Link the Orc – Chapter 3: Ability Transfer (1)

Sunny weather. Vivid sunlight. It’s a weather putting you in a good mood. I came to the park I found before when I passed next to it and took a smoke. “Hoo…ah. Sweet.” The tobacco smoke diffusing in the air. I became used to the cigarette I started to smoke Continue Reading →

Link the Orc – Chapter 2: Link (2)

I quickly observed the battlefield while running. Even if you gave a quick glance, the humans outnumber us orcs by three to one. Humans were a dastardly race that won’t fight in a battle they thought they have no chance of winning, unlike us. They’ve attacked us first because they must Continue Reading →

Link the Orc – Chapter 1: Link (1)

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I’m confused. Through my blurry vision, everything was shaking like there’s an earthquake taking place, as well as an annoying tinnitus stuck in my ears. I have no idea what kind of place this is and what is happening now. Kwoo..wah..ahh.. Wah..ahh..ah.. I hear noises coming from afar but I only hear Continue Reading →