Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 14: Is This Really A Party Hunt? (2)

Fifteen days passed quickly.

During that time, Kim Cheol-Soo was able to take care of all the necessary procedures to enter the epic-class dungeon in Alaska. Finally, Park Chun-woo and the others were able to fly to Alaska on a chartered plane.

Inside the plane, Park Chun-woo was eating his in-flight food with a face full of smile that didn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon.

“Eyya. Chartered plane is freaking amazing. As expected, S-class hunters tend to have a lot of money.”

“If you didn’t retire, you would also have a charted plane around now.”

“I’m okay. I’m not really interested in money. I’m fine as long as I have enough to use them without any worry.”

Park Chun-woo was lying on the sofa at the first-class lounge, drinking his God’s Potion and other liquor while watching newly released movies.

Because Choi Cheol-Sik, Hanseong Su, and Kim Cheol-Soo already knew about the God’s Potion, he didn’t not have to hide or hesitate drinking the God’s Potion so openly.

The three of them also drank 3 bottles of God’s Potion with the help of Park Chun-woo’s 『Absolute Cure』. Even with the effect of 『Absolute Cure』, they were still very dizzy, so they laid down on the couch as well.

With his eyes closed, Hanseong Su asked.

“Is the difficulty of the epic-class dungeon in Alaska high? If the difficult is high, I doubt that I will be very helpful.”

“I don’t know either since I never been there. Sadly, I only know the location. Leader’s buffs are out of the ordinary so you don’t have to worry so much. Ah, wait. Everyone knows how to swim, right?”

“Why swim?”

“It’s because the epic-class dungeon is located inside Iliamna Lake.”

Iliamna Lake. Located at the northern part of Alaska, the length of Iliamna stretches about 120 km and is considered as the largest lake in northern Alaska. Park Chun-woo affirmed that the epic-class dungeon was inside of that enormous lake.

Hanseong Su nodded his head.

‘Ah, So that is why nobody has found the entrance of the dungeon.’

At one time, there was a huge uproar about scientists trying to explore the Iliamna Lake, trying to find a mythical monster.

However, the exploration has remained unfruitful.

The size of the Iliamna Lake was too enormous and too deep for the scientists to clearly explore and study.

It was same for the epic-class dungeon.

Who would have thought that an epic-class dungeon was located somewhere inside the 120-km lake?

Time went fast. The chartered airplane, which carried four people, arrived at the international airport in Alaska.

There was someone waiting for the arrival of the 4 people.

Choi Cheol-Sik went toward the gentleman and asked for a handshake. The gentleman gladly held Choi Cheol-Sik’s hand.

“It’s been a while, Daniel.”

“The President told me to escort you to the epic-class dungeon safely.”

“Isn’t it because you want to confirm the location of the epic-class dungeon?”

“Hahaha. That, too.”

Daniel Mattin. One of the United States’ S-class hunter came out to meet the four… at the pretense of safely escorting them to the location of the epic-class dungeon, that is.

“I’m happy to meet you. I’m a Daniel Mattin. Hunter Hanseong Su, Hunter Park Chun-woo, and finally Hunter Kim Cheol-Soo.”

Park Chun-woo chuckled slightly.

It was so obvious what the United States were trying to accomplish.

‘I guess it is pretty frustrating. Well, China did demanded their land without minding any conflict  with the United States due to their self-interest.’

Looking back at his memory, China was the strongest country at his point of time throughout his reincarnations. Because they had so many S-class hunters in reserve, it was fine to have their ways internationally.

Of course, that changed after the Republic of Korea was able to gain their fifth S-class hunter.

At this moment, China’s biggest inclination lied in land and territorial possession. They demanded each nation to concede a big chunk of their land to China.

It was to the point that even the United States was almost blackmailed into conceding their land.

If that was not the case, they wouldn’t have to have an S-class hunter escorting the four of them to the S-class dungeon.

“We have to go to Iliamna Lake.”

