Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 7: I will think about it (4)

He found out about the location of the epic-class dungeon. But there isn’t a way to get inside?

There is only one possible reason. Someone has already opened the dungeon and entered it.

Kim Cheol-Soo nodded his head.

He already disclosed the information about the epic-class dungeon. He was prepared to reveal all of the hidden truth behind the epic-class dungeon.

“My little brother opened the door 6 years ago. Then …. .”


Kim Cheol-Soo tightly bit his lips, and his eyes reddened.

He could not utter anything right away.

After taking a couple of breaths, he finally opened his mouth.

“My little brother is trapped inside the epic-class dungeon after going in there by himself. But he is not dead yet. My little brother is still alive.”

Went in an epic-class dungeon alone and could not leave even after 7 years?

It was sensible and normal to think that he was dead.

If he was alive, he would have already cleared the dungeon long time ago and left the dungeon. I mean who would stay in an epic-class dungeon crowded with dangerous monsters after clearing it once?

Nevertheless, Kim Cheol-Soo was doubtlessly confident.

Park Chun-woo believed that Kim Cheol-Soo had a reason to be so confident, for he was a reasonable guy. Park Chun-woo hurriedly thought of Kim Cheol-Soo’s little brother.

‘Yeah, he did have a little brother in the past.’

*(TL: Talking about his previous reincarnations)

Park Chun-woo remembered his life before he reincarnated.

Kim Cheol-Soo had a late-born younger brother. However, he became a hunter before Kim Cheol-Soo, awakening as an A-Class hunter. He joined the mercenary group and became a very active soldier. *(If you don’t see the name of TL and PR, this was stolen)

But one day, he went missing.

Kim Cheol-Soo started and managed the search party by himself. He searched all over Korea to find his brother.

Although they found corpses of other mercenaries in his group, Kim Cheol-Soo could not find his little brother’s corpse. Even after two months, the search still had the same result.

It eventually ended as “missing.” Park Chun-woo just remembers Kim Cheol-Soo teary face.

Kim Cheol-Soo did not learn or find anything about his little brother even before Park Chun-woo’s death.

But this time, it was different.

Kim Cheol-Soo’s brother was still alive in an epic-class dungeon, holding on to his dear life. There were a lot of changes compared to his previous life.

Park Chun-woo tried to pretend as calm as he could. It took a lot of concentration and focus to suppress his chaotic and troubled heart.

‘Just because I quit being a hunter a lot of stuff changed. Ah. Why did it have to become so complex and tangled?’

Kim Cheol-Soo did not become a hunter, and his missing brother who should have went “missing” was still alive. The only problem was that he could not leave the dungeon.

If these were the only changes, Thank God.

One change alone can cause countless changes and variations. Even the smallest change does not stop after one time. It only stops after causing multiple alterations.

Up to now, all the changes were like that. Regretfully, there wasn’t a single exception.

Will it just end with Kim Cheol-Soo not awakening as a hunter and his little brother still being alive?

No. It probably won’t.

My instinct told me that it wasn’t over yet. I felt like something big was going to happen.

“Excuse me for a sec.”

Park Chun-woo suddenly got up from his seat. He drank his usual bottle after opening the fridge.

*(TL: We will get to know what that “bottle” is in few chapters. One or two I believe?)

Gulp. Gulp.

After drinking the liquid in one go, he sat on his sofa once again. His eyes were loosened halfway.

“Huwu. If I don’t drink this I can’t think clearly. I will ask straightforwardly. How are you so sure that your little brother is not dead?”

“It is because of this.”

Kim Cheol-Soo showed him his wristband.

It had a simple design, but there was shiny red jewel engraved in the middle.

Park Chun-woo recognized the wristband immediately.

“It is a status wristband.”

Status wristband.

Two-piece set item for two people. Although it does not increase or help hunter’s stats in any way, it conveniently allows one to know other’s status.

If the jewel was shining red it meant he or she was alive, blue light meant he or she was in a dangerous situation, and black light meant death.

It was considered very romantic and was popular among couples and the married. Kim Cheol-Soo, however, also had the item.

He had one of two wristbands.

And, the wristband was shining with a red light.

“My younger brother has the other wristband.”

“He is definitely alive.”

“If he was dead I would not be so persistent, but as long as he is alive, I want to save him no matter what. So, I cannot afford to lose the northern territories even it kills me in the process. Because China will surely try to find their way inside the S-Class dungeon by any means possible.” *(If you don’t see the name of TL and PR, this was stolen)

“I need to think about it.”

“Then, I shall come again later.”

“It’s okay. I only need about 10 minutes.”

“Then, I shall wait for you in the car.”

Kim Cheol-Soo immediately left the room.

The promised 10 minutes had passed. After exactly 10 minutes, Park Chun-woo left the room and gestured Kim Cheol-Soo to come back with his hand.

Kim Cheol-Soo entered the room once again. Park Chun-woo just nodded his head.

“You can spread the word that I’m out of retirement.”


“But, you can only use my name. I will decide when to return…. when the time is right. Also, I don’t want other people to interfere or bother me anymore.”

“Yes. I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Aight. Then, let’s move on to the main point.”

“Main point?”

Kim Cheol-Soo tilted his head, looking confused.

