Chamber’s status update: GoM is on Hiatus!

Hello~ everyone, it’s me, Chamber!

I’m here to bring the unfortunate news that God of Music will be on hiatus… T^T.

As much as I want to translate it, (I even tried) the next chapter turns out to be twice as long as a normal chapter… which brings down my motivation just as much…

I’ve judged that I won’t be able to translate God of Music, in parallel with the other two.

Some Q&A

Why is it a hiatus, and not a drop?
Because I will resume it after I finish Coder Lee YongHo. I know that God of Music is more popular than Coder Lee YongHo, but since the latter is finished with about 230 chapters, I decided to finish it and resume GoM later.

How long would this hiatus last?
Depends. If I finish Coder, then of course, I will resume God of Music. Either that, orI will resume it once the uni term finishes (So, like a month from now). The word here is “or“, so don’t count on it.

What will happen to the other two novels? (EER, Coder LYH)
I will increase the number of EER and Coder LYH chapters per week by one. So, EER will have 3 regular chapters, and Coder LYH will have 4. (Actually, St8_Lupe will release coder chapters, so ask him)

Thanks for all the love for GoM, and I hope I can pick it back up as soon as possible.

P.S. There is one chapter in the GoM queue. If you’re the sponsor, (I will not name you cuz privacy issues), and you want your money back, (or transfer it to another series that I’m translating), then e-mail me at the same e-mail that my paypal account is. I will send you back your money (or stack it on another novel), also you have to send me your e-mail via the same account you sent your money from, otherwise, I will judge it as someone different. I will also send you an e-mail about this, just in case you didn’t read this.

About Chamber

Native Korean who studied in Britain for 5 years, currently living in Korea. 3rd year uni studying Computer Science and Engineering.

6 Replies to “Chamber’s status update: GoM is on Hiatus!”

  1. NapKnight

    I’ve beeen rereading GOM more and more lately and its starting to make want more. So i can anyone recommend me some novel similar to this one or something i can’t find another novel like this one for me to anticipate T_T something like (god’s song,big life,top management,coder YH)

  2. Farofa

    133 chapters of Coder remaining, 4.9 days per release = 21 months of “hiatus”….

    You should drop the novel and let other translator pick it, because a close 2 years time without the novel is same to drop.

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