Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 12: I will help you awaken (Forcefully) (2)

12 years ago.

Unprecedented increase in dungeon energy around the world caused many new dungeons to appear on the face of the earth. It was the start of the second monster wave in human history.

The Grand Canyon dungeon was appeared around this time.

There were two types of dungeon, an open type dungeon which allowed anyone to enter and closed-type dungeon which does not allow anyone to leave until the dungeon itself is cleared. Epic-class dungeons belong into this category.

The Grand Canyon belonged to the first category.

Although open-type dungeons are extremely popular among hunters and are always filled with hunters, the Grand Canyon was different. It was unpopular to the point that it was confidently voted as the hunter’s least favorite place to hunt.

If a hunter was to enter another country’s dungeon, he or she needed the country’s permission whether it was a closed- or open-type dungeon.

However, what if they did not know about it?

Also, the Grand Canyon became an off-limit zone for regular citizens after the second monster wave 12 years ago.

There wasn’t even a lot of hunters who visited the Grand Canyon to hunt.

The dungeon existed at the bottom of the cliff. It was complicated to enter and the items the dungeon dropped did not compensate enough for the hardships one had to go through to enter the dungeon itself. Naturally, hunters headed to a different dungeon other than the Grand Canyon.

If they did not stayed too long, the United States had no ways to find out Park Chun-woo’s groups had visited the Grand Canyon.

Choi Cheol-Sik and Hanseong Su looked down the cliff.

“Wow. We are really high up the ground. Also, I think I see a 「giant worm」 residing at the bottom of the cliff.”

“So… It was true when they said sinkholes formed due to the monster wave.”

“No wonder nobody comes here.”

“I’m going to forcefully awaken Mr. Prez here. 『Aviation』.”

Using his flight magic, Park Chun-woo moved his body beyond the cliff and looked down at the cliff.

Below the cliff, he saw the 「giant worm」 crawling in the sinkhole. It was a gigantic monster whose body stretched more than 10 meters.

After confirming the monster’s location, Park Chun-woo moved closer to Kim Cheol-Soo.

He whispered in his ear.

“Mr. Prez, I told you, didn’t I? That I will make you into an S-Class hunter.”

“Yes. Isn’t that why we came all the way here?”

“You are right. Because there is a shortcut, If we use this method, awakening is a sure hit.”

“What is the method?”
“That’s …….”


Simultaneously, Park Chun-woo kicked Kim Cheol-Soo’s butt

“This is the method.”

Park Chun-woo was chuckling while looking at Kim Cheol-Soo who was quickly falling to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

“At the bottom of this cliff, there is a Sand Worm dungeon. If you fall from here, you are going become their food instead of becoming a hunter. Isn’t this fun?”

Kim Cheol-Soo.

Although he usually had a calm and quiet demeanor and was hard to catch him curse out at someone, he was cursing loudly at Park Chun-woo while freefalling into the Sand Worm’s nest.


“His voice echoed all over the Grand Canyon.”

Park Chun-woo took out a handkerchief from his inventory and wiped his tears.

“Hukhuk. Mr. Prez, good luck! If you awaken, you will probably be able to live. Ah. I’m tearing up.”

“This is absolutely crazy!”

“What the fuck are you doing?”

At the same time, Choi Cheol-Sik and Hanseong yell out in a hurry.

They couldn’t believe that Park Chun-woo kicked the President’s butt out of nowhere.
They naturally swore at Park Chun-woo, dumbfounded.

Park Chun-woo was actually smiling leisurely while checking on the free falling Kim Cheol-Soo.

“He is falling pretty fast. I guess I should go down soon.”

“Are you crazy? What the fuck are you thinking about right now? Do you know what you just did?”

“What do you mean? I’m just trying to help Mr. Prez awake into an S-Class hunter. Traditionally, dangerous life and death situations are always the best for someone to awaken their potential.

At the same time, Park Chun-woo disappeared.

A bit later.

Park Chun-woo appeared inside of the giant worm dungeon located at the bottom of the cliff.

