All Things Wrong

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Doing All Things Wrong And Somehow Becoming The Best In The Game (All Things Wrong) / (网游之倒行逆施)

Author: Flamboyant May (张扬的五月)

Translation Status: Irregular due to busy schedule~

Translated Synopsis

Translation of Author’s Synopsis:

Because he couldn’t buy a virtual reality game device, Li Huailin made the vicious decision to make his own game device to play <Heart of Glory>. Yet, he didn’t expect to get himself a bugged character.

While other people gained EXP for killing monsters, he lost EXP for killing monsters; while other people got EXP and money for completing quests, not only does he lose EXP, he also loses money after completing quests.

Just when he thought he wouldn’t be able to play this game anymore, his character dies and his EXP rose. Thus, he understood…

Like woman, if you don’t court death, death won’t come to you. For his great goal of leveling up, Li Huailin started giving his all in courting death (suicide)!

Translator’s Synopsis

A fun story of the main character having fun and doing things his own way in the game. Disclaimer: Main Character does not really treat NPCs well due to his character’s bug. You’ve been warned.

Chapter 1: My Capability Is Such A Cheat!
Chapter 2: What Is With My Character?!
Chapter 3: Give Me Back My Money
Chapter 4: Kaching! Kaching!
Chapter 5: You’re Asking For A Beating Too, Right?
Chapter 6: Discrimination
Chapter 7: This Is Called Levelling!
Chapter 8: Meeting Again
Chapter 9: Don’t Play Dead On Me!
Chapter 10: Please Don’t Harm Your Underlings Like That, Boss!
Chapter 11: Please Don’t Harm Yourself Like That, Boss!
Chapter 12: Why Must The World Force Me?
Chapter 13: Everything Would Have Been Fine If You Were Like This From The Start
Chapter 14: The Start Of Courting Death
Chapter 15: Carrying out Plan B
Chapter 16: This is completely different from the plan!
Chapter 17: Is even the world against me leveling up…?
Chapter 18: An unwanted successful practical lesson…
Chapter 19: Waiting for a big fish
Chapter 20: The Pinnacle of Robbery
Chapter 21: Terrifying Turnouts
Chapter 22: My girlfriend is in danger?
Chapter 23: Instance Dungeon
Chapter 24: Cheat-like Attack Power
Chapter 25: Shocking Realisation
Chapter 26: Exhilarating Discovery
Chapter 27: You’ve worked hard today…
Chapter 28: Epiphany, and the urge to slap himself…
Chapter 29: The Terrifying ‘Poison’
Chapter 30: Compensation
Chapter 31: Enormous Profits
Chapter 32: Joining the guild
Chapter 33: Abyss Mode Instance Dungeon
Chapter 34: I don’t need a second slash!
Chapter 35: One Wave Clear
Chapter 36: Change
Chapter 37: Strange Discovery
Chapter 38: All sorts of rewards
Chapter 39: Shocking the game world
Chapter 40: Trade
Chapter 41: Regarding earning money
Chapter 42: Lacking Herbs
Chapter 43: Finding trouble (1)
Chapter 44: