Chiito Sukiru 『Suimin Gakushu』 de honobono Isekai Seikatsu – Chapter 1 : Suddenly Napping

With such comfortable breeze of wind blowing in the meadows, Harumi started to sleep despite he did not see the abnormal amount of monsters around.

“*su~ su~*”

His glossy black hair was tied up and turned into pillow while his small, slender body that lacks of excercise curled up. His face can’t be clearly be seen but it is of those of a cute girl. His easy to move with clothes that the adventurers wear in this world must be the kindness of god.

The skill bestowed upon Harumi immediately started after he went to sleep.

『Skill 【Sleep Learning】activate』

『With 【Sleep Learning】, Any other damage will be prevented』

This skill started to show its abilities—-




◇Demonic Boundary【Death Meadow】『Chimera』

The chimera was going around the boundary of it’s domain as usual. It ate all the centaurs, cattles, and horses in the meadow as it was hungry. It loves to fight more than anything and attacks anything that enters its territory.

Also, with it’s size, it lorded over the sky. Though a normal chimera only grow up to the size of 3 meters, 『Grue』’s overall length is 10 meters.  Grue’s fangs and nails in his limbs are also thick and hard.

It’s name that it carries, is an evidence for it to be feared. Just the other day, it laid waste upon the group of wyverns that attacked it’s territory.

And thus, Demon Boundary【Death Meadow】 was named because of the existence of Grue.

The Demon Boundary became a place a man must never go to. Even if the whole country sends their Order of Knights or even if the Hero brings peace to the world, they would simply not enter there.

Grue only comes down to the ground to sleep.

To rest it’s wing after flying, it would go down and sleep in the pleasant breeze of the wind in the deep green forest.

At the same time, Grue will let out a loud roar as it wakes up.

「GOGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!」(*TLN: This is what really written in the WN)

An outsider sleeps like a log in it’s territory. Not only it did enter it’s territory but also stole it’s place to sleep. It’s anger was immeasurable. Grue’s crimson eyes were in battle mode and bared it’s fangs, threatening the demi-human who slept like a log.

However, the demi-human cat who sleeps soundly didn’t budge and kept on sleeping.

Until now, Grue have fought strong beast and killed all weak beast it fought with it’s sharp nails.

With it’s thick limb that looks like a log, it swung down it’s strong nail. However, it’s nails were prevented by something unknown.

『Physical Attack Prevention Activated. Received 0 Damage』

『Sleep Learning Skills【Howl Resistance】【Threat Resistance】【Slash Resistance】were added』

「GURURUR?」(TLN: Same with the other growls…)

The sleeping demihuman which was supposed to be dead was uninjured. Grue understood that his claw attack was useless then, he opened his mouth wide. He sucked the wind then blew it out. What came out was flames and attacked the sleeping demihuman. A breath that can turn flying dragons into cinders.

His breath have ended and the vicinity around got scorched down.


『Magical Attack Prevention Activated. Received 0 Damage』

『Sleep Learning Skills 【Fire Attribute Resistance】【Status Abnormality Resistance】 were added』

『Three Press Confirmed. Executing Elimination Skill【Nightmare Eater】』(*TLN: 安眠妨害因子 or Sleep Disturbance Factor has the furigana Three Press. 夢喰 or Dream Eater has the furigana Nightmare Eater hence why that manga is called Yumekui Merry. Get it? xD)

The ineffectiveness of Grue’s breath made him more shocked.

The sleeping demihuman cat slowly rose up and started to emit some repulsive darkness.

Grue’s instincts tell him that he should not fight whatever that darkness is. Though he started to flap his wings to get to the sky, he was slow.

That unknown darkness wriggled it’s way like a snake to Grue’s forefoot.

「GAAAAAAAAAAA」(*TLN: Same with the other roars / Kobato: yes, we’ve understood it was another roar.)

Grue desperately tried to shake it off but it continued to wriggle it’s way to Grue’s body.

And then, Grue’s whole body was wrapped by the unknown darkness. Grue’s violent struggling stopped and then Grue and the unknown darkness disappeared.

