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Survival World RPG – Chapter 7

“So when do we get started,” Mike asked, rolling his shoulders aggressively to relieve a bit of tension. Troy and Jessica shared a look. Troy sighed, “We don’t actually have a party of fighters willing to go out just yet. We need at least two on the roof to protect Continue Reading →

Survival World RPG – Chapter 6

Mike felt a little trapped by their approach. It was clear they were attempting to manipulate him through his emotions. The world had only gone to hell a few hours ago. It was impossible to have developed immunity to beautiful women dying or to be fine with abandoning people because they Continue Reading →

Survival World RPG – Chapter 4

Stepping into the stairwell Mike took the metal head of his new ax and struck it against the railing three times. Clang. Clang. Clang. Waiting tensely for several tense seconds, no groaning, shuffling, or other noxious bodily sounds could be heard. The stairs were clear of zombies.

Survival World RPG – Chapter 2

Taking a deep breath, Mike stood with a grunt. Feeling sticky, he headed to the bathroom and turned he blue ringed knob on the sink. Splashing cold water on his face and down the front of his shirt he sighed with pleasure. Grabbing a towel, he distracted noted was Jeff’s, from the towel Continue Reading →

Survival World RPG – Chapter 1

Thump. Urgh. Thump. Urgh. Thump. Urgh. “Hmm, five more minutes.” Michael “Mike” Tanner said, rolling over on his twin sized mattress and pulling the blanket over his head. It was a Saturday, he had absolutely no desire to be awake before noon. It didn’t feel like noon yet.

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