Survival World RPG – Chapter 27

Pulling the dogman’s fangs and cutting off their claws took a lot of effort and only returned a few credits a piece. Mike didn’t let it annoy him. He took it as a learning experience. Now they knew some monsters gave materials they could sell to the system. They would Continue Reading →

Survival World RPG – Chapter 26

Brandan took his last breathe looking pleadingly into Mike’s eyes, like he was begging for more time. It tugged at his heart. At the same time he could only whisper, “I told you to throw the damn knife. I said don’t be a hero, just throw it and get back Continue Reading →

Survival World RPG – Chapter 25

After handing Brandan the knife, Mike took a closer look at the two werewolves prowling around the second floor lobby. He hadn’t really “examined” them before. The cop had turned so fast and then they’d been running. He’d more or less been caught up in everyone else’s pace.

Survival World RPG – Chapter 24

Mike felt it was a little easier to breathe after watching the wolfman crash into the barrier and receive such serious damage. It seemed they were safe for the moment. Unfortunately they couldn’t stay within the circle indefinitely. Eventually the「System」would consider them to be attempting to cheat and eliminate them.

Survival World RPG – Chapter 21

Stepping over the zombies he’d just destroyed, Mike was feeling confident again. He’d already put the awkwardness with Jessica, out of his mind. He needed to project the strong silent type, he reminded himself. Not the bumbling nerd he used to be, but he guy he wanted to be moving forward.