Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 16: The Main Culprit of Balance Destruction(1)

Meanwhile, Kim Cheol-Soo looked at the inconspicuous dimension with a worried expression. He was worried that they might be fighting each other. Well, to be more exact, he was worried that Choi Cheol-Sik was getting beat up one-sidedly by Park Chun-woo.

“It’s probably nothing right?”

“Chun-woo is the type of guy that knows not to cross the line. They will try to resolve their misunderstanding by talking it out.:

“Hmm. I hope so.”

Although Hanseong Su sid that, his expression did not look so bright. Park Chun-woo’s act of apologizing with his head down before he entered the dimension was too strange.

‘They will talk it out. They will talk it out with their body.’

Hanseong Su already knew Park Chun-woo’s intention. No, to be more exact, Hanseong Su sensed that Park Chun-woo would not have made a different dimension to enter with Choi Cheol-Sik if he intended to talk it out quietly.

‘That troublemaker apologizing for something insignificant as this? It would make more sense if he created the dimension to torture and beat up Choi Cheol-Sik. You can beat him as much as you want but just don’t kill. Also, at least heal him after beating him.’

It has already been 20 minutes since the dimension was created.

The dimension finally disappeared and spat out Park Chun-woo and Choi Cheol-Sik.

Choi Cheol-Sik became very obedient and submissive.

Park Chun-woo put his arm around Choi Cheol-Sik with a joyful expression.

“I will try to be more understanding from now on, Cheol-Sik seonbae. You will try to understand why I’m not participating in the monster hunt, right?”

“Yeah. Yes. Of course.”

Choi Cheol-Sik reflexively nodded his head.

Hanseong Su was sure of it now.

‘He beat him up. He beat the shit out of him.’

It was so obvious that Park Chun-woo beat the shit out of Choi Cheol-Sik. It was not normal for Choi Cheol-Sik to reflexively answer Park Chun-woo’s question right away every time.

However, he pretended like he did not notice it.

‘Well, it was going to happen anyway. At least, everything is in control now. Talking also doesn’t work to Cheol-Sik anyway. They both have shit personalities.’

The real leader of the Scarlet mercenary group was Park Chun-woo.

The problem was Choi Cheol-Sik was used to being a leader everywhere he went. I mean he has been the representative of the hunter’s association in Korea for a while now.

But, there can’t be two leaders in a mercenary group.

There are only two ways to solve this. Either Choi Cheol-Sik listens to Park Chun-woo, or he had to leave the group.

Of course Hanseong already knew that Choi Cheol-Sik was not going to leave the group of his own accord.

How could he possibly forego the 100 bottles of God’s Potion every year?

‘Take this time as a lesson and fix your shitty personality. One shitty personality (Park Chun-woo) is enough in the group.’

Choi Cheol-Sik who had his arm around Park Chun-woo’s shoulder tried his best to maintain his smile.

He hid his other arm behind his back. His hand was shaking greatly.

He kept remembering the word Park Chun-woo said before leaving the dimension.

“If you don’t smile, bungeunchakkol for 30 minutes.”

Unofficial rank 2 hunter, Monster Massacrer Choi Cheol-Sik, who prided himself that he could beat anyone as long as that person was not Sage Cloud.

That person today remembered the face of his deceased mother who told him not to become a hunter and worried about his safety.

‘Mother. I have someone who is far more dangerous than the monster next to me.’

* * *

Because Choi Cheol-Sik became timid and submissive, the loud noise which accompanied the party became almost non-existent as well.

It was time to subjugate the boss monster.

The moment they went down to the 15th floor, Park Chun-woo drank 3 bottles of God’s Potion and instructed the others.

“I will take care of the boss monster.”

“You will do it personally?”

“Yea. We don’t have a lot of time. I will have to personally take care of it. Kkeoeoeok.”

Park Chun-woo refreshingly burped.

His eyes were completely loosened.

He drank three 1.5 L plastic bottles full of God’s Potion. It was hard to maintain his normal state, even if it was Park Chun-woo himself.

“Are you okay? Don’t you have to use 『Absolute Cure』?”

“I’m okay, I’m good. Other than the fact that I’m seeing two of you, I’m completely fine.

“How is that same as being okay?”

“At least you don’t look like a monster. If you looked like a monster I would have attacked you.”

He said something so brutal like it was nothing and swayed his hand.

“You guys get back little bit. I can’t really control my power when I’m in this state.”

“……. Isn’t this really dangerous?”

“This state is perfect.”

“Do you want some buffs?”

“Ehhey. I don’t need any buffs. It will be over in one attack so you guys just watch me from behind.”

The boss monster’s level should be just around 340.

If Park Chun-woo was in his normal state he had nothing to worry, but he drank three bottles of God’s Potion which made him really unstable.

He even said that he could not control his power in this drunken state.

Even Park Chun-woo might be in danger.


Hanseong realized that all of his worries were useless in the span of 30 seconds after entering the 15th floor.


Park Chun-woo lightly swung his fist.

The monster, which looked very similar to a lizard man, was instantly eradicated by Park Chun-woo fist. His head exploded the moment his fist and the monster’s head made contact, leading to the monster’s unjustifiable and sad demise.


Not even one word escaped for a while. Everyone was stuck at the same stop, dumbfounded and stunned, not knowing what to say.

