Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 13: Is This Really A Party Hunt? (1)

Park Chun-woo took Kim Cheol-Soo and went up to the cliff, escaping from the sinkhole. Concurrently, Choi Cheol-Sik and Hanseong Su fussed over the President’s safety.

“Are you alright Mr. President?’
“Have you sustained any injury?”
“I’m alright.”

Kim Cheol-Soo responded with a smile

“Due to Hunter Park Chun-woo’s insight, I was able to awaken as an S-class hunter.”
“I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.”

Choi Cheol-Sik and Hanseong Su were smiling from ear to ear.

Honestly speaking, they were somewhat reluctant to go through Park Chun-woo’s plan, but they were truly happy that Kim Cheol-Soo was able to awaken just like Park Chun-woo told them.This extreme level of happiness was something that they could not express in words.

Their anger toward Park Chun-woo for kicking Kim Cheol-Soo off the cliff dissipated.

Park Chun-woo did not care.

Sitting down on the floor, Park Chun-woo was taking out his God’s Potions from the inventory.

3 Set with 100 bottles each, a total of 300 bottles.

“Like I promised, here are the God’s Potions for this year. It’s 100 bottles per person, so it would be the best to place them in our own inventory. And, Mr. Prez needs to talk to Leader Seong Su in order to join the mercenary group.”

“Yes. I understand.”

Choi Cheol-Sik, Hanseong Su, and Kim Cheol-Soo each put their 100 bottles in their inventory.
At the same time, Hanseong casually asked something.

“You can just drink it?”

“It is probably the best to drink when I’m with you. God’s Potion has some little side effects.”

“Side effects?”

“Yes. It’s nothing serious, but if you drink more than 5 bottles, you will be poisoned. Although the withdrawal symptom is not life-threatening, you won’t be able to perform your everyday activities. If I don’t use my 『Absolute Cure』, you will probably end up losing your rationality and intellect to function.”

“So, there won’t be any problem as long as you use your 『Absolute Cure』 every time we drink it?”

“Yes. There won’t be any serious issues.”

“Then, I guess I will try two bottles for now.”

“I will drink also.”

“Let’s each drink two bottles together.”

Choi Cheol-Sik, Hanseong Su, and Kim Cheol-Soo each drank two bottles of God’s Potion.

They could instantly feel the changes in their body.

It eased their eyes and made their hands tremble. They experienced extreme thirst. They felt like if they didn’t keep drinking God’s Potions from their inventory their throat would burn.

Park Chun-woo immediately used 『Absolute Cure』 on all three of them.

“The effect is overwhelming, right?”

“This is why you lost your mind like a crazy alcoholic every time I visited you.”

“Even though I have built up a tolerance to the God’s Potion, it is still very hard to remain sensible if I drink too much… You shouldn’t drink more than 3 bottles. It is very tiresome to cast 『Absolute Cure』 several times.”

After giving out every portion of the God’s Potion, Park Chun-woo headed back to the Blue House with the three people he brought.

Although there weren’t any problems nor reasons to hide the fact The President was gone because they came back faster than they thought, the secretary still lost her mind after hearing about Kim Cheol-Soo’s S-class awakening.

“Did you…. Did you really become an S-class hunter?”

“I was able awaken all due to Hunter Park Chun-woo.”

“I can’t believe it! If everything goes well, we can make it so that China won’t be able to pressure us into conceding our northern territories! I will think of a way to effectively spread the word.”

Hwang Yeong-Hui was a political secretary.

She started to think of the most effective and favorable way to politically use Kim Cheol-Soo’s position as an another S-class hunter.

While Hwang Yeong-Hui was diligently contriving a plan, Park Chun-woo started to grill and eat some A-grade ribeye steak, which was easily bought from the market using his 『Spatial Hopping』.

While eating, Park Chun-woo asked.

“Mr. Prez. Two weeks is enough for you guys to finish organizing a political meeting and gain a political advantage right?”

“Yes, two weeks is enough.”

“Then, let’s meet exactly in fifteen days. We are going to enter an epic dungeon so you have to start getting prepared. Also, it will take about fifteen days to leave the dungeon.”

“Yes. I understand.”

“Aight then I’m going to rest up for the time being. Ah. And, please try get permission from the United States.”


“Yes. It’s nothing much …. .”

Park Chun-woo explained his planned quickly and precisely. Kim Cheol-Soo just nodded his head.

“According to what Park Chun-woo said, it is very likely that they will accept if I disclose my awakening as an S-class hunter..”
“Okaay. Then I will meet you in about two weeks from now. Since this time we are not going there secretly, let’s travel by plane.”

After eating, Park Chun-woo returned home.

And Park Chun-woo has never set a foot out of his house during the period of fifteen day.

* * *

Kim Cheol-Soo disclosed his awakening as an S-class hunter through an emergency press conference and shared his status window.

Thanks to all the media, there was a great stir in the world.

They all simultaneously made a commotion about Republic of Korea’s third S-class hunter, quickly spreading the word worldwide.

Kim Cheol-Soo’s awakening was different from others.

His awakening was not long after the awakening of China’s fourth S-class hunter.

While China’s overwhelming prowess caused tyranny throughout the world, Republic of Korea was able to obtain their third S-class hunter.

The United States changed their posture.

