Omni Genius – Chapter 64: In A Gang Fight

Though Fang Dacheng had left, his words allowed Qin Fang to get more customers, making the formerly desolate restaurant slowly start to get crowded.   As Qin Fang’s skills were above the rest, in no time at all, the restaurant acquired fame around Orchid Park. Like this, they had accomplished Continue Reading →

Omni Genius – Chapter 63: LV3 Fang Dacheng

“Hahaha… Feifei, ahh, my sides!”   When the young chap said ‘lady boss’, Qin Fang came out of the kitchen, and Xiao Muxue tagged along too. When she heard those words, Xiao Muxue immediately thought of her embarrassment just now, and instantly poured oil on the fire and started laughing Continue Reading →

Omni Genius – Chapter 60: Here’s A Brick For You!

Towards the system occasionally trolling while giving descriptions, Qin Fang was already used to it. Looking at this evaluation, Qin Fang couldn’t help but go ‘pfft!’, and laugh.   To the bystanders, Qin Fang’s laugh was really out of place. Even Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue looked at Qin Fang Continue Reading →

Omni Genius – Chapter 56: Skill: [Block]! Successfully Capturing The Fugitives

Li Si suddenly getting attacked did indeed cause Ning Yumo and Zhang San to be startled. The two of them didn’t think that someone would actually enter the battle at this point in time, and with a bang too, to be able to cause Li Si’s head to be so Continue Reading →