Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 2: Come Over and You Will Die (2)

Everyone’s expression hardened.

The existence of S Class hunter was closely and strongly connected to one’s military prowess.

If a country possessed even a single S Class, it was considered a powerful nation. But if a country had more than one S class, they were comparable to the status of America before the monster waves began.

Currently, only China and America hold more than two S Class hunters.
America has two S Class at their disposal and China has three S Class hunters.
That was the case few days ago, before a new S Class appeared in China.

China possessed 4 S Class in their army. They undoubtedly became the world’s biggest superpower, setting fear in everyone’s heart. It was a disastrous news for the Republic of Korea, for their country was geographically connected right next to China.

Right after announcing the 4th S Class hunter’s appearance in China, China demanded part of North Korea to be returned, insisting that it was their land originally.

Everyone knew it was bunch of bullshit.

However, one could not argue against China logically at this point.

The presence of S Class hunters was that dominating and crucial in a nation’s military power…

China was the world’s most powerful superpower while Korea was just one of the top nation in the world. If a conflict was to occur, the result would be obvious.

This was reality.

“What did the Americans have to say about this?”

“America has firmly declared that they would stay neutral regarding this issue. They have absolutely no intention of conflicting with China at this point.”

President’s expression was reduced to nothing but tears.

Initially, Republic of Korea stayed head to head as one of superpower in the world, controlling two S Class at their disposal, but now they have fallen to the point where they have to yield to China’s demand…. It was truly heartbreaking.

The meeting to somehow mitigate or resolve this dismal issue continued.

But… there really wasn’t a simple solution to this problematic matter.
Everyone already knew that if America did not lend their hand regarding this issue, they would lose the power struggle even before anything started.

Only idealistic solutions were spoken.
Nothing realistic… Nothing practical.

The discussion eventually lead to which land was least valuable and important for them to concede, ultimately settling on everything up to the Paektu Mountain.

While finalizing their decision.

“It sounds like everyone has already forgotten about how our country encompasses two powerful S-class hunters. I’m saying that I’m not the only S-class hunter this country can deploy.


“Wait… are you talking about hunter Park Chun-woo ?’

“Yes, you are correct.”

Wosung wosung

*(TL: Sound of whispering)

“Are you talking about that crazy bastard?”

“I think so.”

“Can we even rely on  that retarded bastard…. .”

President’s face darkened upon hearing Park Chun-woo’s name. The majority of people’s face did not look so well either.

Park Chun-woo.

He was the youngest S-class the world has ever seen, uniquely becoming an S-class by advancing into his secondary class (awakening for the second time). He was the center of everyone’s attention, but Park Chun-woo retired right after becoming an S-class, panicking the world.

Right after retiring, he shut himself in his house, wasting away his ability as an unemployed man and alcoholic addict. Park Chun-woo even unleashed his overwhelming strength to kick out any potential visitors who tried to persuade him.

To this day, numbers of hunters who tried to persuade Park Chun-woo and received injuries instead could fit in several trucks. It was honestly fortunate that nobody had died.

Even if one spent 100 days it would not even go through Park Chun-woo’s ear. Every time one try to persuade Park Chun-woo one would only see blood. Park Chun-woo’s name alone caused one to grind one’s teeth with vexation.

President spoke with darkened expression.

“Hunter Park Chun-woo retired right after he became an S-class. And, Park Chun-woo has not hunted even once after retiring.”

“Although he has not hunted in few years, it is not like his strength is going to disappear or weaken. S- class is a type of existence that gets stronger just by breathing. It has been seven years since he became an S-classs. His strength should have continued to increase tremendously.
If we are able to reinstate hunter Park Chun-woo into the organization, China won’t be able to order us around any longer. We will be able to stand next to China as an equal without minding their immense power”

“Who doesn’t know that. We are at this state because hunter Park Chun-woo cannot be convinced.”

“I will go there myself.”

“…….. You will go to his house yourself?”

“Yes, even if its Park Chun-woo. I doubt he will go against his former superior, who is the commander of the hunter organization.”

“Hmmm …….”

