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I Am the Monarch – Chapter 44: Revenge battle (5)

He knew about Violin’s hot temperament really well. ‘If it was a commander with a calm temperament, this kind of strategy wouldn’t have worked.’ The average commanders would have sent a scout team when they discovered the soldiers spreading oil on Riten forest. ‘But Violin wouldn’t have had the leisure Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 43: Revenge battle (4)

‘They really are coming.’ Jefferson had a surprised look. His sight was directed to below the gorge. Dudududu. Violin’s troop appeared along with a dust cloud. ‘I thought that it was impossible.’ When I first heard of it I thought that it was absurd. But he couldn’t ignore him. ‘It’s Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 42 : Revenge battle (3)

  “This will really be fine, right?” At Gale’s question, Kennis put on an awkward smile. “Won’t it be?” But it was a voice without confidence. Gale, Kennis and the troop adjutants stood in one place and looked at the soldiers. “This goes there! That’s over here!” “Don’t stick them Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 41 : Revenge battle (2)

“Roan!” Aaron increased his voice. His face was bright red. “If it’s because of my daughter, you can……..” When he talked up to there. Roan shook his head. “It’s not because of that reason.” A calm voice. Aaron, Mendel and Gale looked at Roan. There was a weird look on Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 40 : Revenge battle (1)

Violin. She was an outstanding warrior even among the orcs from Rinse kingdom and she was at the same time the dead Sedek’s wife. Her temperament was especially bloody that she cut off his dick after she realized that her husband Sedek had cheated on her. “They are moving in Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 39 : Relations (7)

“Sir adjutant Roan. I’m sorry for being late.” Glenn laughed awkwardly and scratched his head. Roan just nodded instead of replying. Glenn pointed towards Seline that was still standing at the entrance. “She’s my sister Seline. We went to our relative’s house because we had something to do, but the Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 38 : Relations (6)

“In……Information?” Chris had a perplexed expression. ‘Why information so suddenly?’ It was something he hadn’t expected at all. Roan didn’t mind and continued saying. “The strength information has is amazing.” He explained in detail just what role information took in in Int’s forest battle, and Prely’s inundation tactic. “Ah……”

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 37 : Relations (5)

The slave merchants started to fall back. However, because of the huge rocks that were behind them, they didn’t have anywhere else to move. ‘Damn. As he picked a place that was good to hide ourselves…….’ They fell in their own trap. They bit their lower lips and exchanged glances. Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 36 : Relations (4)

  He didn’t get badly surprised. ‘Even at Int’s forest battle and Prely river’s inundation tactic, the future changed to what I knew.’ But even so, there was a clear difference now. ‘It’s an opportunity to know how much the future I knew has changed.’ How would the chasing of Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 35 : Relations (3)

“Right. Then let’s leave it at that.” Roan raised his cup of beer with a calm expression. “Ah, no I just…….” Pierce stammered with a perplexed expression. “I know that you were joking.” Roan smirked and shook his hands. Only then did Pierce let out a sigh of relief. “Whew. Continue Reading →

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