Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 8: Just Try It Once (1)

Gulp. Gulp.

As usual, Park Chun-woo was drinking his bottle while lying on his hammock. To Park Chun-woo, resting on his hammock was the best possible relaxation.

After taking a rest for a while, Park Chun-woo heard the sounds of car approaching nearby.

“About 2 km away? Oh, it’s the leader.”

Park Chun-woo closed his eyes once again.

After approximately 10 minutes, sure enough, Hanseong Su approached Park Chun-woo.


“What. What do you need, leader? I’m pretty sure today is not the first day of the month?”

“I came here hurriedly because there was something important. Anyway, why didn’t you pick up my calls?”

“It broke.”

“What did you do to break a cell phone made from a monster core?”

“I think I used too much strength or something.”

Park Chun-woo didn’t lie technically.

He couldn’t use his cell phone because he used too much strength, turning the cell phone into nothing but dust.

He just left out the fact that it wasn’t a mistake, and that he intentionally turned a monster-core cell phone, which was much harder and durable than diamond, into dust.

Hanseong Su sighed.

“Huwu. My fucking life. Let’s go out and buy a new cell phone later. I saw the morning news. You finally returned.”

“Ah, that? I just let them use my name because China kept demanding the northern territories, the President personally came and caused a ruckus. Well, I had to at least help them get out of such peril situation.”

“Stop lying. With your personality, do you think I’m going to believe that you let him use your name just for that reason? You’re the type of person that doesn’t give a fuck if the country fell or collapsed. Tell me the truth. You already told him that you’re going to return, right? You probably told him to use your name temporarily until you returned or something.”

Park Chun-woo’s tongue twitched little bit.

Park Chun-woo was with Hanseong Su ever since he awakened as a hunter. Well, it was different now after the mercenary group disbanded, but they were really good friends for a long period of time.

Is that why?

Hanseong Su always knew when Park Chun-woo was lying through his slight change in expression. It was very shocking for Park Chun-woo, who naturally and calmly controlled his emotions and expression when lying.

In reality, Park Chun-woo did not give two shits about China trying to take the northern territories. Korea was going to awaken 5 S-Class hunters eventually anyway and regain all of the lost territories.

The only reason why he accepted Kim Cheol-Soo’s request was for the sake of saving his little brother and the S-Class dungeon in the northern territories.

Hanseong Su accurately pointed out his underlying intent.

*(TL: Hanseong Su didn’t know about the S-Class dungeon. It just means that Hanseong Su knew that Park Chun-woo had a different reason for cooperating)

“You are right. I told him that I was going to return, although I did not tell him when I was going to return.”

Park Chun-woo honestly told him.

After all, he had to return a bit earlier than he anticipated. He did not want to lie to Hanseong Su who was going to know eventually anyway.

He didn’t tell him everything of course.

He was going to return about 6 months earlier than he anticipated. Because of the usual changes and his anxious mind after meeting Kim Cheol-Soo, he decided to return a bit early and analyze the situation.

If Park Chun-woo wanted to tell Hanseong Su about everything, he had to tell him about his previous reincarnations.

There was no way Hanseong Su was going to understand even if Park Chun-woo told him about it.

Maybe if it was Sage Cloud.

Hanseong Su’s joyful face quickly darkened.

“So, everything was okay with Choi Cheol-Sik, right?”

“We had a little bit of dispute but that was it. He left angrily after I told him I had no intention of returning multiple times.

“Cheol-Sik doesn’t have a good personality….. Just like you.”

“I do have a gentle side in me though.”

“Stop shitting me.”

“Nothing happened, really. Think about it. If we had a fight, one of us would be beaten to a pulp. Didn’t you see Representative Choi Cheol-Sik’s face in the morning news? He didn’t even have enough time heal naturally.”

When an S-Class hunter is injured, they have either wait and heal naturally or receive healing from an S-Class healer. There was no way Choi Cheol-Sik could have healed his injuries naturally in such a short amount of time.

