Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 15: Is This Really A Party Hunt? (3)

Kim Cheol-soo nodded.

Although the price of the equipment made him feel uneasy, there was no reason to decline his goodwill. Also, Spearhead Vanguard’s Will was not a bounded item, meaning he could return it anytime.

“Then I won’t decline your offer. However, only on the condition that Hunter Park Chun-woo can get it back anytime.”

“That won’t happen so use it comfortably.”

Kim Cheol-Soo nodded again.

He equipped all 9 equipment that Park Chun-woo gave him. At the same time, a notification appeared above his head.

  • 9 set of ‘Spearhead Vanguard’s Will’ has been equipped. Set effects have been activated.
  • Endurance will increase by 500. Defense will increase by 2,500. All damage taken will decrease by 10%.

The appearance of Kim Cheol-Soo who equipped the Spearhead Vanguard’s Will looked like a knight from the Middle Ages.

Although in actuality, Kim Cheol-Soo looked very uncomfortable wearing hunter equipment for the first time as he kept moving place to place.

“I thought it would be uncomfortable, but it’s manageable.”

“Despite its rigid outer appearance, it should be light and comfortable. Alright. Let’s start hunting soon. For our position, Cheol-Sik seonbae will be the main dealer, Leader Seong Su will be the buffer, Mr. Prez will be the main tanker, and I will be an all-rounder.”

“Aight, we will do that.”

“This is service. Call death knight.”

Park Chun-woo summoned 10 death knights.

Choi Cheol-Sik, Hanseong Su, and Kim Cheol-Soo’s mouths opened widely.

They knew that Park Chun-woo was amazing when they saw his status window, but who knew that he could summon 10 death knights. One will be treated as a noble if they can summon a death knight, but 10?…. It was speechlessly amazing.

This was something that even Hanseong Su, who was like a best friend to Park Chun-woo, did not know.

I knew that you learned series of necromancer magic, but you had 10 death knights?”

“These guys were somewhat useful, so I made quite a lot of them. Their level is also around 250 too, I think.”

“That’s enough.”

A death knight’s fighting prowess is able to fight a boss monster of the same level to an equal footing.

He had ten Lvl 250 death knights.

Nevermind the fifteen days, won’t we be able to finish clearing the dungeon in about 5 days?

“Let’s quickly hunt and go back to the White House.”

“That will be the best. Let’s not waste any time.”

“This will be my first hunt, but I have a feeling that it won’t be that hard.”

Everyone was full of energy.

They believed that clearing the dungeon will be a walk in the park.

Park Chun-woo had an evil grin on his face when he saw the image of his comrades dying to go out of the safety zone any second.

“Ah, wait. Also, I don’t really have any greed for items so you guys decide who gets the items that are dropped.”

“Even so, that is not right. It was because of you that we were able to enter the epic-class dungeon. You should get half of the drops.”

“Ehhey. I told you that I don’t need it. You guys can distribute it among yourselves.”

Park Chun-woo kept waving his hand and added something quietly at the end.

‘In return, you guys can do all the hunting.’

Park Chun-woo and the others left the safe zone in order to start hunting. Hundreds of Giant poison snakes that were waiting outside the safe zone swarmed toward them, all at the same time.

Choi Cheol-Sik used his throwing knives and wires and decimated the monsters, cutting and slicing their innards and skin.

Hanseong Su applied his damage amplifying buff on Choi Cheol-Sik and used his damage reducing buff on Kim Cheol-Soo and 4 more buffs on Kim Cheol-Soo to compensate for his low level.  Hanseong Su’s specialty was 『Angel’s Music』, which increase the duration of all buffs by 50% and their effect by 20%.

Kim Cheol-Soo held up his shield and used 『Area Taunt』 to switch all of the nearby monster’s aggro to him.

* ( 『Area Taunt』 → 『Area Taunt』 )

And Park Chun was ….

“The floor so fucking cold.”

After setting up his mattress on the floor, he began to read his comics while lying down. In his left hand, there was a plastic bottle full of God’s Potion as well.

Park Chun-woo healed Kim Cheol-Soo time to time while lying down on his mattress and reading his comics. He also gave Kim Cheol-Soo a shield when he judged that Kim Cheol-Soo was in danger.

That was all.

Other than that, he did not participate in any of the fight.

He just lied relaxingly and read his comics while drinking some God’s Potion. He even snored or dozed time to time.

The 10 death knights Park Chun-woo summoned did not join the fray as well. Instead, they went around the dungeon picking up the monster core and items with their interspatial bag.

