Chiito Sukiru 『Suimin Gakushu』 de honobono Isekai Seikatsu – Prologue

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“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE UUUUUUUUP! MAKURA HARUMI(枕 春眠)!!!” (*TLN: 春眠 or Shunmin means “Deep Sleep” but has the furigana はるみ or Harumi which is the name of the MC)


“It’s not ‘Fue?’! Do you understand the situation you’re in!? You d-i-e-d! You got hit by a truck while dozing off driving your bicycle! Yet why are still sleeping!?”

He fell asleep on his first day of becoming a high school student while he was on his bicycle then got flatten by an oncoming truck with the truck driver also fell asleep when he drove. Harumi skillfully pedaled with his bicycle whilst still sleeping.

He is an owner of the philosophy of having a sleep is more important than having three square meals per day. He’s a man of Japanese characteristic with really long black hair that he uses as a pillow. Because he never had any excercise, he would be mistaken as a girl at first glance. Harumi was then called to another world after he died. Harumi understood that it was a little girl yelling at him with a glance after that, he shut his eyelids and went back to sleep.

“Don’t you know my name? I’m God! The God of Creation! Hoy! DON’T SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!”

The Loli Goddess gave a dropkick to his stomach.(*TLN: 幼女神 or Youjo Kami has a furigana ロリカミ or Loli Goddess)

“Ow, it hurts. Please don’t disturb my nap Lolikko.” (*TLN: that’s how he calls the Loli Goddess)

“Your nap is more important than my oracles!? How very Pooh of you!” (TLN: I’m sure you get the reference already)

“*susu*” (TLN: SFX for soft sighing while sleeping)


The Loli Goddess was kneeling trying to forcibly wake Harumi. Somewhere unknown, she pulled out giant speakers and placed it next to Harumi. She held the mic with her hand and started to tell her story.

“What happened to your ears! Though it pains me to speak here…………. Fine then. MAKURA HARUMI! DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHY I SUMMONED YOU!?”

“To disturb my nap time?”


With large volume, the speaker echoed loudly.

“Argh darn it! I’m getting more i-rri-ta-ted by talking to you! Continue with the story. You may have died but in truth, I have no plans of letting you die at all.”


The Loli Goddess fell down upon seeing Harumi’s reaction.

“What do you think? Sigh……. Well, since you died in this world, you will be reincarnated in an another world. Going back is not an option. Do you understand?”

“I see~”

“Nn. Any words are useless. It was a mistake for you to die so I’ll listen to your request for a bit.”

“I want an invincible ability of having sleep that can’t disturb me no matter what it is!”

Kyupin! The Loli Goddess was shocked when Harumi stood up, but then sighed. (*TLN: I have no idea what kyupin is…/ Kobato: it’s a SFX…)

“Ah yes yes. I thought so. Would the power of this world be not that different to that world? Even with the power to reincarnate you may result of you being reborn as not human. There’s also monsters and magics…….”

“There’s no superior other than napping! Wherever it is! Whatever it is! Don’t hold back!”

“…..I see. Sleeping is first isn’t it? I~ understand.”


“I’m not praising you. Oh well. To put it simply, it will be like a VRMMO where you can see status in that world. And then…… traveling expenses will be put in the Item Box together with some minimal supplies. Is there anything you want to ask?”


“Don’t answer a god with a yawn! Really you! You’re such a pain. Now you’ll be reincarnated, are you ready?”

“Good night~”

“That’s not the words of goodbye!”

And then Harumi was reincarnated in a fantasy world of swords and magics to sleep.

Harumi have woken up in that world and went to the best sleeping position. The pleasant breeze of winds makes intervals of waves with the green grass in the meadows where the shine of the sun covers on. There’s monsters that can be seen. He was lying face-up towards the sky and saw a lion with wings flying in the blue sky, deep in the forest can be heard some questionable roars that thirst for blood which freezes your nerves, there were also creature that has the body of a horse and an upper torso of a human moving in groups.

“U~~~~n. This is the best. Well, it’s time to sleep~”

His hearbeat does not increase nor decrease by 1. He did sleep like a log. Although it was the best place to sleep, Harumi forgot that this is still the other world, it is still with those demons and he didn’t know that. No, even if he knew, he would still sleep. Not minding to his surroundings, he grew some cat ears and a tail in his butt in which he didn’t knew.

Translator : xSauriaNx

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