But, could he have received an S-Class healer’s treatment?

No, there was no S-Class healer in the Republic of Korea, so chances of that happening was extremely low.

When looked at it logically, there was a high chance that Park Chun-woo and Choi Cheol-Sik did not fight one and another.

“Hmmm…. I’m still suspicious of you guys fighting but since I don’t have any evidence I will let it pass this time.”

“It was irritating, but I thought it would cause too much troublesome problems later on if I fought him. So, I just talked it out with him.”

“Oh. I guess you became quite well-behaved.”

Park Chun-woo sighed inside.

No matter how strong he became or how many times he reincarnated, he was still scared of being yelled at or lectured by Hanseong Su.

Park Chun-woo was anxious about the day when Hanseong Su finds out that he beat Choi Cheol-Sik, because that day is the day he has to sit through a storm of endless nagging and lecturing.

Fortunately, Hanseong Su stopped asking what happened between Choi Cheol-Sik and me.

“So when are coming back?”

“I don’t think it’s going take too long. I will probably return very soon.”

“You made the right decision. You should have decided to return long ago.”

Hanseong Su smiled happily.

Hanseong Su who knew about Park Chun-woo’s enormous strength from the moment he awakened as an S-Class hunter was sincerely happy.

Because, even if it was just Park Chun-woo, Korea’s strength would soar to an another level.

At the very least, Korea won’t be pressured by China to forego their land and wealth, and Korea will be able to restore their alliance with America.

“They said they were going to come and interview me, but when are they coming? I’m busy as fuck.”

“You, busy? Not like you have anything to do. You just drink alcohol every day while lying on the hammock.”

“Ehey. I think I’m a pretty busy person as well… anyway, I have to go somewhere later.”

“Go somewhere? Where?”

“It’s  a secret”

* * *

Hanseong Su took Park Chun-woo to the downtown area.

After buying him a new monster core cell phone, they spent their time grocery shopping.

While organizing their grocery, Hanseong Su’s storm of nagging continued.

“Vacuum your house at least once a week. Because your house is so big, if you don’t clean it for a long time it would get awfully dusty and filthy. Grind old food and ingredient into fertilizer for the plants. Stop putting so much alcohol in the fridge. Ah, wait. And, don’t break your cell phone again.”

“Certainly, isn’t it the words of oh-sir-mighty, of course I have to listen.”

“Don’t respond half-heartedly!”

“Yes.Yes. I will do it no matter what.”

Like a mom, Hanseong Su left after cleaning the house spotlessly and nagging for a really, really, really long time, saying that he would be visiting again later.

Exhausted, lifeless Park Chun-woo could finally lie on his hammock.

Around dusk, a broadcasting company, that was informed by Kim Cheol-Soo, visited Park Chun-woo’s house.

The producer and staff were scared to death.

Mad Dog.

It became Park Chun-woo’s nickname after retiring.

Everyone other than Hanseong Su did not return safely after visiting his house. Especially, to those that tried to persuade Park Chun-woo to return, Park Chun-woo ran toward them crazily and attacked them like a mad dog. Hence, earning him the nickname Mad Dog.


Unlike what the broadcasting group imagined, the interview proceeded unperturbed.

“I, Hunter Park Chun-woo, decided to return after 7 years of retirement. The exact direction of activity will be announced later. As an S-class hunter, I will do my best to eradicate monsters. This is fine right?”

“Ah, yes. Ah, yes. That’s fine. We can just edit the last sentence.”

“Okay. Thank you for your hard work.”

Park Chun-woo immediately sent the broadcasting group back.

While lying on his hammock, Park Chun-woo close his eyes and sense the sound around the residence. He waited for the broadcasting groups to be about 10 km away from the house until he got up.

“Let’s get going.”


Park Chun-woo flicked his finger. At the same time, he disappeared from the front yard.

A bit later…

Park Chun-woo was at the office of Kim Cheol-Soo.

