Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 6: I will think about it (3)

Originally, the Republic of Korea had 5 S-class hunters at their disposal.
Year 2061… in one year, Korea will obtain 5 S-class hunters.

Of course, including Park Chun-woo, Choi Cheol-Sik, and Kim Cheol-Soo.

Park Chun-woo believed that Kim Cheol-Soo would eventually awaken as an S-Class hunter. He thought that even if he did not meet Kim Cheol-Soo early on it would not change the already-fixed future.

It was a horrid misjudgment.

If Kim Cheol-Soo did not awake as an S-Class hunter, it would alter the big picture.

One less S-class.

No, Park Chun-woo could not allow that to happen.

Park Chun-woo needed 5 S-class hunters, with himself included. Park Chun-woo could not just fill up the numbers. It had to be someone who he could trust and rely on.

Although he had planned everything out, something unexpected had changed. Because of that, everything got complicated. Park Chun-woo. He had a headache.

‘What do I do now? If I knew this would happen, maybe I shouldn’t have quit being a hunter. Even if he missed his time to awaken, is it still possible for him to unlock his potential?’

Park Chun-woo shook his head. (*PR Note:anti-theft)

Park Chun-woo’s decision to stop being a hunter was the best decision he could possibly muster at that point of time. His decisions after being reincarnated for the fifth time were not wrong.

The only problem was that Kim Cheol-Soo did not awaken as an S-Class hunter.

The rest were proceeding according to what he had imagined.

Although a big part of the plan had changed, it did not change the overall plan. It was not necessary to blame himself.

This was the last chance. There is no next reincarnation.

It was too late to change anything because of one mishap in the plan.

‘No. We just have to secure 5 S-class hunters by next year. I just have to make old man Kim Cheol-Soo into an S-Class hunter. It won’t be that hard. But if it still does not work…… .’

Park Chun-woo hastily tried to think of a resolution.

Meanwhile, Choi Cheol-Sik and Kim Cheol-Soo entered the house. Kim Cheol-Soo politely bowed to Park Chun-woo, showing his respect.

“I am the current President of Korea,  Kim Cheol-Soo. Because I have something extremely urgent to discuss with you, I came to visit you as soon as possible. I’m sorry if I came at a wrong time or bothered you.”

“Ah, it’s my pleasure. It is nice to see you after a long time.”

“After a long time…… Have we met before?”

“I saw you on TV. Because I don’t have a TV at my house, I just felt like it has been a really long time since I saw the President.”

Park Chun-woo lied.

He did not know that Kim Cheol-Soo was the President until the last second. After retiring for 7 years, he did not come into contact with TV, computer, or any of the social media platforms.

He was just glad to see Kim Cheol-Soo for the first time after his fifth reincarnation.

“AhAh. I see.”

Kim Cheol-Soo took a sip of his tea.

Glancing slightly toward Park Chun-woo, Kim Cheol-Soo was wondering when it was appropriate for him to bring up the reason why he came to visit Park Chun-woo today. (*PR Note:anti-theft)

‘Fortunately it does not look like he is annoyed or irritated. No, it seems like he is in a slightly good mood’

Actually, Park Chun-woo was in a really good mood.

Although Kim Cheol-Soo does not remember anything from his previous reincarnation, it was obvious that Park Chun-woo was glad to meet him again, for he had remembered everything in his past lives.

“If you want to say something say it candidly. I don’t like it when someone goes round way about something or delaying what they are going to say.”

“Ah, Yes, I will. I will tell you everything straightforwardly. Hunter Park Chun-woo. Could you return for the sake of Korea?”

“I do not want to.”

Without any hesitation, he replied in one sec.

Park Chun-woo clearly refused. Although he could lend them his name, he did not have any thought of returning.

“I already told Choi Cheol-Sik Seonbae that I have no thought of returning yet.” (*PR Note:anti-theft)

“Yet… Then, you are saying that it is possible for you to return after some time?”

Kim Cheol-Soo was different from Choi Cheol-Sik.

He did not miss any minor detail from Park Chun-woo.

I have no thought of returning yet.

If I want to return I’m going to return if I don’t want to return I’m not going to return. Why does everyone think they can tell me when to return?

No matter how much I heard it, I couldn’t understand it.

Park Chun-woo shrugged his shoulder.

“No comment. If you do not have a clear reason to why I have to return to being a hunter, please go back. I do not want to have any unnecessary quarrel with the President.” (*PR Note:anti-theft)

“Then, I have another proposal.”