Wasn’t deciding whether to use his name or not the main point? What does he mean by “Let’s move on to the main point?”

Few moments later. *(If you don’t see the name of TL and PR, this was stolen)

Kim Cheol-Soo’s eyes redden after hearing Park Chun-woo’s confident remarks.

“Epic-class dungeon? I can open it. Little brother? I can save him.”


“But, not for free.”

“I will do anything if I can save my brother.”

“That’s enough for now.”


Park Chun-woo flicked his finger. A stone emitting blight blue light appeared on his palm. Park Chun-Soo gave the stone to Kim Cheol-Soo.

“Take this. I will find you when the time is right.”

“Will it take long?” *(If you don’t see the name of TL and PR, this was stolen)

“It won’t be long enough that you won’t be able to wait.”

“Then, I will wait. Hunter Park Chun-woo, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you really do keep your promise of saving my little brother, I will do anything you ask of me.”

Kim Cheol-Soo politely bowed his head.

Park Chun-woo scratched his head

Because Kim Cheol-Soo was Park Chun-woo’s ally and mental support from his previous life, he felt weird seeing Kim Cheol-Soo bow his head.

Embarrassed, Park Chun-woo shook his hands, telling him to stop.

“Ah, everything is over now so, take Choi Cheol-Sik and go back, please. Don’t come back needlessly. If you come back again, I won’t care you’re the President and make it so that you can’t ever come back to my house.”

“Yes. I will keep that in mind.”

Kim Cheol-Soo once again bowed his head. In the end, Park Chun-woo shouted at Kim Cheol-Soo with a sour expression. *(If you don’t see the name of TL and PR, this was stolen)

“Ah, really! Stop bowing your head!”

Even with Park Chun-woo’s screaming, it did not stop Kim Cheol-Soo from bowing his head countless times before leaving.

To him, it did not matter if he had to bow hundreds of times, no thousands of times it did not matter. In his eyes, Park Chun-woo only looked like a savior who promised to save his brother.

*       *        *

Inside the car that was returning to the blue house, Kim Cheol-Soo’s face was full of smile. Kim Cheol-Sik carefully looked for an opportunity to speak

“It seems like the discussion went really well.”

“Yes. Park Chun-woo promised to get out of his retirement.”

“Is- Is that true?” *(If you don’t see the name of TL and PR, this was stolen)

“Yes. Although he only allowed me to use his name for now, Hunter Park Chun-woo promised to return when he felt that the time was right.”

Choi Cheol-Sik opened his mouth widely, dumbfounded.

The President accomplished something that countless hunters from the government and Requiem Mercenary Group Leader Hanseong Su, whom Park Chun-woo spent his life hunting together, could not do.

In only 30 minutes talking as well.

Though it was only the permission to use his name, his status as an active S-Class alone held immense power.

If we inform China of Park Chun-woo’s return as an S-class hunter, China cannot forcefully demand the northern territories anymore, since America and Korea’s number of S-Class hunter will increase from 3 to 4. *(If you don’t see the name of TL and PR, this was stolen)

Besides, Park Chun-woo also mentioned that he would return when the time was right.

It was not bluff to escape this horrible situation, but the truth. Park Chun-woo was going to get out of his retirement. Korea’s military power will go up a notch just from Park Chun-woo’s return.

“President, you helped us out there by accomplishing something so big.”

“It wasn’t me. Park Chun-woo hunter was very nice and gentle that it was easy to talk with him.”

“Gentle….. He was gentle?”

“Yes. Different from the rumors, he was quite courteous and polite. I think everyone just misunderstood Park Chun-woo hunter.” *(If you don’t see the name of TL and PR, this was stolen)

Kim Cheol-Sik face turned distorted. He almost turned the handles of the driving wheel into dust by using too much force on the handles.

‘Gentle? I will freeze to death. Then, why the fuck did you treat me like that? What is this discrimination?’

*(TL: “Gentle? I will froze to death” in Korean basically means “It’s not fucking funny”)

Choi Cheol-Sik was beaten up senselessly by Park Chun-woo. No, it was hard to call that a beating. Bungeunchakkol was a lot closer to a torture than a beating. *(If you don’t see the name of TL and PR, this was stolen)

Because of that Choi Cheol-Sik feared Park Chun-woo. He feared Park Chun-woo to the point that he showed his respect to a distant underclassman

*(TL: about 10 years younger)

However, he was called gentle?

He was mad as well as stupefied.

He ground his teeth as he remembered his experience of the Bungeunchakkol torture. He, however, seemed to completely forgot that he irritated Park Chun-woo first.

Well, whatever.

*(TL: I think the author is saying “Well whatever.”)

Smile did not leave Kim Cheol-Soo’s mouth. He could not control his expression because he was so happy from Park Chun-woo’s confident promise.

“Representative Choi Cheol-Sik.”

“Yes, President?”

“I want to announce Park Chun-woo’s return in tomorrow’s morning news. They told me to call them once everything is settled. Please, prepare everything for tomorrow.” *(If you don’t see the name of TL and PR, this was stolen)

“Yes. I understand.”

The next morning, three major new companies spread the news of Park Chun-woo’s return to the whole world.

<Sleepless> (TL)

<saihikawa> (PR)

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