Chiito Sukiru 『Suimin Gakushu』 de honobono Isekai Seikatsu – Chapter 2 : Sleeping in the Sky

Harumi is currently sleeping in the air and have mastered Air Sleeping. After getting reincarnated to another world, Harumi went to Sleep→Flew→Air Sleep.

Nevertheless, the status in his cheat skill【Sleep Learning】went skyrocketing.

There, Harumi flew around in the air, flying over one of the Demonic Boundaries 【Great Forest of Darkness】. While following the southern air route of 【Death Meadow】, there lies the The Third Town of the Bronze Country, Hairun. Just like to the 【Death Meadow】, Heroes have also avoided going to the Demonic Boundary 【Great Forest of Darkness】 as its skies are overflowing with monsters.

A squeling flock of bird like monsters surrounded Harumi

“*su, su*”

But he simply made healthy sleep breathing sounds―

『Skill 【Sleep Learning】 Activate』

『With 【Sleep Learning】, any other damage will be prevented』

『Three Press Confirmed. Executing Elimination Skill 【Nightmare Eater】』

The voice of the grim reaper can already be heard.

Black smog-like snakes formed into Harumi’s wings and while he’s sleeping, it is eliminating the monsters obstructing his way.

The flock of monster birds in the 【Great Forest of Darkness】 were attacked and eaten when Harumi appeared and after that, another flock of monster birds came.

One minute have passed and the 100 monster birds flying in the skies of the 【Great Forest of Darkness】 became Harumi’s nutrition. (*TLN: any similar word to nutrition that would make it less wierd?)

With every cry from the monster birds, the announcement sound from the 【Sleep Learning】 is played.

『Harumi Makura have subdued the Death Condors and Harpies』

『Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! 』

『Harumi Makura’s skill 【Nightmare Eater】 have successfully usurped the skills 【Army Command】【Air Zone】【High-Speed Flight】【Wing Attack】【Strange Voice】【Wind Demon Beast Magic】』(*TLN: Strange Voice has the kanji 奇声 and it means just like that. If anyone can come up with a better TL please say so. So I can change it.)

Needless to say, he kept on sleeping while the attack from the flock of monster birds stopped. After they looked at the direction of the mysterious voice, they all simultaneously retreated.

The monster birds were not afraid of Harumi. What the monster birds saw in his direction were a shadow that covered up the sun. That shadow covered the forest below in darkness. And then, a heart-stopping mysterious roar echoed in the 【Great Forest of Darkness】.


◇Demonic Boundary【Great Forest of Darkness】 『Bahamut』

Bahamut is the other world’s largest freshwater monster fish. It’s humongous size continued to grow and it’s scales eats light for the process of photosynthesis. When it looked towards to it’s foreign enemy, it casted a big shadow where the light can’t reach the land.  Light was absorbed, Light was casted out consequently, there’ll always a complete darkness under Bahamut.

The origin of the 【Great Forest of Darkness】 was Bahamut’s darkness. The trees in the great forest gets eaten by Bahamut’s darkness activating an energy in place of sunlight. Animals, monsters, and even humans living inside ends up being sucked in as it’s nutrients.

And then, the 【Great Forest of Darkness】 echoes a mystersious melody like those voice of fear making your heart stop beating. The trees in the great forest simulated by the darkness Bahamut made attacks and consumed animals. And at the same time, the monsters screams.

Not wanting to be consumed by the 【Great Forest of Darkness】, monsters have screamed and ran away. Even if they were strong monsters.

Not caring about on the lower land, Bahamut with it’s humongous size, freely flew around 【Great Forest of Darkness】 has the name 『Gran Casso』. Gran Casso was named by the Hero of the past.

Several of thousand years ago, Gran Casso was simply a pet kept by the Hero. After a certain chance, Gran Casso evolved into Bahamut. Gran Casso was a servent of the Hero.

After the Hero’s death, Gran Casso didn’t harm any human and kept flying above monsters. And then, it arrived in this forest.

While preventing the attacks from 『Grue』, the Chimera of the northern great forest, and while it’s doing as it please in the southern Great Forest, someone is residing in the forest it protects.


On this day, Gran Casso was circling in the sky like usual. 【Death Meadow】, the sign of Grue suddenly vanished. Gran Casso immediately changed it’s route to 【Death Meadow】.

While it was advancing towards to 【Death Meadow】, it saw that the monster birds have discovered something. When the cause of Grue’s disappearance is approaching, wariness came to Gran Casso.

(A Beast-kin? Moreover, it’s sleeping? What on earth is the meaning of this……)

After the monster birds fled in fear of Gran Casso, what was left was a small beast-kin. However, this beast-kin was flying while sleeping. Gran Casso was surprised at what it saw, and then, used it’s skill 【Telepathy】 to speak with the beast-kin.

(Cease at once. Who on earth are you?)

『Magical Attack Prevention Activated. Mental erosion was prevented』

(This familiar voice! Could it be?!)

Gran Casso remembered that he heard this voice everytime when the Hero learned something new. It brought back happy memories from thousand of years ago when he fought together with the Hero.

But then―

『Three Press Confirmed. Executing Elimination Skill 【Nightmare Eater】』

When the reminiscing Gran Casso looked, it was the end of him.

An unknown darkness came out from the beast-kin and wrapped the humongous size Gran Casso. Not understanding what’s happening, Gran Cosso together with the unknown darkness disappeared.

『Three Press Elimination Complete. Skill 【Nightmare Eater】 Deactivates』

『Harumi Makura have subjugated the Great Forest of Darkness』

『Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! Harumi Makura Level Up! 』

『Harumi Makura gains the title 【Champion of the Great Forest of Darkness】 【Heartless King】 【Dreamer】 with the correction adhering to status.』

『Harumi Makura’s skill 【Nightmare Eater】 have successfully usurped the skills 【Enemy Search】 【Telepathy】 【All Zone】 【Photosynthesis】 【Self Revival】 【Self Recovery】 【Magic Restoration】 【Limit Break】 【Super Hardening】 【Light Demon Beast Magic】 【Water Demon Beast Magic】』

The 【Great Forest of Darkness】 disappeared in an instant.

Translator’s note

Poor Gran Casso. Poor thing didn’t have to be eaten by the Nightmare Eater. He could’ve been Harumi’s bed and sleep on it’s back while it flies around the world.

KobatoChan’s note

WTF with all these skills and level up notifications…

I don’t know if I’m reading a novel or an rpg game pop-up.

Translator : xSauriaNx

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  1. kouk2002

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    So he can just eat anything that disturb him when he sleep? What if the one who disturb him is his friend or just someone random? Like this fish, it was not meant any harm, it just want to wake him up.. and he was eaten? Then his skill is like a bug that discriminate no one and eliminate either enemy or ally without the skill holder even realise. I absolutely dont want such a skill.

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    LOL this is funny. I do hope that he actually stays awake some though, so we can learn more about why he likes sleep so much. If he just goes about sleeping and destroying stuff, that won’t be fun (for long). Its time for other characters to be introduced!
    I’m kinda hoping there will be a time where he actually gets motivation and is fight fighting. Then gets knocked out, his skill activates, and he goes OP. XD

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    *mourns poor, innocent Gran Casso*

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