At a glance, Park Chun-woo could clearly see Kim Cheol-Soo falling at high speeds.

“His spirit is at the limit. It’s perfect.”

Park Chun-woo took out a bottle full of blood.

Smelling the delicious scent from the blood, giant worms swarmed the entry, filling up the entrance.

“Everything has been set, and it looks like Mr. Prez will fall soon enough. I guess I just have to wait and see.”

Park Chun-woo hid in-between the giant worms. After using 『Conceal』, giant worms, which possessed very low intelligence, could not recognize nor sense Park Chun-woo’s presence.

The giant worms all focused on Kim Cheol-Soo who was falling down at a very fast rate.

What would happen if Kim Cheol-Soo were to fall into the sinkhole like this?

He would die due to having his body crushed or he would become a giant worm’s snack.

No. To be exact, it was highly likely that one would think so.

Hunters mostly awaken or increase their potential through life and death situations. If one were to look at it statistically, about 50% of the hunters awaken their potential when their lives are at stake.

That is why Park Chun-woo decided to use shock therapy.

He believed that if Kim Cheol-Soo experienced a situation where his life was in danger, he would forcefully awaken his dormant potential.

He didn’t have any intention of killing Kim Cheol-Soo of course.

Park Chun-woo had the ability to go down to the sinkhole in one second as well as the ability to annihilate all the giant worms in one second.

“Heart Attack?”

Because Kim Cheol-Soo had only drunk the God’s Potion, the probability of his robust and healthy body having a heart attack was close to a 0%.

It would be the best for Kim Cheol-Soo if he were to awaken, but even if he did not awaken Park Chun-woo would save him anyway so there wasn’t any chance that Kim Cheol-Soo would die.

* * *


Even while he was screaming his hearts out, Kim Cheol-Soo body rapidly fell toward the sinkhole.

Kim Cheol-Soo took a glance below.

Although he was falling at an extremely fast speed, he could not see the bottom of the sinkhole. His speed continued to rise exponentially as time went.

Anyone would instinctively understand as long as one was not retarded. The fact that he would 100% die if he continued to fall like this.

‘No, this can’t be happening. I can’t die like this! I still have so many things left to do! I still haven’t saved Jisu.’

Kim Cheol-Soo gritted his teeth.

As a normal person, he did not have many things he could do as he was falling toward the bottom of the cliff.

If there was any branches or trees, he would be able to at least slow down his speed, but he did not even see a strand of grass near him. Even if he were to move his arms and legs in the air, it would futile in reducing his speed.

On top of that, the surrounding space widened after he entered the sinkhole, which basically killed the possibility of him reducing his speed by grabbing onto a tree or a branch.

Kim Cheol-Soo was filled with a feeling of hopelessness.

He could not think of a way to overcome this ridiculous situation. He asked himself if he was going to die like this.

Immediately after entering the sinkhole, his vision was overwhelmed with a herd of giant worms. Kim Cheol-Soo had goosebumps when he saw their mouth wide open, drooling some weird, sticky liquid.

If he were to fall like this, his body would be shattered into million pieces or be eaten by the giant worms.

‘If I’m going to die either way. Then …. .’

Kim Cheol-Soo decided to stop thinking.

After all, he would not be able to think of a way out of this even if he were given a hundred days.

There was no reason nor purpose in trying to think when he was getting closer and closer to the bottom of the cliff which was full of giant worms.

Instead of thinking, he decided to trust his instincts to survive.

Kim Cheol-Soo threw a punch toward a giant worm that was trying to eat him alive.

His body moved and relied on survival instincts alone at this point. Kim Cheol-Soo felt something wriggle inside his body.

Suddenly, light poured out from Kim Cheol-Soo’s body. His punch tore the giant worm’s mouth.


The giant worm, who treated Kim Cheol-Soo as if he was nothing but his snack, shrieked while collapsing on the ground. At the same time, the herd of giant worms began to head toward Kim Cheol-Soo’s direction.