“Yes. Could you please pretend that you have returned to being a hunter? I will make sure that it won’t affect your life, Hunter Park Chun-woo. I will prepare everything. You will just have to do one interview to prove that you are back on the field once again.”

Park Chun-woo tilted his head.

“Is there a reason for me to do this?”

“China is demanding us to surrender part of our northern territory (North Korea).

We cannot afford to forego our northern territory no matter what. If Hunter Park Chun-woo announced his return, China cannot overlook our alliance with America.” (*PR Note:anti-theft)

*(TL: If you are confused, Korea at this point of time is combined 😀 No more 38th Parallel xD)

Park Chun-woo already knew that China wanted Korea to give up their northern territories from Choi Cheol-Sik.

Park Chun-woo understood why the government wanted to protect the land.

However, Kim Cheol-Soo’s impression seemed like there was a different objective other than protecting the northern territories. He could feel the desperation and anxiety from Kim Cheol-Soo’s expression alone. (*PR Note:anti-theft)

Surely, there is a different reason as to why he wanted to protect the northern territories.

Maybe it had to do as to why Kim Cheol-Soo became the President rather than a hunter.

“I will tell you honestly. Although I have no thought of returning, I can at least pretend if you really want me to.”

“Then…. .”

“Before I accept your request, I have one question. Why are you so desperate to defend the northern territories? You must have reason to why you want to defend that useless piece of land.”

Kim Cheol-Soo’s gaze moved toward Choi Cheol-Sik’s direction.

“Hunter Choi Cheol-Sik, leave the room for a while, please. We have something to talk about just between us.” (*PR Note:anti-theft)

“Hmmm. Yes, I understand.”

Choi Cheol-Sik immediately left the room.


At the same time, Park Chun-woo flicked his finger. Kim Cheol-Soo tilted his head, looking confused.

“Why did you flicked your finger?” (*PR Note:anti-theft)

“I used the magic, Silent Field.”

“Silent Field?”

“The ears of S-class hunters are extremely sensitive to the point that they can hear everything around the 10km peripheral. Even if an S-class were to go outside, their ears can pick up everything about our conversation. I felt like it would be an important discussion so, wouldn’t it be our top priority to keep it confidential?” (*PR Note:anti-theft)

“Thank you. Then, I will get to the point right away. The only ones who know about the secret I’m about to discuss are the China officials and myself alone.

“I will protect your secret.”

“The reason why I’m so fixed on the northern territory is ……… In the northern territory, there is an epic-class dungeon that is yet to be announced.”

You can divide dungeons into three types.

Normal-class dungeons that continuously appear in a fixed location. Unique-class dungeons and monster waves that appear randomly all around the world. Finally, epic-class dungeons only allow the first hunter that opened the dungeon to enter. (*PR Note:anti-theft)

Out of all three, the epic-class dungeon is a bit special.

Epic-class dungeons are difficult to clear even for a group of S-Class hunters. However, the reward is ridiculously jaw-dropping.

Legend-grade equipment can only be found in epic-class dungeons. That pretty much says it all.

However, the only problem is that an epic-class dungeon turns into a normal-class dungeon after the first clear.

Namely, if one wants to obtain the legend-grade equipment that is certain to drop in an epic-class dungeon, one has to make sure to enter first.

‘If there is an epic-class dungeon, that changes everything. We can’t give up an epic-class dungeon to those Chinese bastard singlehandedly.’

I thought it was some useless land but it encompasses an epic-class dungeon.

Park Chun-woo finally understood why Kim Cheol-Soo was so fixed on the northern territory.

After his fourth reincarnation, Park Chun-woo cleared all of the epic-class dungeons he could possibly find. He obtained an enormous amount of legend-grade equipment and rare items.

Nevertheless, Park Chun-woo felt his desire rise.

We cannot hand over the epic-class dungeon to China. It had to be Park Chun-woo, himself, that obtain the reward from clearing the epic-class dungeon.

“I understand the why the President want to protect the northern territory at any cost. I’m guessing China hasn’t figured out the location of the epic-class dungeon yet. If they knew they would not stay quiet like this.”

“Yes. The only one that knows that epic-class dungeon is located in Kilju County is myself alone. Even if they knew the location, they would not be able to enter the dungeon.”

Momentarily, Park Chun-woo’s expression hardened.

I understood what Kim Cheol-Soo meant.

“Someone has already opened the door.” (*PR Note:anti-theft)

*(TL: If you are confused about the entry requirement for epic-class dungeons, the first hunter to open the dungeon has the rights to the dungeon. He or she can pass the rights to someone else or allow their party to enter together)

<Sleepless> (TL)

<saihikawa> (PR)

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