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Reincarnator – Chapter 83: Akuma (2)

Miyamoto breathed in and out from Hansoo’s words and the spoke. “…You really speak of it easily. Do you even know how many of us would die while you kill the Akuma?” Miyamoto replied coldly. They had all gathered here with some sense of justice. Since they knew how many Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 82: Akuma (1)

Jukma looked at his surroundings. There were a few familiar faces. Patriarch of Lighthouse, Michael, and Patriarch of Helper, Gichul, and other patriarchs of the Six Great Clans. And their Guards that they had fought with since the Base Roots. Though they had gathered from time to time if there Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 81: Racial War (4)

The Calamities people knew about were four in total. One at the Sea. One at the Roots. One at the Trunk. One at the Branch. ‘And a very special one.’ Hansoo mumbled inwardly. The 1st year Adventurers who had searched far and wide in order to explore the new world Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 80: Racial War (3)

Kururururu Michael clenched his teeth as he received the messages and carrier pigeons that were flowing in madly from all around. “Is there a possibility that you killing that… Has some relationship with the reason why the parasites of Ouroboros have gone crazy?” There was chaos going on the Roots Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 79: Racial War (2)

“What is floating around like this…” Camille Rowe, who had been walking around the seaside, made a fatigued expression. The shore in the distance was already in chaos. “Hey! Don’t rush in! We aren’t lacking nutritional fluids anymore!” “The Roots grew a bit more! Let’s go to the wreckage!” There Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 78: Racial War (1)

Boom! Hansoo started to madly smash down the armor in front of his eyes. The clone stared at the attacks pouring at him and then started to grind his teeth. ‘Damnit. It’s really annoying.’ The Thousand Soldier Armor could only be strong. It was obvious. Since it was an armor Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 77: Plant (3)

‘First time seeing these guys. How are their skills?’ The Clone, Alpha, mumbled as he looked at the people in the distance. There were around 150 people. Though it was the first time he saw that race, it didn’t really matter much. The important part was their power. Alpha laid Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 76: Plant (2)

Kwagagagagaga. A bit over a hundred people clenched their teeth within the aggressively rushing toxic waters. ‘Damnit. It’s really rough.’ Though the inner tunnel that they were moving in was large but the outer tunnel that was sucking in the toxic waters was even larger. The people, who felt like Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 75: Plant (1)

Kudududuk. Ekidriang’s Relic flew towards Hansoo who was running while stepping on top of heads like a meteor. Kugugugugu. Hansoo rapidly swung his sword as he aimed the golden blade towards the marble. Craack. The blazing sword cut the relic in two. But Hansoo quickly lowered his head as he Continue Reading →

Reincarnator – Chapter 74: Incursion (4)

“Uahahahaha!” Liu Hong laughed out loudly as he aggressively swung the bright blade in his hands. Kwaaaaaaa. A bright blade light from Liu Hong’s hand chopped the charging army apart like a wave. Wajajajak. ‘It’s amazing!’ The artifact he had was something that wouldn’t stand out anywhere he went but Continue Reading →

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