Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 5: I will think about it (2)

In the end, Choi Cheol-Sik left fruitlessly. His pace of walking was really quick.

Well, it was understandable.

From his standpoint, he was just beaten until he was half-way on death’s doorstep and healed up in one go by a monster’s magic.

After Park Chun-woo confirmed that Choi Cheol-Sik had left the peripheral far enough, Park Chun-woo closed his eyes and mutterred.

“Well, he was originally a rational guy, so he probably wouldn’t say much. Anyway, the government is already restless about me not returning……. I didn’t think the situation would become so annoying. I should still have around 6 more months to prepare.”

Park Chun-woo checked the date.

He had exactly 185 days, about 6 months and few days, to spare.

Not yet.

I cannot return yet. I need some more time to prepare.

“I was going to return when time was right but why is everyone so agitated. But, it would definitely be a problem if our lands were to be taken away…. Maybe I should just say I returned without exactly doing anything. Then, China will probably have to back off.”

I already experienced China’s greed for Korean land in my 4th reincarnation.
This was the case even when Park Chun-woo became undeniably became the strongest hunter who could not be messed with. China, however, tried to contend against Korea every chance they had in order to acquire more land.

China was the same this time around.

If Park Chun-woo did not return and help Korea, Korea will have no other option but to watch their land be taken over by China.

That cannot happen. Park Chun-woo did not wish for that to happen.

“This is enough changes for now.”

Many changes occurred over the seven years Park Chun-woo quit being a hunter.

Straightforwardly, even the president of the Republic of Korea changed.

Even though Korea should have been a hunter superpower, Korea was now at a point where they were neither strong nor weak. They were even pushed by America and is now maintaining a difficult alliance with the US.

Well, this much change is fine.

But Park Chun-woo did not want any more changes. Any more and it would be too irritating to calculate.

“AH, whatever. I despise complicated things. Even if I keep saying not to come back, they will keep bothering me anyway. I guess I can tell them I will return in names only. Then China won’t be able to keep dictating us around.”

Park Chun-woo closed his eyes once again.
He decided to sleep on his hammock.

Choi Cheol-Sik directly visited the President himself.
He clearly reported that Park Chun-woo had no intention of returning to the President.

“Is that Park Chun-woo’s final will?”
“Yes. I tried to convince him, but it was no use. He was quite stubborn and strong-willed so I could not do anything but leave reluctantly.”

Choi Cheol-Sik only told what was necessary.

He did not say anything unnecessary, especially about getting beaten up by Park Chun-woo. He was scared shitlessly how he might be beaten up by Park Chun-woo again if he accidentally said too much.

“Ah I see. Thank you for your trouble.”

Momentarily, President pondered.

He looked like he was contemplating about Park Chun-woo, and how they will handle China’s pressure.

“Go with me.”

Choi Cheol-Sik was truly startled by what he heard.

For a second he doubted his own ears.

Go together? To who?

‘Ehey. It probably…… is not him.’

Completely different what Choi Cheol-Sik thought would happen, President got up from his seat and put on his overcoat.

“I will personally try to convince hunter Park Chun-woo.”
“Pre-President. Maybe we should try to find another way out of this instead….. .”
“We cannot. This is the only option we have left. If we cannot convince hunter Park Chun-woo, we will have no other way but to give up our northern territories. We have to defend our land no matter what. Let’s go together. I beg you.”

The President politely bowed his head.

“Keuuk….. I understand. Let us go by my car.”
“Thank you very much, representative Choi Cheol-Sik.”

*(TL: Choi Cheol-Sik is one of the representatives in Korea’s government/body making as mentioned in chapter 2 or 3)

‘Ah. Why again! I don’t want to fucking meet that son of a bitch Park Chun-woo! Let’s just find another way!’

Park Chun-woo.

Someone who possessed bottomless, overwhelming power, and someone that beat me up relentlessly.

When thinking about visiting him again, Choi Cheol-Sik wondered many times if he should just run away, leaving the President by himself.

With the President inside, Choi Cheol-Sik’s car arrived near Park Chun-woo’s residence.

Park Chun-woo, who was lying in his underground bathtub, went up to the first floor with a distorted face.

‘Choi Cheol-Sik, why the fuck is he coming back so soon? Who is the person next to him?
Ai ssi. If you were going to come you should have come tomorrow or something. I wanted to rest too.’

“Why the fuck did you come again?”
“Ah. That’s because…”
“What do you want!”
“The President wanted to meet you personally so we came to visit you together.”
“The President?”

Park Chun-woo glanced at the passenger seat, trying to get a glimpse of the President. He saw a middle-aged man in the late 30’s or so in the passenger seat.

“That man is the President?”
“Yes, you are right.”

Park Chun-woo’s face stiffened.

It looked like he was about to beat them up, but he just turned without saying much.

“…….. Bring him in after 10 minutes or so. Let’s talk while drinking some tea.”


*(TL: Kauung! = Bang, basically the sound you make you close the door or something like that)

After closing his front door and entering his house, he opened the fridge and drank some of the liquid in the bottle.

It woke him up.

With a stiff face, he boiled some hot water.

“That guy was the President? I knew something was wrong, no wonder the third S-class didn’t awaken yet.The situation got so awkwardly tangled. Huwu. It’s okay. I can fix this.”

*(TL: “Huwu” is the sound you make when you sigh)

There was no TV or a computer at Park Chun-woo’s house. Although he has a cell phone, he uses it for communication purposes only.

Even though the house itself was nice, it was located far away from civilization.

Although he knew that the President had changed from his 4th reincarnation, he did not expect this. When he heard the President’s name he thought it was a coincidence. Because his name was very common, Park Chun-woo believed that they just shared the same name or something.

But, it wasn’t the case

Choi Cheol-Sik was a familiar face to Park Chun-woo.

How could he not recognize his face?

Kim Cheol-Soo.

He was supposed to be awoken as the 3rd Korean S-class if it followed the previous reincarnation. He was supposed to become a comrade who would fight alongside Park Chun-woo later in time.

Each awakening changed in some ways.

He became quite famous as an A-Class hunter in his first reincarnation.

When he learned how to become an S-Class hunter from an A-Class hunter in his second reincarnation, he became the first person to awaken twice and become an S-Class hunter.

*(TL: Reincarnation/awakening is different. Awakening is like unlocking one’s potential as a hunter since everyone does not have the potential to become a hunter. Well you guys already know what reincarnation is xD….. hopefully)

In his third reincarnation, he learned all the skills that a hunter could learn and became the strongest hunter. Even Sage Cloud could not beat Park Chun-woo.

In his fourth reincarnation, he saw the limit of an S-Class hunter.

Max level achieved, 215 skills mastered, legend grade equipment. He believed that he could not possibly get any stronger.

Park Chun-woo became stronger with each reincarnation.

Because of that Park Chun-woo’s surrounding became different as well. Hunters that were closely associated with Park Chun-woo lead a better life every time.

However, that were the only changes.

Although the lives of Park Chun-woo and his associates had changed, nothing drastic changed overall in his previous reincarnations.

But it was different for his fifth reincarnation.

Kim Cheol-Soo did not awaken as an S-class hunter. Instead, he became the President.

After reincarnating for the fifth time, Park Chun-woo finally faced a drastic problem.

‘Is it because I stopped being a hunter? Old man Kim Cheol-Soo, who was supposed to fight alongside me, became a president instead of becoming a hunter… Was this his original path? Huwu. This is a problem. If it is so the numbers doesn’t add up correctly. It’s not like I can replace him with Sage Cloud or someone else.’

<Sleepless> (TL)

<saihikawa> (PR)

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