That moment, the master of Demon Boundary【Death Meadow】 have disappeared.

『Three Press Elimination Complete. Skill【Nightmare Eater】Deactivates』

『Harumi Makura have subjugated the Death Meadow』

『Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! 』

『Harumi Makura gains the title【Death Meadow Champion】【Absolute One】【Giant Killing】【Sleep King】with the correction adhering to status』(*TLN: 絶対強者 or Absolute Strongest has the furigana Absolute One. 強敵撃破者 or One Who Defeats the Strong has the furigana Giant Killing[seriously why would you name that?]. 眠王 or Sleep King are just the same.)

『Harumi Makura’s Skills【Nightmare Eater】also the Skills【Threat】【Roar】【Territory】【Flight】【Claw Attack】【Fire Demon Beast Magic】have been usurped.』(*TLN: 獣結界 or Beast Field has the furigana Territory. Oh you think this is Arifureta or Re;Monster? NO IT’S CAMPIONE!!!)

Pleasant windy breeze, warm sunlight in the meadows, and an automatic mechanical announcement voice.

“Un~~ That was a a nice sleep~”

Harumi who didn’t knew anything while sleeping, stretched his body while in all fours in a carefree manner. His cat ears and tail exquisitely pulled out like those of a cat.

“Dusk will come soon and I’m getting thirsty, let’s go to someone else’s house~ Faa~”

Harumi stood up with a big yawn, he just then noticed his body that have grown a tail. His tail suddenly erected when he touched his bushy tail of his.

“I see~ This is what god meant when she said that I might not be a human afterwards…… Oh well! More importantly, where am I supposed to be~ I supposed to be viewing this world like a VRMMO just like what god said…… My memory is not clear because I was half-asleep, so first of all, 『Status』Open.” (*TLN: Status Arms: O-O-O-O-OP~!!)

Within the field vision of Harumi, a translucent window popped up. His voice leaked with an “Ooh~”, since the status window was really identical to the VRMMO he used to play with. (*TLN: You’re BSing me now don’t you author?)

Name: Harumi Makura
Sex: Male
Race: Demi-human | Type:【Cat】
LV 10 (*TLN: Isn’t he supposed to be 12 now? There were twelve Level Up Pop-ups)
Job:  —
【Death Meadow Champion】【Absolute One】【Giant Killing】【Sleep King】
【Sleep Learning】【Nightmare Eater】【Threat】【Roar】【Territory】【Flight】【Claw Attack】【Fire Demon Beast Magic】【Roar Resistance】【Fire Elemental Magic Resistance】【Status Abnormality Resistance】

“I don’t really understand why there’s many~ Hmm?  It says【Flight】which means I can fly right?”

Harumi’s cat ears and tail were twitching happily. He wanted to try sleeping in the air. He had so many dreams of sleeping while in the air.

「Skill 【Flight】Activate! FLY AWAY!」(TLN: Harumi said it in english) 

His truly invisible wings flapped and caused some winds, there, Harumi started to fly to the skies.

“O-oh~ I’m flying~ Ahahaha~”

Might as well say that Harumi’s air travel have started.

In Harumi’s former VRMMO days,『Status』had the『Map』 feature. The 『Map』 appearing in the translucent window was 3D. The area covered by 【Territory】 and 【Death Meadow】 are also shown in the map, monsters and items can also be seen within in. Going out of 【Territory】’s range, he can see towns displayed on the map.

“Here’s the nearest town~  So it’s【The Thrid Town of the Bronze Country, Hairun】 right! Full speed ahead!”

Harumi’s search for the best bed, his other world life starts.

Translator’s Afterword

Holy Crap this MC is too carefree. I, somehow want to do a rider kick to wake him up.

*Inserts Wake Up Fuestle*
Kivat the 3rd: Wake Up~!
*get absorbed by the MC*

KobatoChan’s note

The translator puts way too much notes but I guess also gives some…fun? welp. Gotta whip him.

Translator : xSauriaNx

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