All Things Wrong

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Doing All Things Wrong And Somehow Becoming The Best In The Game (All Things Wrong) / (网游之倒行逆施)

Author: Flamboyant May (张扬的五月)

Translated Synopsis

Translation of Author’s Synopsis:

Because he couldn’t buy a virtual reality game device, Li Huailin made the vicious decision to make his own game device to play <Heart of Glory>. Yet, he didn’t expect to get himself a bugged character.

While other people gained EXP for killing monsters, he lost EXP for killing monsters; while other people got EXP and money for completing quests, not only does he lose EXP, he also loses money after completing quests.

Just when he thought he wouldn’t be able to play this game anymore, his character dies and his EXP rose. Thus, he understood…

Like woman, if you don’t court death, death won’t come to you. For his great goal of leveling up, Li Huailin started giving his all in courting death (suicide)!

Translator’s Synopsis

A fun story of the main character having fun and doing things his own way in the game. Disclaimer: Main Character does not really treat NPCs well due to his character’s bug. You’ve been warned.

Chapter 1: My Capability Is Such A Cheat!
Chapter 2: What Is With My Character?!
Chapter 3: Give Me Back My Money
Chapter 4: Kaching! Kaching!
Chapter 5: You’re Asking For A Beating Too, Right?
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Chapter 8:
Chapter 9:
Chapter 10:
Chapter 11:
Chapter 12:
Chapter 13:
Chapter 14:
Chapter 15:
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Chapter 17:
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