The Bird That Drinks Tears – Chapter 4: Silver Tears (4)

Hwareet damned Viias for leaving him without killing him. She probably wanted it; she probably wanted Hwareet to lay on the pool of his own blood, suffering in pain and waiting for his death. Until then he could only neered it in condemnation, but Hwareet could now neer it with Continue Reading →

The Bird That Drinks Tears – Chapter 3: Silver Tears (3)

Tinahan clarified his position. Tinahan talked about the contract between him and the Great Temple, and stated that Kaygan’s oddity will not hinder their mission. “I only consider one thing when I work with someone. Is he helpful or not. But Kaygan is the greatest expert about Nagas and Keeboren. Continue Reading →

The Bird That Drinks Tears – Chapter 2 : Silver Tears (2)

Fortunately, Tinahan did not mention any characteristic flaw or cultural vice that he deplored about the Dokkaebis. There was one complaint Tinahan had about the Dokkaebis, which was the fact that the Dokkaebis never try to approach the skyfish. Bihyung asked why that was a problem and screamed in excitement Continue Reading →