Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 4: I will think about it (1)


Park Chun-woo decided to break and subdue Choi Cheol-Sik using the most sure-fire persecution, thus making him obedient.

It wasn’t easy to break Choi Cheol-Sik. Even facing Bungeunchakkol, one of the strongest S-class Choi Cheol-Sik continued to swear, cursing endlessly at Park Chun-woo.

“Ah ah ahk! You… fucking bitch! Do you think I will stay obediently just like this? When this shit is over I’m going to kill you! I’m going to kill you! Ah Ah Ahk!”

Park Chun-woo indifferently walked toward his hammock, ignoring Choi Cheol-Sik’s threats.
He even picked his ear with his pinky while lying on his hammock as if nothing was happening.

“Where is the dog barking from?”

Undisturbed, Park Chun-woo delightedly drank his usual liquid straight from the bottle despite of all the screaming and cursing hammering toward him.

After about five minutes, Park Chun-woo spoke once again, thinking that it was enough for Choi Cheol-Sik to be bit more obedient.

“Ah, I almost forgot. If you bear Bungeunchakkol long enough, you will permanently be disabled. You’re an S-class hunter, so I think you can handle up to about… 30 minutes? For the other guys, it took them about 15 minutes before they got crippled or became retarded. Endure it. Fight on!”

“…….. This crazy bastard. Untie this right now! I really feel like I’m going to die!”

“It’s okay. Even if you suffer Bungeunchakkol for 100 days, you won’t die. If you want me to untie you, you can ask nicely.”

“Fuck….This… Ah Ah Ahk!”

Choi Cheol-Sik’s body spasmed due to extreme pain.

Although the extreme pain from Bungeunchakkol was a problem, Choi Cheol-Sik did not understand why he could not feel any strength in his body.

S Classes were like existence similar to demigods or superhumans.

Even if their body is experiencing unfathomable pain, their body should still have the strength to move. Physically, S-classes are existences that surpassed the realm of human beings.

Then, what was happening?

I understand the extreme pain, but why can I not move?

Choi Cheol-Sik remembered what Park Chun-woo told him just a while ago.

If you undergo Bungeunchakkol long enough, you will have to live as a disable forever.
You’re an S-class so I guess you can last about 30 minutes?


After awakening as a hunter, Choi Cheol-Sik never had to worried about his physical well-being. Being an S-class meant that any injury as long as one was not dead would heal eventually due to their high natural regenerative ability.

But this time it was different.

Because the pain kept accumulating, he was slowly losing his sensation and control over the lower body.

20 minutes have already passed.

Choi Cheol-Sik who was convulsing due to the pain deflated his pride and slowly open his mouth.

“You. It was my fault.”

“You? Your fault? Why is your apology so short?”


*(TL: Sound of the bone breaking/dislocating)

Choi Cheol-Sik clenched his teeth.

Being toyed and ridiculed by an underclassman who was about 10 years younger than he was, he felt like an absolute shit, but he thought it would best to avoid being a disable first.

“I’m really sorry. I’m really sorry so please untie me. I do not want to become a disable.”

“Hmmm. Good. Although I do not feel your sincerity, I will forgive you since you apologized.

*(TL: Euchya is the sound Koreans usually make when they get up to do something)

Park Chun-woo came down from his hammock. He untied the ropes that was binding Choi Cheol-Sik. Right after being free from the Bungeunchakkol, Choi Cheol-Sik swung his fist toward Park Chun-woo.


“Eheey. I wonder why you are trying to hit me when I just saved you from becoming disable. Don’t waste your strength trying. You know how strong I am after fight me right? Okay?”

“Shut up! You won underhandedly! Fight me like a man! If we fight head on they is no way I will lose to you!”

“You would win? Really? I don’t see that happening.”

“There is no way I would lose to an underclassman greenhorn like you!”


Park Chun-woo could not help but chuckle little bit.

After easily avoiding Choi Cheol-Sik’s punches for while, he lightly swayed his fist once.


Park Chun-woo’s first was stuck in Choi Cheol-Sik’s abdomen

“Kuk! Kuhuhuk…. .”

“Nope, I don’t think you can win.”