At that moment.

“That’s good enough.”

Park Chun-woo stood in front of Kim Cheol-Soo, protecting him from the herd of giant worms.
The herd of giant worms could not get any closer to Kim Cheol-Soo nor Park Chun-woo due Park Chun-woo’s [Barrier], and they just stood there drooling their fluid drop by drop.

“You lowlifes. Stop drooling. It’s nasty.”

“Hu-hunter Par-Park-Chun-woo!”

Kim Cheol-Soo was going interrogate Park Chun-woo on why he pushed him off the cliff. However, Park Chun-woo response came out too quickly before he could question or curse at him once again.

“Congratulation on awakening as a hunter, Mr. Prez.”

“…… Hunter?”

“Yes, Mr. Prez. You just tore off the mouth of the giant worm with your bear fists. Do you not remember what happened?”

“Did I? Did I really?”

“Since you still seem to be in a daze, we can talk about it after we annihilate these bastards. Accept my party request, Mr. Prez.”

  • Hunter Park Chun-woo has requested you to join his party. Will you accept his invitation? [YES / NO]

Although still puzzled and bewildered, Kim Cheol-Soo accepted Park Chun-woo’s party request. At the same time, you could see a grin on Park Chun-woo’s face as he took out some empty soju bottles.

“Today, I picked up Real Dew for you.”

Park Chun-woo threw the empty soju bottle toward the herd of the giant worms.


A powerful explosion occurred due to the soju bottles. Swept by the explosion, the herd of the 「giant worms」 was annihilated, not even a single worm left alive.

Kim Cheol-Soo saw an endless flow of notifications.

  • You have leveled up. You many distribute your bonus stats
  • You have leveled up. You many distribute your bonus stats
  • You have leveled up. You many distribute your bonus stats


Kim Cheol-Soo was able to believe that everything happened today or the fact that he became a hunter was real only after seeing the level-up notifications.

“Hunter Park Chun-woo. Have I really become a hunter?”

“Yes. You’re an S-Class as well. Someone who is an A-Class or below would not even able to hunt a giant worm right after awakening. Congratulations.”

While looking at the flaming corpses of the giant worms, Park Chun-woo put his arm around Kim Cheol-Soo’s shoulder, who still looked a bit flabbergasted.

Although their corpse looked grotesque, they smelled the same as if pork bellies were being cooked on a grill.

“szzz szzz. It’s burning pretty well.”

Kim Cheol-Soo glared at Park Chun-woo.

After calming down and coming to his senses, Kim Cheol-Soo remembered how Park Chun-woo kicked his butt and pushed him off the cliff.

Although he was vexed for a moment, he could not say anything because Park Chun-woo was able to awaken Kim Cheol-Soo as an S-Class hunter through his shock method like he promised.

Nevertheless, he still felt bitter.

Kim Cheol-Soo mumbled sheepishly. He felt like he had to say something to get rid of his vexation.

“….. Rib Eye Steak. Only A-Grade grass-fed pasture raised meat. I like beef.”

“Me too. I will go and buy it from the butcher.”

“Although I still feel betrayed after being kicked off the cliff, I will forget that since it was for my awakening.”


*(TL: Tteukkeum is a word used to express sense guiltiness in Korea)

Park Chun-woo’s conscience was slight pricked.

‘Eh, I didn’t think too much about it.’

He truly didn’t think too much about him kicking Kim Cheol-Soo’s butt. It was just a way for him to quickly awaken Kim Cheol-Soo’s inner potential as a hunter.

Park Chun-woo hardened his heart.

He told himself not to tell Kim Cheol-Soo about his plan to throw him in the crater of Mt. Baekdu after the free fall at the Grand Canyon, which became an active volcano after the monster wave.

Anyway, Kim Cheol-Soo was able to awaken as Republic of Korea’s third S-Class hunter at the age of 51 through Park Chun-woo’s shock method.

It was the moment of change which flipped the hunter history upside down.

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Proofreader: Saihikawa

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