President began worrying.
He wasn’t worried about whether Choi Cheol-Sik would be able to convince Park Chun-woo, but he was concerned about Park Chun-woo’s strength, for he did not know if Park Chun-woo was weaker or stronger than Choi Cheol-Suk.

His response, however, was very fast.

Choi Cheol-Sik became an S-class hunter 15 years ago. He became an S-class 8 years earlier than Park Chun-woo. On paper, Choi Cheol-Sik was definitely stronger than Park Chun-woo.

In the end, President nodded his head, giving his approval.

“Take care”
“Thank you for your approval. If I knew this was going to happen I would have went there a lot earlier. This time I will definitely return with Park Chun-woo.”

Choi Cheol-Sik was very confident.

However, others thought differently. Nobody actually believed that Choi Cheol-Sik would be able to convince or force Park Chun-woo to return.

‘Just don’t get beat up.’

And with the meeting ended.
After the meeting, Hanseong Su called up Choi Cheol-Sik and had a discussion with him.
While smoking his cigarette, Hanseong Su had an extremely serious expression.

“Why did you call me up, Seonbae-nim.”
*(TL: Seonbae-nim is what you call your senior)
“Don’t try to go and convince Chun-woo.”
“What are you saying? If we can’t convince Park Chun-woo into returning back to the hunter organization we have to concede a huge amount of land to China. So, why are you trying to stop me from convincing Park Chun-woo?”
“Even if you go you probably won’t be able to convince him. It isn’t that he is unreasonably stubborn it is just that he doesn’t listen. And, if it goes wrong, you and Chun-woo will probably get into a fight.”
“Ha…… .”
Choi Cheol-Sik was dumbfounded

“Seonbae-nim, do you think I will lose if I go against Park Chun-woo?”

“I experienced myself when Chun-woo awoke as an  S-class….. That guy is unreasonably strong.
Even if it is you, you will probably have a difficult time going up against him.”

“I have been active this entire time and that bastard has been fooling around all this time. There will be a huge difference both in experience and battle instinct, so I do not believe that I will lose to him. Seonbae-nim, you always have been the type to worry too much. Sometimes, one needs to be persuaded through a show of power. Now is such a time.”

Choi Cheol-Sik left in his car right after finish speaking.

Hanseong Su continued smoking his cigarette with a hardened expression. Even though he expected this outcome, he was irritated that he did not take his advice thoughtfully.

“This bastard and that bastard they both, anyway, don’t fucking listen. You can’t beat Chun-woo no matter what you do, Cheol-sik. Nobody can beat him. Even if a sage threw a meteor at him, he wouldn’t be able to touch a single hair on Chun-woo.”

7 Years ago.

Hanseong Su clearly saw Park Chun-woo’s second awakening.

It was a just little while but he could clearly feel it.

Park Chun-woo’s strength exceeded any S hunter’s ability. His strength felt like it would be more than enough to overwhelm the world’s strongest hunter, Sage Cloud.

That was why it was so baffling.

Why would he quit being a hunter when he possessed such an overpowering strength and live as an unemployed person?

“With that power, he probably could have saved countless numbers of people from the monster wave.”

“Anyway, Hanseong Su wished Park Chun-woo’s return more than anything. That was why he visited him every month, hoping that he would change his mind.”

For 7 years!

*(TL: Nice guy Hanseong Su?)

That wasn’t any who knew Park Chun-woo better than Hanseong Su.

That was why he was so sure of the outcome.

‘If Cheol-Sik and Chun-woo met each other, they would definitely fight. 100% No questions asked.’

Choi Cheol-Sik and Park Chun-woo’s personality were very conflicting. It could not be any more opposite.

It would be weird if courteous Choi Cheol-Sik and brazen bastard Park Chun-woo did not get into a conflict.

Pride of Korea, Korea’s strongest hunter Choi Cheol-Sik would not take any insult or humiliation lightly. It would unimaginable for him to take a beating.

This has to be stopped no matter what.
Hanseong Su immediately called. He continued to worry about Choi Cheol-Sik getting beat up by Park Chun-woo as he waited for the line to connect.

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