He didn’t even use a skill.

He just lightly swung his fist around, but a boss monster whose level was around 340 died instantly with its head exploded.

It was beyond human comprehension.

While everyone was still dazed from what just happened, Park Chun-woo who seemed bit drunk as he swayed left and right took out a sword.

“It has been a while since I saw you using a sword. I’m pretty sure it is the first time after you became an S-class hunter.”

“I think I prefer my fists more. I mean it feels nice hitting them with my fists.”

Originally, Park Chun-woo’s style was largely based on close-range attacks.

Each attack was imbued with powerful hand-to-hand combat skills which amounted in a very quick and explosive damage.

That was the case when Park Chun-woo was still an A-class hunter.

The hand-to-hand combat fighting style Hanseong remembered was completely changed when Park Chun-woo became an S-class hunter.

Park Chun- woo began to use various skills, such as 『Spatial Hopping』, 『Shield』, 『Absolute Cure』, and many other skills that he had never seen before.

Although skills he learned did not correlate or had nothing to with his style of fighting, it was not like it did not make sense for him to be interested in few extraneous skills. However, what threw Hanseong Su off was the fact that Park Chun-woo mastered the proficiency in both 『Teleport』 and 『Absolute Cure』.

Because Park Chun-woo who was a close-range specialist had no reason to master those two skills.

Furthermore, he took out his blade that he had not used since forever.

What had happened to Park Chun-woo over the course of 7 years of retirement?

Hanseong, who did not know anything about the reincarnations, was left in a dust with no clues to follow.

While taking out his sword, Park Chun-woo looked behind to the others.

“Everyone get back. I’m going to destroy the dungeon floor.”

“……….. Are you crazy?” How are going to destroy the dungeon floor.”

It was impossible to destroy or damage any part of the dungeon.

Many hunters tried to destroy a part of the dungeon so far yet not a single one succeed in even making a single dent, thus concluding that it was impossible to damage the dungeon.

“You will see. 『Change Form』.”

Park Chun-woo changed the appearance of his weapon.

The length of the sword extended all the way up to 3 meters, just little bit off from hitting the ceiling of the dungeon, and the width of his sword expanded to the point that it seemed surreal.

It was to the extent that they weren’t sure if the weapon was actually a sword.

‘This can’t be consider a sword anymore…. It’s more like a mace than a sharp sword.’

While the others were stunned or worried about monstrous transformation.

“『Explosion Blade』.”

Park Chun-woo swung his blade down while using a skill.


A powerful explosion occurred.

Everyone’s mouth dropped when they could finally see the view after the powerful explosion passed away.

The floor where Park Chun-woo swung his sword down now had a huge hole through it.

They could see a safe zone inside the hole.

It was obvious… that there was an another dungeon below it.

“Another dungeon?”

“Yes. We gotta cheat little bit since we don’t have the key. I mean it would be too tiring and cumbersome trying to find the key now.”

Park Chun-woo discovered the dungeon that was connected to The Forgotten Ancient Temple in his 3rd reincarnation.

In his 4th reincarnation, he found the key with his mercenary group.

The dungeon that was connected to The Forgotten Ancient Temple was one of the keys to handle the 12 apostles.

This time, however, they did not have a lot of time.

According to the plan, Park Chun-woo was supposed to start at least 5 months later. However, due to Kim Cheol-Soo’s request and the need for him to make Kim Cheol-Soo into an S-class hunter forced him to return a lot quicker than he expected.

He did not have the time to find the key because of that.

It was too late to find the key now, and he gave up trying to make Kim Cheol-Soo to do his part before the decided date.

So, he decided to forcefully enter the dungeon instead. If you don’t have the key to open the door you just have to make one he thought.

‘I didn’t even know it would work,’

He wasn’t 100% sure it would work out.

Although dungeons were known to be indestructible, it was not true. It was just that dungeons were extremely durable against any kind of damage.

During his 4th reincarnation, Park Chun-woo accidentally damaged a part of a dungeon. Although it was only a dent, he knew that, from that point, on dungeons were not indestructible.

It was just really durable and had a very fast regenerating speed.

Due to his prior experience, he was able to formulate this very plan.

Because he became so much stronger compared to himself during his 4th reincarnation due to the God’s Potion, he judged that he would be able to break through the dungeon floor.

His prediction was on point.

He made an entrance to the dungeon. It would mend up pretty soon though.

“I want to explain something before we go in. We don’t have a lot of time so I’m not going to explain twice. Monsters that reside below us are all around lvl 500’s. They number about 1,500. Good news is that there is only one floor to the dungeon. Boss monster is lvl 600 though.”

“Isn’t lvl 500 bit dangerous? Even if it is you, facing 1,500 lvl 500 monsters would be impossible?”

Out of all the dungeons discovered so far, the dungeons that possessed the highest difficult only contained monsters between lvl 440 and lvl 490.

In order to clear the dungeon discovered in Beijing, China sent out an army composed of 3 S-class hunters and 250 A-class hunters, which totaled up to 2,000 hunters.

Even though they sent out a such large number of hunters, the subjugation of the dungeon took them about 4 months.

It was nonsensical to go in a dungeon full of lvl 500 monsters no matter how much they thought.

Everyone tried to dissuade him. Hanseong Su was extremely worried and tried to dissuade him by clinging to him very closely.


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