Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 17: The Main Culprit of Balance Destruction (2)

“This is too dangerous no matter how I think about it. Let’s not go in.”

Park Chun-woo was, however, very confident and calm.

“Leader, don’t you believe me?”

“It’s not that I don’t believe you, but I’m worried because the dungeon difficulty is set so high.

“Don’t worry about it. The one that is in danger is not me. but the monsters. I can’t control my strength when I partake large amounts of God’s Potion. I might go out of control, so you guys should distance yourself and follow me.”

“Are you serious? How do you expect us to do that?”

“I will go down first.” Euchya.

Park Chun-woo went down first in order to escape from Hanseong Su’s persistent nagging.

“If you guys don’t hurry up the floor will restore itself and you guys won’t be able to come down anymore. Is that okay?”

Hanseong Su scratched his head intensely.

Although one side of him believed that he should just trust Park Chun-woo, the dungeon difficulty was too fucking high for him to not hesitate and worry.

His indecision and concern did not last long.

The dungeon floor was quickly restoring itself, and it seemed like it the gap would close any minute.

Hanseong threw his body while sighing when he saw the floor restoring rapidly.

“Ha-ah. I don’t know anymore.”

Right after Hanseong went down, Kim Cheol-Soo and Choi Cheol-Sik also followed him.

The gap closed after the Death Knights finished collecting all the items dropped by the boss monster.

There were enormous number of slime-type monster in the huge tunnel just outside of the safe zone.

Infinite-split slime.

Although it looked like your average low-class novice monsters, it would infinitely divide unless their core was completely destroyed, getting stronger each time. It was a very annoying monster to face no matter how high one’s level was.

Everyone received several notifications at the same time.

  • You have enter the  “Eye of the Sky” in an abnormal fashion.
  • Everyone who have entered the dungeon will have all of their stats 50% reduced.
  • You will be kicked out forcefully in 10 minutes
  • This is a warning. Please do not leave the safety zone. This is a warning. Please do not leave the safety zone.

Hanseong Su, Kim Cheol-Soo, and Choi Cheol-Sik’s face stiffened as they saw the notifications. The notifications seemed very serious and bizarre.

“Didn’t it said that we will be forced out?”

“Then we just have to clear it before they do.”

“I feel like you have said that before.”

“I heard that this method is plausible. It is from a reliable source so you don’t have to suspicious.”

Even if one were to enter the dungeon forcefully and cleared the dungeon, the dungeon would still record their subjugation as if they entered normally. This was his first time trying but the information was certain.

“Don’t worry about it. 10 minutes? 1 minute is enough.”

Park Chun-woo, like always, was full of confidence.

He drank one more God’s Potion. He took out the bottle while his eyes were fully loosened.

“Today is good day. I will choose you.”

Park Chun-woo who took out a bottle of soju went out of the safety zone alone.

“Come out when I say so. 『Enchant of Magic: Chain Explosion』.”

He threw the soju bottle toward the tunnel.


Powerful explosion occurred. The barrier of the safety zone had a small visible crack on it. The power of the explosion could be felt inside the safety zone.

Hanseong Su, Kim Cheol-Soo, and Choi Cheol-Sik, who were still in the safe zone. could not help but open their mouth in wonder. Particularly, Choi Cheol-Sik’s mouth did not have any thought of closing anytime soon.

It was because of the notifications that happened right after the explosion

-You have leveled up. You can allocate your bonus stats now.

-You have leveled up. You can allocate your bonus stats now.

-You have leveled up. You can allocate your bonus stats now.

Choi Cheol-Sik who has lvl 352 instantly leveled up to lvl 381.

He had leveled up 29 times in a matter of seconds.

‘Fucking crazy! Did he just really kill 1,500 monsters with one attack? How the fuck is that even allowed? This can’t be real. Is he really human?’

Although he could not see anything out of the safety zone, he knew what had happened.

Just now Park Chun-woo had completely annihilated all the monsters outside.

Kim Cheol-Soo’s reaction was not any different from Choi Cheol-sik’s.

His level also rose quite significantly, and his level was now at 255. His level rose so much because they had killed so many lvl 500 monsters.

After a while they could finally see what happened as the dust from the explosion started to fade away.


Their mouth did not close like last time when they saw the devastated state of the dungeon. Choi Cheol-Sik even had a hiccup.

Surprisingly, the width of the tunnel entrance of the dungeon expanded twice of its original size, and it was still melting and restoring at the same time.

Park Chun-woo scratched his head while looking at the melting entrance.

“Was it too strong? Maybe I should hold back a little next time.”

At this point, the others were done with  Park Chun-woo.

Let’s just forget about the fact that he destroyed the floor of the dungeon by himself. But, how could they forget this? He destroyed… no melted the dungeon entrance itself. And, the melting speed was faster than the repair speed of the dungeon?”

It was truly an unbelievable amount of power.

‘This was his strength when it is reduced 50%? How strong is he actually?’

Indeed Park Chun-woo used only 50% of his strength because he was restricted by the dungeon system for trespassing or entering the dungeon forcefully.

