Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 3: Come Over and You Will Die (3)

While lying on his hammock, Park Chun-woo answered the call from Hanseong Su.

  • Cheol-Sik will be visiting you today. Just ignore him and send him back. Don’t fight him.

Park Chun-woo frowned, confused by the fragmented story.

“Leader. Who is Cheol-Sik?”

  • …… Are you asking cause you really don’t know him?

“ Of course I’m asking cause I don’t know who he is. Who the hell is Cheol-su or Cheol-sik? And, why are you asking me not to fight him?”

  • Ha ah.

No matter how detached yourself from the society… To think that you do not know Korea’s most influential and powerful hunter, Cheol-Sik.

Cheol-Sik was already considered as the strongest hunter in Korea even when Park Chun-woo was still an active hunter.

Unconsciously, Hanseong Su could not help but sigh…

  • He is the Korea’s other S class hunter alongside you. He was already awakened as an S-Class hunter even when you were active.

“AhAhAh. That squinty eyed, troublesome bastard who kept telling me that I should return to being a hunter? Why is that bastard coming to my house?”

  • He wants to convince you to return to work.

“…….. That’s a joke right?”

  • I wish it was a joke. I’m asking you for a favor so, try not to fight him and talk it out.

“Ehey. I don’t have the strength to win against Korea’s almighty S Class hunter. I’m only a retired hunter. I obviously have to talk it out nicely.”

  • I honestly worry that you and Cheol-Sik are going to fight. If you do, you are going to cause an uproar so please try not to fight him.

“If you are worried about us so much, why don’t you just come here and stop us yourself?”

  • There will be a monster wave beginning today in Daegu. I have to be there so I can’t even if I wanted to.

Park Chun-woo tightened his fist.

At this very moment, Park Chun-woo felt very fortunate that Hanseong Su would not be able to visit him as well.

“I will definitely send him back after a nice talk so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Don’t mind us and try to have a safe trip to Daegu.”

  • Don’t worry? If you were in my situation, you think you will be able to stay calm? How many people do you think you sent to the hospitals? If you send Cheol-Sik to the hospital as well you are seriously going to cause a huge uproar so please try to be as amicable as possible. You got that?”

“Yes. Yes. I got it so stop lecturing me. Uh? Why is my phone acting so strange? I can’t hear very well. Are you there? Leader?”


Right after he spoke, Park Chun-woo’s phone in his hand turned to nothing but dust.

Park Chun-woo once again lied in his hammock

S Class
He wasn’t even worried, not in the slightest bit, when he learned that Korea’s stronger hunter was going to visit him later today.

“That bastard is annoying to go up against. Eh, whatever, If I can’t talk it out I can just make his body understand. It’s okay as long as he doesn’t end up in a hospital right?”

The sun has set.


Park Chun-woo flicked his finger.

The lamps installed in his garden suddenly lighted up. While smiling, he picked up yet another bottle.

“Even the view is so nice ~~”

His eyes grew weary and his face reddened.

His body caustically smelled like alcohol. There were 20 empty bottles stacked under his hammock. It was to the point that it was surprising that his tongue did not give out.

*(TL: If you drink too much you tongue feel like it is stuck like you been injected with pain-killer or something)

“Is this the reason why?”

Park Chun-woo solely focused on finishing his drinks and did not even give a glance at arriving visitor.

“Ha…… .”

Choi, Cheol-Sik, who arrived at Park Chun-woo, could not believe this situation… as his face continued to redden

If Park Chun-woo was an S Class, he should have noticed Choi, Cheol-Sik’s presence.
However, Park Chun-woo continue to devour his drink restlessly as if he was trying to ignore his presence intentionally.

Choi, Cheol-Sik wanted to immediately punch Park Chun-woo’s face.

But he did his best to endure it.

Because he promised the president that he would convince Park Chun-woo to return to the hunter’s organization.

I can’t cause an uproar. I have to persuade him as friendly as I can….. .

“Old man, you came? Why did you come so late?”

He spoke like he knew that Choi, Cheol-Sik was going to visit him.

“……… Old man? Me?”

“Is there any other old man in this house?”

“You bastard,  you are not even going to say hi to your Seonbae? After shoving too much alcohol down your throat, you finally became a trash!”

“Seonbae? Old man who do you think you are, calling yourself my Seonbae.”


Choi, Cheol-Sik was dumbfounded.

Even if he was retired for seven years and became an alcoholic addict, how could he not recognize Korea’s strongest hunter….. me.

Choi, Cheol-Sik became more and more frustrated and annoyed as he kept listening to Park Chun-woo.