On the Kim Cheol-Soo’s desk, there was a stone that Park Chun-woo gave.

“Hey, Mr. Prez. I came to visit you.”

Because Park Chun-woo appeared so suddenly, Kim Cheol-Soo was surprised to the point that he almost convulsed.

“Wha-What are you doing here! How did you get in here!”

“I already told you that I was going to come and visit you. You safely kept the stone. Well, even if you didn’t have it wasn’t like I was going to not visit you. If you were surprised, I’m sorry. If I had you so scared shitless, it hurt my conscience.”

“Ah, It’s okay. Anyway, you came so soon.”

“Naturally it’s better to do everything quickly once you decide to do it. Alright. Let’s start negotiating.”


Kim Cheol-Soo firmly shook his head.

“It is not necessary. I already told you before that as long as it is within my ability I will do anything.”

“Straightforward, Straightforward, I like it.”

“What do you want?”

“I want to make a mercenary group.”

“Mercenary group?”

“Yes. As the President, you just have to provide me with the hunters I want and make spots for us among the rest of the mercenary group.

*(TL: Provide doesn’t mean recruitment. He just want to have a meeting or at least see them in person)

Kim Cheol-Soo nodded his head.

It wasn’t like he wanted to forcefully recruit those hunters; He just wanted to make spots for them. It was definitely not a hard thing to do.

“Aight. I will set up the spots. How many mercenaries do you intend to have?”

“Final number is five people but three is fine for now. First, I need Representative Choi Cheol-Sik. Fundamentally, a representative cannot belong to a certain group so I know that Representative Choi Cheol-Sik does not belong to any mercenary group as of now.”

“Yes. You’re right. I’m not sure if Representative Choi Cheol-Sik will agree to your recruitment but….. I will prepare his spot.”

Choi Cheol-Sik was a ranged damage dealer.

With his special ability, he could turn pretty much anything into a sharp weapon. And, by using a special combination of blades and steel wire, he was truly a hunter who specialized in attacking.

*(TL: Special ability is like inherent ability that only you have. Also Steel wire sounds weak, but it is made from monster core and can cut flesh pretty easily)

If one were to only look at pure attacking prowess, He could be even considered the best among the S-Class hunters.

His self-proclamation that he could beat anyone other than Sage Cloud was not entirely false.

His ability was truly outstanding.

But his downside is that his personality is trash.

However, Park Chun-woo fixed that problem when he beat the crap out Choi Cheol-Sik. Park Chun-woo believed that it wouldn’t be too hard to control him because he instilled fear in Choi Cheol-Sik.

Actually, He created the mercenary group the same way he reincarnated the 3rd time and 4th time.

“Second person is Leader Hanseong Su.”

“That won’t be too hard. You guys were close friend and companion before, and Hanseong Su is free now after breaking up his mercenary group.”

Although Hanseong Su is an A-Class hunter, he has an ability of an S-class hunter, making his body extremely expensive and demanding.

He was a buffer.

His special skill drastically increases the duration of the Angel’s Song buff. Although he has a weak fighting capability, he is considered a top buffer among the hunter society.

After breaking up his mercenary group, he declined numerous, huge offers from big mercenary groups, but Park Chun-woo was confident in his ability to persuade Hanseong Su.

Like that, two names of hunter Park Chun-woo wanted in his mercenary group was announced.

There was only one hunter left.

“Who did you want as your final hunter?”

“Final hunter is ……”

Park Chun-woo spoke his name while smiling. At the same time, Kim Cheol-Soo lost his mind.

“Just now…. Did I hear wrongly?”

“You heard correctly.”

“Nope. I must have heard wrongly. I definitely heard wrongly. I have to be right.”

“I already told you, you heard it right.”

Park Chun-woo chuckled.

Park Chun-woo put his hand on Kim Cheol-Soo who was trying to deny reality and told him clearly.

“I want you as my third mercenary, old man President.”

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