I Am the Monarch – Chapter 148 : Tale Barony (3)

T/n (CSV): Sponsored chapter. Update: The chapter for Tuesday will be a bit late. “I’m Lemming Ade!” “I’m McCrum!” Lemming and McCrum unknowingly and suddenly stood up. ‘What the? Even though our ages seem same……’ McCrum gulped as he stared at Roan. For some reason, his heart jolted.

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 146 : Tale Barony (1)

T/n (CSV): The regular chapter for Thursday, June 22nd. Roan hurried the preparation to return to the kingdom. Before the news of Reitas and Manus’ veiled strife reached the Istel Kingdom, they had to cross the border. ‘Once the news of the strife spreads, my name will definitely come up.’ Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 145 : Veiled Strife (5)

T/n (CSV): The much late chapter for Tuesday, June 20th. A north wind blew. At the place where a fierce battle occurred just a moment ago, a heavy silence fell. Neither the sounds of metal nor shouts were heard any more. Most of the knights who followed Prince Reitas Pershion Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 144 : Veiled Strife (4)

T/n (CSV): Sponsored chapter. Update: ch. 145 will be a bit late. Compared to how the Pershion Kingdom’s western and southern regions suffered damage from the chaos of the war, the situation at the northeastern region was on a bit better side. But even so, it wasn’t always a peaceful Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 143 : Veiled Strife (3)

T/n (CSV): Regular chapter for Sunday. The sponsored chapter should soon follow sometime tomorrow. The history was no different than a board with perfectly set process and result. Although he didn’t knew it at the time, seemingly insignificant things often were the cause or the starting point of incredibly great Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 142 : Veiled Strife (2)

T/n (CSV): Sponsored Chapter. Apologies to the sponsors for the issue. Next chapter will be the regular chapter on Sunday, hopefully with the sponsored chapter. “That the birds have all died means……?” “It probably means that Prince Reitas’ side has noticed something, sir.”

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 141 : Veiled Strife (1)

T/n (CSV): 3rd regular chapter for the week. For the next two weeks or so, st8_lupe will be busy, so Kajin will be editing the chapters in the meantime. “As expected, there are more than we thought.” “Yes. Amongst the young nobles and warriors, half of them support Prince Manus.” “Hmph!”