Although the United States originally stated that they would not interfere with neighboring conflicts between China and Korea, the United States announced that they will help their ally, Republic of Korea, in any ways possible.

The United States was also troubled due to China’s demand to hand over Alaska and was trying desperately to find a solution. The United States decided to use their ally nation, Korea, to resolve their conflicts with China.

It was also the same with China. Panic and commotion broke out after they heard and saw the verification of Korea’s third S-class hunter.


A person who sat in the middle of Chinese Hunter’s Association Headquarter violently smashed down on the table. He could not hold back his anger after hearing the news about Kim Cheol-Soo’s awakening.

  • How does this even make sense! How the fuck does a person who was in the Blue House suddenly awaken into an S-class hunter in a single night?!

“I also do not understand. However, it is an inevitable fact that Kim Cheol-Soo has awakened. He disclosed his status window during the press conference. He is definitely an S-class.”

  • What is United States’ stance toward this?

“They congratulated their allying nation, Republic of Korea, and wanted to establish a strong friendship as an ally nation. They return to the side of Korea once again.”

  • Damn it.

“It would be hard for us to acquire Alaska now.”

They thought everything was already settled.

They thought the northern territories, including Kilju, was already theirs. They also requested Alaska from the United States, and was able to immediately receive the permission to examine the land.

They decided to take it by force if it was necessary the instant Yeopo came out from the dungeon. They had no problem beating them one by one.

*(TL: Yeopo was a Chinese hunter mentioned few chapters ago, probably S-class)

Kilju and Alaska.

If they were to acquire both territories, it would solidify their standing as the leading power and nation. They concluded that it was doable.

However, their plan crumbled miserably.

In a situation where they did not know how strong Park Chun-woo was as a hunter and the awakening of a new S-class hunter made it difficult for the Chinese to stick to their original plan.

They could not rashly start an armed conflict.

If something were to go wrong, their plan, which they had created for years, would go to a waste.

  • For now, you are to scout and observe the situation until Yeopo comes out. If there are signs of them entering Kilju before he comes out, we will head there as well without Yeopo. At that point of time, we have to be the first one to enter even if we were to shed some blood.

“Yes. I understand.”

  • Continue to check and locate the dungeon’s location in Alaska. We must consume both of them.

*(PR Note: Consume?! O____O)

* * *

When emergency press conference finally came to an end, Kim Cheol-Soo was bombarded with calls from the leaders from their respective countries.

Kim Cheol-Soo, however, ignored all of them.

Approximately an hour later, Kim Cheol-Soo called David Roel, the President of United States.

“I’m sorry to call you late. I was too occupied with calls everywhere to congratulate my awakening.”

  • No, it’s fine. I congratulate your awakening as an S-class hunter. I’m sincerely happy that our best-allying nation and friend’s military power has greatly increased.

President David Roel emphasized their alliance and especially their friendship.

Not too long ago, the United States clearly declared their neutrality toward the conflicts between China and Korea. They were afraid that the United States would also suffer from China’s overwhelming power.

But now they expressed their utmost joy for the alliance and friendship. They also thought of the past when Park Chun-woo was retired and showed their sorrow.

‘There is no reason to mess with the United States.”

They needed the help from the United States to deal with China. They needed to maintain their alliance with the United States.

If there was something different, it was that their positions turned around.

Now, Korea was leading while the United States was secondary.

“We wish to have a close relationship with our allying nation, the United States of America.”

  • Hahaha. It’s kind of you to say that.

“To be honest, I have called you to make a request. I hope you don’t decline it.”

  • What kind of request is it?

“Hunter Park Chun-woo told me that he knows the location of an epic-class dungeon in US territory.”

  • I-Is that really true?

“Yes. So, I hope you will allow us to attempt in clearing the S-class dungeon. In return, we promise that we will pass on the right of the epic-class dungeon after the first clear to S-class Hunter Daniel Martin. In addition, we will share our strategy we used to clear the dungeon.”

  • Hmmm.

President David Roel was lost in thought.

It wasn’t that easy to pinpoint or discover the location of an epic-class dungeon. One could only discover it through luck.

To this day, there has been only 20 epic-class dungeons discovered officially. Even if one were to add all the hidden epic-class dungeons, it would not add up to 30 in total.

Anyway, if it wasn’t for Park Chun-woo, it would be almost impossible for them to find the location of the epic-class dungeon. Without saying, they demanded to enter the dungeon first but decided to share the strategy they used to clear the dungeon. From the perspective of the United States, it wasn’t a loss but a gain.

Also, the United States was not in any position to decline Korea’s request.

If they did not combine their strength with Korea, it was almost impossible to resist the demand of China to hand over Alaska.

‘By any chance, is China demanding the territory of Alaska because they are aiming for the epic-class dungeon?’

It was coincidental.

Now long after China has requested for Alaska, the Republic of Korea has asked to explore the epic-class dungeon in Alaska.

Perhaps China was also aiming for the epic-class dungeon in Alaska.

But that was it.

Even if their objectives were to be the same, it was right to take side with the Republic of Korea who sincerely asked for the permission to enter the dungeon. As well as the fact that China has not stopped pressuring the United States to give up their Alaska territories.

After a lot of time contemplating, President David Roel responded.

  • I agree.

“Thank you. We will soon send the official note through the secretary of the general staff.”

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