Choi Cheol-Sik’s body was collapsing.
Lightly swung punch’s destructive power was immense.
He felt bitter pains in the stomach that he had never felt before in his entire hunter career.
He like felt as if his intestines all turned into dust. He won’t be able to recover from this naturally even if he had an amazing regenerative ability of an S-class hunter.

“Wha-What strength… it’s incomprehensible….. .”

Finally, Choi Cheol-Sik realized.
He knew from his instinct and experience that Park Chun-woo was not an opponent that he could handle.

“Ex-Excuse me ….”

“Shhh. You need some beating first. I have to teach you some manners before I can talk with you.”

Self-proclaimed ranked 2 hunter, who believed that he could beat anyone but Sage Cloud…. Korea’s representative hunter Choi Cheol-Sik.
He was getting beaten into a pulp by Park Chun-woo who retired 7 years ago.


*(TL: Crying)

“Ehhey Ssi. Don’t eat your snot. It’s disgusting.

*(TL: “Ehhey Ssi” is something you say in Korean when you’re annoyed. Also Choi Cheol-Sik has a runny nose he is not picking his nose or anything)

“Heueueup. Yes, Yes. I understand.”

*(TL: “Heueueup” is the sound someone makes when you are trying to take in your snot back to your nose)

Choi Cheol-Sik became very obedient and quiet.
After being beaten to a pulp by Park Chun-woo he lost all his ego and pride.
Who thought an S-class would be pushed to the point where he had to cry and beg for his life?
Even though his pride was shattered and he felt like shit, he learned one thing from all this.
You can’t mess with Park Chun-woo.
While lying on his hammock and drinking his bottle, Park Chun-Woo asked Choi Cheol-Sik.

“So why did you come to my house?”

“Ah that’s… There was a secret meeting at the Blue House.”

“Secret meeting?”

“Yes. Recently China has awoken their 4th S-class hunter, insisting at the same time that North Korea’s land was originally theirs to keep.”

Park Chun-woo’s face became distorted with dissatisfaction.

“I don’t why those bastards live like this. They should just die if they are going to keep spouting some fucking bullshits. So what does that have to do with me?”

“This is all because we don’t have enough S-class hunters to fight against China. I asserted at the meeting that we would be fine as long as I can succeed in convincing you to return to the hunter’s organization.”

“So basically, You need me to return so that you can hold your ground against China?”

“Yes. That’s right.”

“Hmmm. At least I see where your problem comes from.”

Park Chun-woo motioned his hands, telling Choi Cheol-Sik to leave his house.

“For now go home. I don’t tell anyone about what happened today. If you spout some random shit…. You know what is going to happen to you right? Next time, I’m not going to stop.”


*(TL: Sound you make when you swallow your saliva)

Choi Cheol-Sik swallowed his dry saliva.

Just a while ago he got beaten up senselessly by Park Chun-woo.
But because of that, he was able to understand or grasp a bit of Park Chun-woo’s strength.
If someone were to piss off Park Chun-woo, they were dead no matter what. He was not someone a human could handle.

Sage Cloud?

Nope. Even if every S-class threw themselves at Park Chun-woo, they would not be able to win.
Park Chun-Woo’s strength was that monstrous.

Choi Cheol-Sik nodded his head. And, at the same time asked a question.

“What is your answer to returning back….. .”
“I’m not going to return yet.”
“The government really hopes that you would return. I also think that it would be best for the country and citizens if you were to return…. .”
“Why do I have to do that?”

Park Chun-woo interrupted Choi Cheol-Sik before he could finish.

“It is useless even if you ask me for 100 days. I’m not planning to return yet so don’t make me irritated and just go home. We have nothing else to talk about.”

Park Chun-woo once again lied on his hammock and closed his eyes. It looked like he did not plan to talk any longer.

Choi Cheol-Sik lowered his head.

Park Chun-woo did not seem to have any plan on returning.
Although he really needed to convince Park Chun-woo, he had no choice but to leave like that.

He did not want to be beaten up by Park Chun-woo again because he annoyed him or something.

“Yes. I will go back.”

“Uh. Even if you come again it will be the same, so don’t make a fool of yourself.”

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