Survival World RPG – Chapter 38

Stepping outside Mike felt the cool air against his skin. Feeling chilly, he looked down and saw the front of his shirt was sticking to his body. It was wet through with greenish colored goblin blood. Sighing he slipped it off and used the relatively clean back side to wipe Continue Reading →

Survival World RPG – Chapter 37

Mike caught the goblinoids completely by surprise. Crashing into them from the rear, he’d killed three of them before they even realized he was there. Laying about with his ax, no skill was required, just repetitive swinging motions, like chopping wood. Limbs flew, heads split and goblins died.

Survival World RPG – Chapter 36

Back at the truck, Nikki suddenly asked, “Who’s going to drive?” Her face was the picture of innocence. She didn’t fool Mike for a second. Little by little he was coming to understand Nikki’s personality. She was equal parts selfish and naive but she was hardly malicious. In fact she Continue Reading →

Survival World RPG – Chapter 35

Mike walked into the underground parking garage chewing on a meal replacement bar. It was peanut butter flavored and tasted like it had been left on a shelf for a few decades. He found the chewing motion comforting; the way only a former fat ass can. Mike needed that comfort Continue Reading →

Survival World RPG – Chapter 33

Pushing through the doors, Mike stepped into a dimly lit board room. Sitting in a high backed chair at the opposite end of a huge, rectangular, oak table was a middle aged man in a clean cut suit with a bright red tie. The man himself was nondescript. Graying hair, leathery Continue Reading →