth while smiling.

“Aight. Now it is time to awaken Mr. Prez into an S-Class hunter. Secretary-Nuna.”

“Yes, Hunter Park Chun-woo.”

“I think it is plenty of time if you can hold out for 3 hours. It would be pretty bad if the information became public.”

“Eh? What are you saying Hunter Park Chun-woo?”

Park Chun-woo did not answer her.

Instead, he showed her what he meant by his actions rather than words.

“『Spatial Hopping』.”

Park Chun-woo used his skill.

At the same time, Park Chun-woo, Choi Cheol-Sik, Hanseong Su, and Kim Cheol-Soo disappeared from the Blue House Office.


Secretary Hwang Yeong-Hui was stupefied.

She supported Kim Cheol-Soo Since her early 20s, and it has already been 15 years. She finally became the secretary of the general staff (chief secretary) after overcoming countless hardships and privations.

All sorts of things happen when you are the secretary of the President. She was confident that she wouldn’t lose her composure under most situations.

However, she did not expect Park Chun-woo to just run off with the President.

Taking the President from the Blue House Office and disappearing? How will she fix this situation?

“What the fuck is this!”


Hwang Yeong-Hui ground her teeth.

“When they return, I will give them a basket of cursing. Who the fuck cares if he is an S-Class hunter I will curse him out. Damn it. I hope you become a eunuch.”

The secretary’s mind raced as she tried to think a way out of this.

She began to ponder how she would hide the fact that the President of Korea was gone for three hours.

On the other side.

Park Chun-woo who used the 『Spatial Hopping』 out of nowhere arrived at the Grand Canyon.

Everyone was stunned and flustered.

Who would not be flustered if they were to transport from the Blue House of the Republic of Korea to the Grand Canyon in a matter of seconds?

Hanseong, after calming his heart, opened his mouth.

“It is surprising that we did not experience any spatial sickness. I thought most teleportation magic causes temporary sickness?”

“『Spatial Hopping』 is bit different.”

“How is it different?”

“Well, the effects are very similar to teleportation magic. Well, if I was to list their differences, it would be that 『Spatial Hopping』 cost only two-thirds of a normal teleportation magic, does not cause any motion or spatial sickness, allows the caster to teleport anywhere he or she has been to without knowing the pinpoint location, and finally a short casting time compared to a teleportation magic.”

“If you already been to the place that you want to go to, I guess it is remarkably better than any other teleportation magic.”

“Yep. You are exactly right.”

“That’s pretty useful.”

Although teleportation magic allows one to travel anywhere in an instant, it causes spatial sickness as a side effect that could last about a week or so.

On the other hand, 『Spatial Hopping』 allows one to travel to any place that the caster has visited before without any side effects and lower mana cost.

Hanseong Su was enticed by the usefulness of Park Chun-woo’s 『Spatial Hopping』 magic. He thought that if he were to learn it, it would come very handy in certain situations.

“How do you learn 『Spatial Hopping』? I don’t think I have heard anything about skill-book named 『Spatial Hopping』 dropping.”

“You can’t learn it from a skill-book. You can only learn it if you master your teleportation magic’s proficiency.”

“…….. You have to master the proficiency of a teleportation magic?”

“Yes. It’s easy right?”

“Crazy bastard. Yeah, it fucking easy alright.”

Max out the proficiency of a teleportation magic? Only if it was as easy as it sounded.

Although one can max out the proficiency if they were to continuously use their teleportation magic…….

The problem was the side effects and the mana usage that came from teleporting.

If someone were to frequently use the teleportation magic, they would eventually get use to the spatial sickness. However, the real problem was the huge mana usage of a teleportation magic. If he or she wasn’t someone with an enormous mana pool who has nothing better to do and grind teleportation magic, it would be impossible to master the proficiency in teleportation magic.

Someone who had nothing better to do with a huge mana pool. It matched Park Chun-woo perfectly who retired for 7 years and lived as an unemployed man.

“Did you actually … max out your proficiency in teleportation magic during those 7 years of retirement?”

“Yeah, probably.”

Park Chun-woo did a lot of things over the course of 7 years of retirement, but he definitely did grind up his teleportation magic proficiency.

To be more accurate, he finished the last 8% remaining, for his proficiency stopped around 92% during his fourth reincarnation. He only managed to master it during this reincarnation by grinding it all the way.

“…, Scary bastard.”

Of course, Hanseong Su who did not know that could not believe what Park Chun-woo did.

Choi Cheol-Sik also had a similar reaction to it.

‘Don’t fuck with him. No matter what I shouldn’t fuck with him. Even if I have to fight Sage Cloud, don’t irritate this crazy son of a bitch.’

Only a few days ago, Choi Cheol-Sik still had some lingering thought of going against Park Chun-woo once he got stronger.

He thought that it was a mistake to fight him right after experiencing the torturous Bungeunchakkol and thought that he could win as long as he had a good strategy to back him up.

However, he was wrong. Park Chun-woo was unbelievably… no unreasonably strong.

In addition to his immense strength, he possessed the God’s Potion which could make him stronger.

Forget about fighting…… It got to the point where Choi Cheol-Sik had to look nice in front of Park Chun-woo.

Also now that they were in the same mercenary group, it was pointless to fight against one another.

“Aight, aight. Wasn’t the reason we came here in order to awaken Mr. Prez into an S-Class hunter?”

“Right. We came here to awaken his potential.”

“If so, let’s hurry up. If we waste any more time and got caught, it would be very annoying. I’m not talking about me by the way. It would cause a lot of trouble for old man Prez.”

“Can we enter the Grand Canyon without the United States’s permission? If they found out, they will probably make a fuss out of it.”

Park Chun-woo just shrugged his shoulder.

Unlike the others who were very nervous and anxious of being caught by the US, Park Chun-woo seemed unusually relaxed. It was as if he came to the Grand Canyon as a tourist.

“Well, as long as they don’t find out it’s okay right? There won’t be anyone coming to the Grand Canyon to hunt today. This place’s efficiency has already run dry long time ago, making it a terrible hunting place. You know that his place is no longer popular.”

“Hmm. Well, you are right about that.”

“If they do come by any chance, we can just use some disturbance magic and  use 『Spatial Hopping』 to the Blue House Office while they are distracted.”

(PR Note: I’d like me some 『Spatial Hopping』 magic myself. That way I can go to work on time and leave on time. Imagine, no more traffic!)

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