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Titan’s Throne – Chapter 99: A Gentle Poke…

The Fusion Real, a phrase so frightening it could cause kings to kneel in trepidation. It was said that a single Fusion Real expert can topple a True Empire by himself, whether or not that is possible is unknown by most. What is known however, is that it was more likely for one to Continue Reading →

Titan’s Throne – Chapter 98: Spear Against Support!

Support techniques were generally the most looked down upon, do to their poor performance in one particular field. Yet what Bastian had just used did not seem like a support technique. No, to the majority it seemed as if he had fused a defense, movement and attack martial technique perfectly. Continue Reading →

Titan’s Throne – Chapter 97: The Tides Forever Strike, Never To Stop!

After a while, the tornado subsided. The crowd once again became silent because nothing had happened! Many had assumed that Bastian had initiated some attack, and was suppressing Maita within the dust storm, but the duo were still standing exactly were they were before. The only difference was their expressions. Continue Reading →

Titan’s Throne – Chapter 96: Betting Against The Divine, Maita!

It was finally the day for the final of the two star tournament of the Elite Gladiator League. Thousand appeared in the arena to see the battle between Yani City’s finest warriors. It was a rare opportunity for both normal mortals and cultivators. More skilled cultivators could even use this Continue Reading →

Titan’s Throne – Chapter 95: Kill? That Would Be Easily Arranged!

Within Tyson’s office, stood the entirety of the Cole family. That included: Tyson himself, Vermalaen, Sula, Elisha and Gareth. These were the most important personnel in the family. Normally, Tyson would not involve the young Elisha in such matters but he felt that it was time for her to grow Continue Reading →

Titan’s Throne – Chapter 91: You Dogs, Guess Who’s Gonna Have To Discipline You?

As Bastian stood, an aura of valour and majesty radiated from his body. Tyson was familiar with the boy, yet right now he seems much bigger and much stronger. The weaker cultivators were all fighting the urge to lower their heads and kneel. V had faced the full brunt of Continue Reading →

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