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God of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 18: Solitude (2)

Uncle Zhou Replied, “It’s hard, to catch this fish you need a special bait.” Zhou Xin had already carefully prepared the Bright fish and placed it in the boiling waters, covering the pot with a lid, he said happily, “Brother Lei, it’ll be ready soon, Bright fish is the best Continue Reading →

God of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 17: Solitude

Si Donald was very straightforward and walked in the direction Gulu retreated to. Lei Bao was instantly worried and cursed, “Bastard!” As he chased him, no matter what, he couldn’t let Si Donald have XinFeng. After chasing for a thousand meters, Si Donald finally reacted and changed his direction.

God of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 16: Reign of Terror

Yi Daton sat on the floor, vomiting mouthfuls of blood as he watched Lei Bao with lingering fear in his heart. With only one attack, he had already gravely injured him, if not for his high leveled defense Lunqi, then he would have already died. Black smoke rose, spreading quickly. Continue Reading →

God of Thunder – Book 4 chapter 15: Great Bloodshed

Lei Bao, Gulu, Tai Popo, An Yadan, Yan Wu and XinFeng who had always followed Lei Bao all came out together. As Lei Bao saw Si Donald clearly, he could not help but furrow his brows. He could not sense the strength of the opponent, which was something very rare Continue Reading →

God of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 14: The Plight of the Greedy (2)

Today, Tai Lang was hung, exposed to the sun as an old man walked over, “Put him down and bring him to my tent.” Soon, Tai Lang was drug into a large tent, completely powerless. Not only was he unable to move, he could not even control his Hidden Lun Continue Reading →

God of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 13: The Plight of the Greedy

The collapse of the Hidden Lun Space happened within a second, once that enormous force passed it would be safe. Dirt flew in the air, covering the sky. However, within only half an hour it started to disperse, clearing their view as countless items appeared amongst the sand on the Continue Reading →

God Of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 12: Bountiful Rewards (2)

Tai Popo stood at the side, occasionally picking up a few things, all of which were various small rare ingredients that fell from the sky. Yan Wu also burrowed out from who knows where within the sand, upon coming out, his face exploded in joy as he held a black Continue Reading →

God Of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 11: Bountiful Rewards

Umuuu, Puttty is very grateful to Lorenzo for sponsoring, thank you very much~ Tai Lang felt extremely oppressed, ever since he was absorbed, he was floating. Of course, as an expert with five True Ring bodies he was slightly better off than others here, but he definitely wasn’t as strong Continue Reading →

God Of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 10: Descend of the Space (2)

Miserable cries sounded, Si Donald and Sun Buru’s expressions became ugly and awkward, more so for Si Donald, who was slightly furious, a group of underlings were frantically escaping and the three of them could only become saviors. Luckily the shattered area was not large, adding the fact that all Continue Reading →

God Of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 9: Descend of the Space

Even with the old man Lei Bao’s experience, he still couldn’t identify the descending Hidden Lun space, the era it belong to, the expert that left this behind, he didn’t know, but one thing everyone knew was that this hidden Lun space was definitely extraordinary. Gulu spoke softly, “It really Continue Reading →

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