Park Chun-woo did not decline their goodwill.

He could get to the dungeon comfortably without doing anything. Why would he decline his offer?”

“Iliamna Lake… That’s why we couldn’t find the epic-class dungeon until now. I will contact the base immediately and prepare us a boat as well.”

“I will have to thank you then.”

“Let’s go. I will escort comfortably in a limousine.”

Park Chun-woo and his company headed toward the Iliamna Lake leisurely and conveniently in the limousine prepared by Daniel Mattin beforehand.

As soon as they arrived at Iliamna Lake, they got on the boat. Park Chun-woo directed the boat’s course as they travel around the Iliamna Lake.

On his hand, there was a ultra-high performance GPS receiver.

It has been already tens of minutes traversing on the boat, and finally, Park Chun-woo opened his mouth.


The boat came to a stop.

Park Chun-woo once again checked the GPS receiver before continuing his speech.

“There is an epic-class dungeon below us. Since we are going enter the dungeon immediately, I wish Mr. Daniel well with his report to the President.”

“How long do you think it will take for the complete subjugation of the dungeon?”

“About fifteen days. We have to get used to the dungeon first since Mr. Prez has awakened not too long ago. Possibly 5 days if we were to form an experienced and skilled party. ”

“I understand. I will report to the President verbatim. About 15 days from now on I will dispatch one of my underclassmen to wait for your departure. I hope you will contact us after the subjugation of the dungeon. The President wishes to meet all of you before you would have to fly back to Korea.”

“We certainly will.”

Right after his response, Park Chun-woo dove into the water. Following Park Chun-woo, Kim Cheol-Soo, Hanseong Su, and Choi Cheol-Sik entered the water.

They did not have any equipment.

Enhanced physique of a hunter could withstand the low oxygen pressure for a whole day, and could hold their breath for more than 20 minutes.

S-class hunters’ physique was way beyond that.

A party composed of three S-class hunters and an A-class hunter could leisurely swim around the lake, killing everything they spotted on sight.

Even Kim Cheol-Soo, who had only awakened fifteen days ago, could traverse around the lake freely using his enhanced physique.

The three of them swam for a quite a long time following Park Chun-woo.

I wonder how long it has been?

Park Chun-woo took out a silver bead from his inventory and dropped the bead on the ocean floor.

  • Kkieeeeeeek!

Light emitted from the silver bead that was falling toward the ocean floor. It let out a horrible shriek. Surreptitious dungeon began to appear.

Its outward appearance resembled that of an old temple. The entrance alone was about 3 km long.

Park Chun-woo pointed his hand toward the epic-class dungeon.

The four of them swam quickly toward the epic-class dungeon. They entered through the entrance, which was above a thousand stairs.

Water did not flow inside the dungeon. It had enough oxygen, and had an aroma flourishing around it. It was as if it was in its own independent dimension.

  • Confirmed qualification to enter.
  • You have entered the epic-class dungeon ‘Forgotten Ancient Temple.’ The rights to enter the dungeon currently lie with Hunter Park Chun-woo.
  • Before the dungeon’s first clear, experience will be doubled and drop rate of unique-grade and higher will temporarily be doubled.
  • First respawned boss monster will have a drop rate of 100% on at least one unique or higher grade item.

Following the notifications, the safe zone appeared in front of them.

At the same time, Hanseong Su asked Park Chun-woo.

“What was the shriek we heard before entering the dungeon? And what was that bead you dropped before?”

“The bead was to destroy the barrier which hid the dungeon, and the shriek was probably the boss monster’s reaction to the barrier being destroyed.”

“I’m guessing that bastard has a nasty temper.”

“I think so too.”

“First floor monsters are mostly serpent species. I’m not really fond of creatures that use poisons as their weapon.”

They could see countless number of huge shadows which resembled a snake outside the safe zone. They could guess that there was about 100 monsters or so waiting for them outside the safe zone.

