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Reincarnator – Chapter 123: Lazar (1)

Hoodududuk Jennifer, the manager of Okonelly clan’s 98th area, nodded as she saw the hundreds of carrier pigeons flying up in the distance. The carrier pigeons flying in and out meant that the upper echelons of the clan that they had to report to were gathered there. Kyle, the vice Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 122: Tiradus (6)

Gwanje dragged his bloody body through the Forest of Horns into the deep parts. ‘…Thank god the Margoths had run away from the Tiradus, I might’ve gotten buried here if they hadn’t’. Dealing with the few on the way had turned his body into a mess. Gwanje, after a bit Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 121: Tiradus (5)

Hansoo asked Akaella and the others while rushing forward. “Since it’s a bit boring to go just like this, do you want to have a bet?” “…I’m not in the mood for it, shut up and just run.” “It would be beneficial to you guys though.” “…?” ‘What the hell Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 120: Tiradus (4)

The Forest of Horns that was ablaze. Gwanje made a bitter expression as he ran through this place. Since this was the result of him and the Great Priest. ‘That is why… I need to save as many people as possible.’ Gwanje quietly mumbled as he thought of his wife Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 119: Tiradus (3)

Kuuuuooo Forest of Horns. Trees that grew hundreds of meters tall between the two horns. There were giant lifeforms that moved past these trees as they broke them down. Crackle Smash The giant Margoth Du Gracioses smashed their head down onto the ground and bit off the skin of the Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 118: Tiradus (2)

Hansoo quickly rushed towards where the noise came from after hearing the strange shouts of Gwanje. Three people could be seen inside the priest’s living quaters. The most unique looking one out of those was the woman who was the hostage previously. “Aaak! Aaaak! Kyaaaak!” “Please do something about this!” Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 117: Tiradus (1)

Boooom! <Get over here quickly! Hurry! The guy called Hansoo is over here!> Gwanje freaked out at the sudden voice of the priest that resonated throughout his head. ‘The priest cannot die!’ Actually the priest’s death didn’t really matter much to him but his wife might get swept up in Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 116: Gragos (6)

Boomboomboomboom! A man was running through the ant tunnels. Gwanje finally found his clansmen and the Ursa Major at the Rerorerore clan’s main meeting location after a long run. Jongsang, who had been waiting there, looked at Gwanje with a worried expression. “Are you okay brat? How’s your side?” “What Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 115: Gragos (5)

Gwanje prepared to go in with a neutral expression. ‘I must take back that necklace.’ Of course the fact that taking the neck where the necklace was a definite thing. He needed to hurry The Capucios will stop chasing them once they get into the ant tunnels and he wouldn’t Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 114: Gragos (4)

Bali Roper looked at Gwanje who was personally leading the Margoths to his direction. ‘It’s been a while. Tsk. Some bad fate.’ Bali Roper thought of the incident in the past. He had met that guy, his wife and his daughter 4 years ago. There aren’t many who travel with Continue Reading →

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