They were not used as fierce fighters, but item porters.

The president pulled monsters’ aggro while tanking the damage while the death knights gathered the dropped items. It truly was a weird party.

Despite all that, the party proceeded smoothly.

“Like I expected, this is pretty easy.”

“I probably can decimate this level difficulty alone even without the buffs from seonbae-nim.”

Hundreds of giant poison snakes were annihilated. To Choi Cheol-Sik, who was lvl 352 to begin with, it wasn’t very difficult to kill lvl 200 monsters.

In addition to his high level, there were the buffs from Hanseong Su, whose buffs rivaled those of S-class hunters even though he was an A-class.

There was only two difference between S-class and A-class hunters.

A-class and below could only reach lvl 300 while S-class could reach all the up to lvl 500. Aside from the level, all of S-class hunters’ stat are increased by 30%.

Due to the difference in max level and the 30% increase in every stats, S-class prowess is unmatched by any other ranks.

Hanseong Su already reached his max level, 300, and allocated most of his stats to intelligence and magic power.

Although his body stats were all messed up, his special skill 『Angel’s Music』 allowed him to be one of the best buffers in the world.

Increasing the buff duration by 50% and effect by 20%.

Hanseong Su’s buff which was amplified by his amazing special skill made even Park Chun-woo go crazy. The limit of an A-class hunter completely disappeared.

Although Kim Cheol-Soo was still somewhat lacking compared to Hanseong Su and Choi Cheol-Sik, he tanked very well and allowed Choi Cheol-Sik to freely deal damage from a distance.

Thanks to Kim Cheol-Soo, Hanseong Su, and Choi Cheol-Sik, it only took them about two hours to clear the first floor.

While the 10 death knights were collecting the monster cores and dropped items, they gathered at the center of the first floor and rested.

Hanseong Su looked at Kim Cheol-Soo.

“Mr. President, you were really amazing despite this being your first hunt.”

“It was all due Hunter Park Chun-woo who kept filling up my HP time to time and placing a shield on my body whenever I was in a danger.”

“Chun-woo, apart from assisting from the side, are you not planning on joining the subjugation?”

Park Chun-woo proudly and confidently replied to Hanseong Su’s question.

“If I join in the fray the monsters will die too easily and won’t help Mr. Prez gain experience in fighting monsters. Even the difficulty is just right. It will be a waste to miss out on gaining actual experience.”

“Hmm. You are right about that.”

“Also, you guys probably won’t have any problems clearing the dungeon without me. Actually, it would be really weird if we couldn’t clear the dungeon when we have two S-class hunters and one max level A-class buffer.”

What Park Chun-woo said was not wrong.

Even if Park Chun-woo was not there, they would not have any problem clearing the dungeon.

Of course this was all part of Park Chun-woo’s plan.

The fact that Park Chun-woo did not visit The Forgotten Ancient Temple was true. However, there was one string attached.

Park Chun woo did not visit the forgotten ancient temple this reincarnation.

He cleared The Forgotten Ancient Temple numerous times in his 3rd and 4th reincarnations. He knew how strong the monsters were on each floor, and the best ways to clear the dungeon.

It was simply the fact that he did not have to take action.

Park Chun-woo selected the dungeon after confirming that he would not have to take any action. The Forgotten Ancient Temple was exactly that dungeon.

‘They are doing fine without me. There is no point of me helping them clear the dungeon. The Forgotten Ancient Temple is pretty easy as long as Mr. Prez tanks well and pull the aggro from the monsters. The real problem is what comes next.’

The only problem was how well Kim Cheol-Soo was able to tank and complete his role as the tanker of the party.

That problem was solved by Park Chun-woo’s healing magic and shield magic, which he used occasionally.

Park Chun-woo also kept filling Kim Cheol-Soo’s mana so that he won’t have any troubles using his 『Area Taunt』.

If Kim Cheol-Soo was able to properly tank the monsters, Choi Cheol-Sik would take care of the monsters. There was really no point of Park Chun-woo to join the fight.

The plan was perfect.

Park Chun-woo just had to watch them.

* * *

Park Chun-woo’s party quickly cleared The Forgotten Ancient Temple.

About 10 days was enough for them to reach the 14th floor. Ahead of the 14th floor was the boss room, quietly waiting for them to enter the 15th floor.

The only reason why they even took 10 days to reach the 14th floor was to allow Kim Cheol-Soo to slowly gain actual battle experience. If Hanseong Su and Choi Cheol-Sik were to clear it alone, it would only take them around 9 days.

