Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 9: Just Try It Once (2)

Half of Kim Cheol-Soo’s soul left his body.

He was not a hunter. He majored in law, and worked as an attorney and a lawyer before becoming the President in his early 50s.

Although it was true that he had numerous hunter acquaintances, he himself was not a hunter.

Because of his A Class brother, who was like a baby, he had managed to gain many hunter friends.

*(TL: He compares his brother to a baby cause his younger brother is like 10~20 younger than him)

He also became acquainted with Choi Cheol-Sik through his brother.

The only reason he was elected as the President, despite his lack of political power, was due to countless hunter’s wholehearted support.

But that same person was being asked to become a part of a mercenary group?

Why would he want a normal old man who was starting to face hair loss problem? Wasn’t his only worth his position in the political world as the President of the Republic of Korea? How was Park Chun-woo going to use him?

He was stupefied by Park Chun-Woo’s unexpected request.

He thought at first he misheard Park Chun-Woo, but that was not the case. Repeating multiple times, Park Chun-Woo clarified that he want Kim Cheol-Soo as his third member.

With effort, Kim, Cheol-Woo was able to open his mouth in a composed fashion.

“Park Chun-Woo hunter. I’m sorry, but I’m not a hunter.”

“I know.”

“Even if you put me in your mercenary group, I won’t be able to do anything, so why do you insist on recruiting me to join your mercenary group?”

“I have a good reason to do so.”

“If you want political influence or have any political thoughts in mind, you don’t need me to trouble yourself to make me join your mercenary group.”

Park Chun-woo shook his hand.

“Ehey, I don’t have any interests in politics. It is necessary to have you in my mercenary group.”

“I’m having a hard time trying to understand.”

“You will understand soon enough. Just leave a spot open for now. I will explain once everyone is here. Ah, wait. I don’t care if it is a secretary or a driver but ask one normal person to come to the Blue House residence.”

Kim Cheol-Soo nodded his head.

Although he could not understand what Park Chun-woo was trying to accomplish by recruiting him to join his mercenary group, it was necessary for him to at least make the spot since he promised to listen to any of his request in their prior meeting.

“I will call immediately.”

* * *

Late at night

Choi Cheol-Sik and Hanseong Su, who received a call from the President, arrived near the residence.


“Seonbae-nim. What is going on? What did the President call us to come to the Blue House residence?”

“I don’t know either.”

“I fear that maybe China has pressured strongly to give up our northern territories.”

“Let’s go inside first. We will know once we go in there.”

Choi Cheol-Sik is responsible for running the Hunter’s Association as the representative, and Hanseong Su is an A-Class Buffer who is admired and trusted by several hunters in Korea.

Because these two people supported Kim Cheol-Soo, other hunters join in and supported Kim Cheol-Soo, making Kim Cheol-Soo the President of Korea. Even after the election, their words held tremendous influence on anything that was hunter related. In a sense, Choi Cheol-Sik and Hanseong Su were basically the advisers of the President.

They thought the President wanted some advice this time around, so they ran toward the residence.

“Hmm. Yes. Let’s talk inside the office/study before getting into a more important matter.”

Choi Cheol-Sik and Hanseong Su followed Kim Cheol-Soo to his office. At the same time, they saw Park Chun-woo using the books as a pillow and lying on the floor while enjoying some wine.

The secretary, who worked with Kim Cheol-Soo from the beginning of his political career, looked somewhat troubled.

“Wow. This wine is delicious, old man President. How much do these kinds of wine go for?

“It was a gift from Representative Choi Cheol-Sik. I heard that it goes for about 10,000,000 Won. Should I pack some for you before you leave?”

*(TL: 10,000,000 Won = $8,370.90)

“Keuu. Old man President, you know that I love you right?”

Choi Cheol-Sik and Hanseong Su’s expression distorted.

“Par-Park Chun-woo ……..”

“Chun-woo. Why are you here?”

Choi Cheol-Sik shivered unconsciously after remembering how he was beaten up and tortured by Park Chun-woo.

On the other hand, Hanseong Su could not comprehend why Park Chun-woo was drinking wine while lying in the President’s study.

Park Chun-woo chuckled and shrugged his shoulder.

“I came to receive something.”

“Receive something?”

“I will explain it.”

Kim Cheol-Soo interceded and explained the situation rather than letting the half-drunk Park Chun-woo explain it.

“Currently, although we told the press that Park Chun-woo would return, his return is nothing but temporary. He has not yet returned fully, and he has requested one condition attached to his return.”

“Does his condition or request has something to do with us?”

“Yes. Hunter Park Chun-woo’s request is to make a mercenary group. Representative Choi Cheol-Sik and Hunter Hanseong Su are part of the members Park Chun-woo requested to have in his group.”


“This… I think we have to think about this for awhile. It is not something we can decide right away because of a simple request,”

Kim Cheol-Soo nodded his head.

From the start, his only job was to make the spots for the mercenary group, and persuading was something Park Chun-woo had to accomplish by himself.

“My job was to make the spots for the both of you. Park Chun-woo said it himself that he would do the persuading. Ah, one more thing. I’m also part of the candidate Park Chun-woo want in his mercenary group.”

“What? Is that really true?”

“But Mr. President, you are not a hunter …. How are you going to…?”

“I’m curious as well, so I’m going to listen to Park Chun-woo hunter’s explanations.”

Kim Cheol-Soo looked at Park Chun-woo.