After taking glance at the monster waiting outside, Choi Cheol-Sik began to explain the situation.

“Fortunately, the monsters are something I have hunted before. Giant poison snake. They are Lvl 200 monsters with strong bite; powerful lunge with their pointed tail which contains a strong poison; enormous power and body which supports their powerful strangle; and poison breath that are their usual attack pattern. Ah. Also, S-class hunters are immune to poison.”

“Thanks to you, the subjugation of the 1st floor won’t be too difficult. Chun-woo, how many floors is this dungeon?”

“According to what I know, it should be about 15 floors high.”

“Hmm. It is going to take a while.”

“Even so, looking at the 1st floor monsters’ level being 200, the boss monster’s level should be around 340 …… It should be fairly easy.”

“It is the perfect opportunity for Mr. President to level up and gain experience.”

Normal dungeons usually increase the monster’s’ level by 10 each floor.

If the Forgotten Ancient Temple was composed of 15 floors like Park Chun-woo said, the boss monster’s level being 340 was very likely.

It was even easy for the current Choi Cheol-Sik, who was at level 352, to clear the dungeon by himself.

It was truly a perfect place for Kim Cheol-Soo to stack up some experiences.

Park Chun-woo looked at Kim Cheol-Soo.

“Mr. Prez, what level are you?”

“Hunter Park Chun-woo helped me reached level 45 before.”

Because Park Chun-woo annihilated the group of giant worms at Grand Canyon after creating a party with Kim Cheol-Soo, Kim Cheol-Soo was able to level up all the way to 45.

Although it was nowhere enough, it was high enough to at least join in the battle.

“Please explain your special ability and first skill.”

“My special ability is 『Adamantine』, it says that my body will harden when in battle. My skill is 『Area Taunt』 which taunts nearby monsters to switch their attack target to me.”

“It is perfect.”

Park Chun-woo face was full of grin.

Kim Cheol-Soo was a tanker just like his past.

The only difference was his time of awakening, and his special ability nor first skill changed.

“Allocate all of you bonus stats into endurance. Until level 100, you have unconditionally allocate all of you stats into endurance. That is the only way you can endure the damages from the high level monsters.”

“Yes. I will do as you say.”

“Ah, take this. If you are going to hunt, you have at least wear some appropriate equipment for the job.”

Park Chun-woo took out nine equipment from his inventory and gave it Kim Cheol-Soo. At the same time, Kim Cheol-Soo’s mouth opened widely.

All the equipment Park Chun-woo gave were all unique-grades, and it was a set equipment as well.

After becoming a hunter, Kim Cheol-Soo secretly studied and gained basic knowledge of the hunter world. Because of that, he was able to comprehend the value of a set unique-grade equipment.

“This is …… Isn’t this the full set of a spearhead vanguard?”

“You’re right.”

Also, the set of item that Park Chun-woo prepared was one of the most famous set of the spearhead vanguard series known as the ‘Spearhead Vanguard’s Will series.’

Spearhead Vanguard’s Will.

Among the tankers, it is known as the most precious set of equipment due to its performance. With its rarity, it was known as the set of equipment\ that one could call its price when selling.

All the nine pieces in the set each had its own unique-grade option, which was outstanding itself, but the equipment’s true strength lied in their set options.

The set options were so good for tankers, which made many hunters roll their eyes in disbelief.

“Can I really accept this? According to what I know, last time a full set was sold, it sold for about $13 Billion.”

“If it was sold for $13 Billion…. Chun-woo. Is this by any chance a full set of Spearhead Vanguard’s Will?”

“Yes. You’re right. It is a pretty good equipment for tankers to use.”

“…… Spearhead Vanguard’s Will is not just a pretty good equipment for the tankers. It can be consider their final equipment that they can use forever. Do you really plan to give this out?”

“It is useless to me anyway. Don’t think about the money and use it well. Isn’t there a saying that items should go to their rightful owners?”

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