During the subjugation, favorable results came to Kim Cheol-Soo.

While hunting on the 12th floor, they were able to pick up two necessary skill-books a tanker needed. Kim Cheol-Soo was able to learn 『Auto Regeneration』 and 『Iron Body』 at the same time.

『Auto Regeneration』 and 『Iron Body』 were something Kim Cheol-Soo needed. Although his level increased all the way up to lvl 140, it was getting pretty hard for him to tank the monsters whose level rose up to around lvl 310.

『Auto Regeneration』, particularly, was a skill revered as something that makes the tankers seem like an undying meat shield or a zombie.

“I congratulate you to the bottom of my heart.”

“Mr. President’s luck must be good.”

“I agree with what seonbae said. It would be amazing even if we were to pick up only one skill book, but we were able to pick up both 『Auto Regeneration』 or 『Iron Body』.”

“I’m glad that I will be more helpful to the party.”

Park Chun-woo chuckled while looking at the happy faces of the three.

‘I put those in.’

Park Chun-woo intentionally threw away those two skill-books on the floor, fooling the three of them into thinking they dropped from the monsters. He helped Kim Cheol-Soo and encouraged their morale at the same time.

They pushed all the way through the 14th floor, but Park Chun-woo still hasn’t lifted a finger yet.

There wasn’t anything to worry about.

From the start, it was a dungeon that Hanseong Su and Choi Cheol-Sik can easily clear together.

There was two reasons to have The Forgotten Ancient Temple as the first hunting site. One of requirement had to be a dungeon that they could clear excluding Kim Cheol-Soo and his ability to tank.

Thanks to that, Park Chun-woo was able to relax during the whole dungeon.

‘Let’s just pass through 15th floor like this. I don’t want to waste my energy before then.

One problem during the hunting was that Choi Cheol-Sik was irritated and annoyed by the look and the sound of Park Chun-woo lying on his mattress sleeping.

He held it in for now.

He thought that if he were to show his anger and irritated Park Chun-woo, he would suffer the same treatment once again. With the fear of humiliation, he closed his mouth tightly.

Although he wanted to say something, he didn’t wanna risk looking hateful.

However… his patience did not last long. He could not hold back his irritation because Park Chun-woo’s face looked so unpleasant in his eyes. Park Chun-woo was so hateful.

In the end, Choi Cheol-Sik exploded right before entering the 15th floor entrance.

“No matter how much I think, this is not right.”

He had to say what needed to be said.

“I understand why you are not participating in the hunt. However, you should not fucking fool around sleeping and joking around! You could have at least have the death knights help us fight! We are not your servants!”

Choi Cheol-Sik said everything he wanted to say.

Park Chun-woo’s head dropped.

“I’m sorry. My thought was short. It was my fault, Cheol-Sik seonbae.”

Choi Cheol-Sik could not help but be taken back little bit due to Park Chun-woo’s meek response.

“Ah, no. You don’t have to sorry to point of being …”

“No, you are right. I was too selfish. Do you think we can step out little bit together so I can apologize to you sincerely?”

Choi Cheol-Sik had goosebumps at that moment.

He was even more scared of this version of Park Chun-woo than what he expected to happen. He knew that what Park Chun-woo said and what he was going to do were completely different.

Instinctively, he was going to put some distance between him and Park Chun-woo, but Park Chun-woo and he entered a different dimension before he knew what was happening.

In that dimension, there were only him and Park Chun-woo.


“For a short while, let’s talk with our body.”

“Bo-Body talk?”

“Yes. Ah. You don’t have to agree to it. It will probably me doing all the work.”

It was just like this in the past.

They personalities were polar opposites and conflicted very often, which lead to Choi Cheol-Sik’s mental education every time.

For them to understand his actions, he had to explain everything that happened in his life.

Would they understand if he told them?

That is why he didn’t bother explaining his actions. He decided to show it through actions rather than words.

Choi Cheol-Sik stopped him every time he tried to do something.

Choi Cheol-Sik did not do anything wrong. If he did do something wrong, it probably was that he was born with a terrible personality just like Park Chun-woo.

This time was the same.

And, Park Chun-woo chose to educate him mentally rather than talking it out.

After all, Park Chun-woo had one of the most efficient method of mental education, Bungeunchakkol.

Choi Cheol-Sik stepped back once again.

“Where are you going seonbae. Let’s talk it out.”

Park Chun-woo laughed brightly. To Choi Cheol-Sik, Park Chun-woo looked like a demon as he walked toward him.

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