Park Chun-woo got up and took out two soju bottle filled with mysterious white liquids from his Subspace.

*(TL: Subspace is a space in a different dimension where you can put your belongings as well as other objects)

“First I will explain why I need old man President in the mercenary group. Secretary Nuna. Do you want to try this?”

“What is that?”

“It is good for your body. It is good for your skin, and it also helps maintain body figure. Just think of it as a health food and one shot. Okay? If you don’t feel comfortable I can drink it first.”


The secretary looked at Kim Cheol-Soo.

Kim Cheol-Soo nodded his head, and she drank the white liquid in the soju bottle that she got from Park Chun-woo in a single gulp.

“How is it?”

“The first taste was bit sticky and felt weird but tasty and sweet aftertaste? Does this really help one’s figure?”

“Of course. Other than that nothing special right?”

“Hmm? Yes. I don’t really feel anything.”

“That is the normal reaction. This potion only displays its effect when a hunter drinks it. Aight. Then, now it is the time for the old man President to try it.”


Kim Cheol-Soo drank all of the liquid in the soju bottle at once.

“How is it?”

“It is just right how Secretary Hwang described it. It is tasty and has bit of an alcoholic taste to it. Other than that nothing else is diff ….. .”

At that moment.

Kim Cheol-Soo’s eyes saw something strange.

  • God’s Potion is in effect. All stats will increase by 1.

“Uh? What is …… .”

“Is there something wrong?”

“I’m seeing something weird. God’s Potion is in effect. All stats will increase by 1? That is what it says….”

Choi Cheol-Sik and Hanseong Su tilted their head, looking confused. Kim Cheol-Soo saw something he shouldn’t be able to see.

“Isn’t that the notification window??”

“Notification window? Notification window is something that only hunters are able to see. It isn’t possible for the President to see it.”

“But, according to what President said, what he saw was a notification window.”

“That doesn’t make sense no matter how much I think about it. How is it possible for someone to see the notification window just because they drank some alcohol? Isn’t that right, Chun-woo?”

Choi Cheol-Sik and Hanseong Su were perplexed.

Hanseong Su just shrugged his shoulder as if he doesn’t understand anything, and asked Park Chun-woo what was going on just in case.

Actually, Park Chun-woo was smiling at that moment.


* * *

When Park Chun-woo reincarnated for the fourth time, he felt his limit.

He was a Max Lvl S-Class hunter who learned all the skills in existence.

The only one who reached Lvl 500 and learned 2,511 skills. He even reincarnated with all of his legendary-grade artifacts and equipment, which made Park Chun-woo the strongest hunter.

However, he still felt the limit of his growth and strength.

When he reincarnated for the third time, he lost to the third apostle while trying to clear the 10th mission. It was an overwhelming defeat.

He couldn’t even properly land a hit.

Although he reached the maximum level, he felt that his strength did not get any closer to the third apostle.

“Fucking God!”

He was filled with hopelessness.

The third apostle was too strong. He hasn’t even faced the second or first apostle, but he was obstructed by the third apostle. If it was like this, even if he reincarnated for the fifth times, the result would remain the same and won’t be able to clear the 12 missions.

However, he could not give up.

It is a matter of life and death. He has to try everything….  anything that might be helpful.

Park Chun-woo decided that he had to master his skill proficiency.

If one were to master or max out his skill proficiency, he or she would receive bonus stats and evolve his or her skill.

Since he already maxed out his level, his only option to get stronger was through grinding and maxing out his skill proficiencies.

He had a lot of time anyway.

Park Chun-woo spent most of his fourth reincarnation raising his skill proficiencies, and he believed that if he spent all of his time raising his skills during his fifth reincarnation, he would be able to master about 100 skills.

However, it was still questionable if he would able clear all 12 missions even if he tried his hardest.

He did not know if the stats gained through by mastering his skills were enough to disclose the distance in strength between him and the apostles. Their strengths were too distant when compared.

But he had to do it.

He had to try everything. He had to take even the smallest chance.

If there was an undiscovered epic dungeon, he hurried and conquered it, and he spent the other days mastering and honing his skills to mastery.

Then one day, a miracle smiled upon Park Chun-woo.

『Create Potion』.

Because skills used to create potions were extremely lacking and ineffective, there weren’t anyone who used the skill.

Even though Park Chun-woo knew that, he still persistently mastered the skill. He had to try something. This is was that something.

When Park Chun-woo mastered 『Create Potion』, he learned an epic-class potion recipe.

He could not contain his laughter and joy.

“HaHaHa! I found it! I finally found it!”

God’s Potion.

A potion that increases every stat by one when it is consumed.

Park Chun-woo was assured the very moment he received the recipe to God’s Potion. He knew that this very recipe was a clue to eliminating all 12 apostles and clearing all the missions.

He endlessly traveled around the world for two and half years.

*(TL: Means he didn’t stop and kept traveling in search of something)

He raked every ingredient that was required to make the God’s Potion, not missing a tiny speck of ingredients around the world. Part of it was through hunting, and some were from endlessly purchasing from other hunters.

At that moment Park Chun-woo was confident.

‘I will give up my fourth reincarnation. In my fifth reincarnation, I will risk everything on God’s Potion. It’s the only way to overcome the third apostle and beat the first and second apostle.

*(TL: When he says he is going to give up his 4th reincarnation, it means he is going to grind his skills and make large amount of God’s Potions in order to prepare for his 5th reincarnation)

Translator: Sleepless
Proofreader: Saihikawa

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