Survival World RPG – Chapter 14

Immediately Rajesh, Dan and the girl from the ground floor, Vanessa, decided to join the group that was going to level up. Rajesh was upfront about his motives. He didn’t want to be a fighter, he wanted to take a non combat role, and make himself invaluable for the future. Continue Reading →

Survival World RPG – Chapter 12

“What is it?” Mike asked, scanning the room. He noted the girls all still in their circles, and just barely caught himself before he could voice a “shopping” joke that would forever label him a misogynist. Taking a seat across from Troy he made a show of slamming his ax Continue Reading →

Survival World RPG – Chapter 10

They didn’t bother clearing the zombies from the rooms on the ground floor right away. Instead they headed into the lobby area where the four vending machines stood. Two soda machines and two snack machines, split into two groups one on the right side of the room one on the Continue Reading →