I wonder what would have happened if Park Chun-woo was allowed to use 100% of his strength?

Maybe they could have seen they first disappearance of a dungeon. Yes. Park Chun-woo’s strength was that strong.

“『Blizzard Storm』.”

Park Chun-woo used 『Blizzard Storm』 in order to stabilize the temperature of the dungeon. Because he used 『Blizzard Storm』, the dungeon stopped melting and was able to restore itself back rapidly.

“Let’s leave right away after the entrance is completely restored. It will probably take around 3 minutes or so. Before that though …..”

Park Chun-woo looked at the Death Knights.

“You guys go and retrieve the items.”

  • I shall.

“And about the boss monster, I think I need you guys to take of the boss monster for me.”

  • We will not
  • The leader is right. We will not.
  • We will not take of the boss monster unless we are compensated.

The Death Knights firmly declined Park Chun-woo’s order. They resolutely requested for some kind of a compensation.

“Compensation? The armor, the helmet, the sword, and shield you guys are wearing do you know whose it is?”

  • In return we are retrieving the items for thee. We also take care of the monsters around your house. However, this is different. The boss monster is even difficult for us. We will only work if we are compensated.

“I haven’t used any undead magic lately. Should I use it right now?”

  • Your threat is useless. We will not work if we are not compensated.

“Dang it.”

Park Chun-woo clicked his tongue.

‘These bastards are so hard to control.’

Park Chun-woo had acquired the Death Knights during his third reincarnation.

Although they did not directly impacted the fight between the apostles, they did help him indirectly.

The reason why dungeons don’t form and why monsters from open-dungeons are not seen near his house is also because of the Death Knights. But he had compensate them.

Although it was master-servant relationship, they did not work unless they were compensated.

Death knights only agreed to do all those jobs because of the equipments they were wearing right now. But if there was a job that required a bit of effort, they would make Park Chun-woo compensate them in some ways.

‘The boss room definitely wasn’t affected by the explosion due to its surround barrier. But, if I were to do another flame show we wouldn’t be able to qualify for the ……’

The best way to get rid of the slimes was definitely to burn them with fire. Because, setting them on fire would burn the core as well as its body.

The problem was that the infinite split slime in the boss room did not burn by any simple means of fire, and if someone were to carelessly hit it, infinite-split slime monsters would infinitely divide, causing mayhem.

It was definitely a troublesome and annoying enemy to face.

It was possible to get rid of the boss by using a more powerful magic than 『Chain Explosion』 and burn it, but the wall would burn due to the extremely high temperature.

That could not happen.

What Park Chun-woo wanted lied near the wall of the boss room. If the wall were to burn, it would impossible to retrieve it in mere 10 minutes.

‘Is there no other way?’

They won’t work without any payment.

Although it irritated him, he had no choice. Park Chun-woo finally nodded his head.

“What do you guys want?”

  • For now, we want horse.
  • One is enough. The leader, at the least, needed to ride a horse. Without it, he does not look cool like a true leader. Leader must always look cool.

“You guys care about such useless things. Okay.After this I will make you guys a phantom steed. And?”

  • Our equipments need some repairing.
  • I wish our armors would emit a shiny black luminescence. I know that you have already maxed out your equipment repairing skills.
  • Especially, leader’s equipment should shine as twice as much as our equipment.
  • Shiny, overpowering black light is essential to a death knight. We do not look cool right now.

The Death Knights had exactly two requests.

Phantom steed and equipment repair.

It wasn’t anything he couldn’t agree to, but it was certainly annoying and tiresome.

It was pretty funny how Death Knights focused so much on their appearance, but when he saw their worn-out and beat-up equipment he could somewhat understand.

In his 5th reincarnation, he took advantages of the Death Knights very frequently in order to get rid of all the small, troublesome chores. He did not repair their equipment, not even once, during that time.

After hearing out their requests, Park Chun-woo’s conscience did not feel well.

“I will listen to both of your requests after this. Go and hunt down the boss monster after the entrance is fully restored. You know that you can’t apply any physical damage until you see the core, right?”

  • You don’t have to worry. What kind of power would a mere skeleton have. We don’t even have the strength to lift spoon and chopsticks.
  • We cannot even stand during the day
  • Get a hold of yourself. How would we stand if we don’t even have a body.
  • He is right. We don’t have one.
  • Owner. Is it okay if we awaken?

Park Chun-woo’s face stiffened. It was so chaotic when all 10 Death Knights spoke at once.

“Only you can awaken. The rest of you try to focus on creating an opening to break the core for Jerald.”

  • Aight.
  • Even if only the leader were to awaken it is enough.

Death Knights were full of confidence.

Park Chun-woo did not have any worry. He knew they would do a good job by themselves.

When looked at logically, it was definitely better for the Death Knights to handle the boss monster than himself.

The Death Knights scattered quickly and retrieved the items with a very elegant and swift movement. Their movement was so amazing that it felt like it a waste for them to spend time on picking up the dropped items.

During that time, the entrance restored itself.

PR Note: Sorry for the delay, guys. Sleepless was busy with school, and I was busy with work.
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