“Do you not know who I am?”


“I’m Choi Cheol-sik. Korea’s strongest hunter, S Class Choi, Cheol-Sik!”

“AhAh. That annoying, troublesome bastard? So, What you want me do? Euchya.”

*(TL: “Euchya” is sound of getting up)

Park Chun-woo finally got down from his hammock.

While holding his bottle, he lightly swinged his hand. He drew a line between him and Choi Cheol-sik.

“I don’t care if you are my Seonbae or S Class. Who told you that you could just come to my house without permission? Walk out while I talk nicely.”

“What are you going to do if I don’t?”

“Of course you are going to be punished by me. Our Choel-Sik, If you cross this line you are going to be punished by big brother Chun-woo~.”

After being insulted by his underclassman. Choi, Cheol-Sik could not stay composed any longer.


Choi, Cheol-Sik lost his mind.

“This fucking bastard!”

Choi, Cheol-Sik dashed toward Park Chun-woo.

He did not take out his weapon.

Even if it was all our brawl, he had an extreme confidence to win against a retired S-class hunter.

It was fine as long as it wasn’t the world’s strongest S Class hunter, Sage Cloud. Rest of the S class were all about the same level. When secretly sparring against the S class hunters, Choi Cheol-sik won against all of them.

First, he was going make Park Chun-woo bit more mannered and timid by beating him up a little bit.
He was going to give him a lesson on how to behave around his elders.


“…… Uh?”

His body did not listen to him.

Right as he swung for a punch, the sky turned round and round.
When he opened his eyes, he was lying on the ground.

“What is ….. What?”

I definitely felt my fist striking Park Chun-woo’s face. But, the one that was on the ground was not Park Chun-woo but himself.

What happened?

It did not make sense at all. As if nothing happened, Park Chun-woo started to drink once more.

“Are you going to keep lying down? You think this is your bedroom?”

“Keuk! This fucking rascal!”

Choi Cheol-sik finally took out his weapon.

Using his mana, he allocated his steel wire, made from grinding a monster’s core and invisible to the naked eyes, around the perimeter.

‘Let’s lock him up first.”

If it was a monster, he would just cut all of their body with the steel wire, but he only wanted to make his underclassman return to the hunter’s organization.

It was fine as long as Park Chun-woo learned his lesson.

After locking up his body, Choi Cheol-sik planned to teach Park Chun-woo some lesson.


Something unexpected occurred once again.

Choi Cheol-sik thought that he used enough power to restrain an S-class hunter, but Park Chun-woo easily cut down the steel wire as if it was nothing.

‘What? Did I make a mistake in my calculation…… ?’

Choi Cheol-sik clenched his teeth tightly. He employed about twice the power he used last time.
He believed that even if he were to injure Park Chun-woo, it was best for him to restrain Park Chun-woo first.


It was the same as last time.
The steel wires were easily severed.
Purgatory, once you get caught, it was impossible to escape.
Choi Cheol-sik’s steel wires, which were known as the Purgatory, were easily severed by Park Chun-woo, not even damaging him in the slightest.

“What, you were all confident and this is all you got? Even though it doesn’t even tickle me?”

“Wha, What is this….. .”

“I already told you. Today you are going to die by my hands.”

“How is this possible! How do you not have a single wound on your body? Even Sage Cloud would receive injuries against my attacks! Who the fuck are you!”

“Me? Adamantine.”

*(TL: Adamant is known as a legendary rock that is harder than diamond, relating it to immortality, god, and other supreme existence. In most games, Adamant is the strongest metal/title you can achieve)

Park Chun-woo lightly stretched his body.
Park Chun-woo walked toward him and placed his hands on Choi Cheol-sik, who started to walk back, flustered.
Due to his swift movement, Choi Cheol-sik could not even react in time.


*(TL: Sound of a bone breaking)


Choi Cheol-sik cried out his pain. With his bloodshot eyes, he began to roll around the floor,

“You know what Bungeunchakkol is?”

“You fucking crazy bastard! How am I fucking supposed to what that is!”

“I’m doing it to you right now.”

“Ah-A … if you continue to do this I’m going to die!”

“Yeah. Of course but only if you do it long enough. Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. I’m just going to give you a moral lesson.”

“Euaak! Aak!”

*(TL: I didn’t know what “Bungeunchakkol” was, but I looked it up and apparently it is a type of torture that requires one to dislocates one’s bones and tying a rope tightly together so that it would continuously break and dislocate the bones)

For a while, the perimeter was filled with Choi Cheol-sik’s agonizing cry for help.

<Sleepless> (TL)

<saihikawa> (PR)

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