Omni Genius

Omni Genius / 全能奇才

Author : Nine-Fingered Saint (九指仙尊)

Translated Synopsis

Translation of Author’s Synopsis:

Being able to learn any skill immediately, and just by raising its proficiency, stand at the summit.

He is the World Chef Association Honorary Chairman, having the title of the World Chef God.

He is the greatest composer, pianist, and conductor after Beethoven and Mozart.

He also has the title of Underground Racing King, Fist King, Gambling King, Giant of the Stock Exchange Market, Arm of the Industries and King of the Skies.

He who has a miraculous learning ability and can stand at the apex of all things if he so wishes for it, the Omni Genius.

For those interested in raws (those who do not need me translating to read, boo-hoo), here it is as someone requested for it.


Translator’s Synopsis

Story of Qin Fang learning everything and standing at the top. Has a game-like system. (MC’s ability, applies to MC only. The rest are normal people)

Chapter 1: With Fortune Comes Misfortune, and Vice Versa
Chapter 2: Skill:[Noodle Making]
Chapter 3: Tremendous EXP Increase
Chapter 4: Delicious Ramen
Chapter 5: Money-making Plans
Chapter 6: Booming Business
Chapter 7: Money Extortion
Chapter 8: Skill: [Sneak Attack]
Chapter 9: 1 vs 3! Undying Cockroach
Chapter 10: Destroying The Hooligans
Chapter 11: Rare Item: [Hooligan’s Brick]
Chapter 12: This Is How You Recover Your HP!
Chapter 13: The Mastermind Behind The Scenes
Chapter 14: [Secret Dumplings Recipe (Incomplete)]
Chapter 15: Enemies Sure Live In A Small World
Chapter 16: You Reap What You Sow
Chapter 17: Serves Him Right!
Chapter 18: The Girl Called Little Xue
Chapter 19: The Hero Saves The Damsel In Distress
Chapter 20: With Dumplings In My Hands, Who Can Match Me In A Fight!
Chapter 21: If You Can’t Call Him Up, Then Beat Him Up (Pun intended)
Chapter 22: Evil Is Defeated By Evil
Chapter 23: Secret Sauce Recipe
Chapter 24: I Will Go Home With You!
Chapter 25: Bringing A Beauty Home To Stay The Night
Chapter 26: Protrusions, Underwear
Chapter 27: Boy And Girl Alone
Chapter 28: Caught Cheating By Tang Feifei?!
Chapter 29: ‘Girlfriend’
Chapter 30: Fei Fei’s Invitation
Chapter 31: Skill Upgrade, Evolving To [Main Skill]
Chapter 32: The Power Of ‘Deliciousness +5’
Chapter 33: Skill: [Riding]
Chapter 34: Meeting Li Feng Again
Chapter 35: Trolling A Little
Chapter 36: Putting On Airs
Chapter 37: Intermediate [Barbecuing] Skill
Chapter 38: Testing The [Barbecuing] Skill
Chapter 39: Qin Fang’s First BBQ Dish
Chapter 40: Better Than A BBQ Champion
Chapter 41: Challenge
Chapter 42: BBQ PK!
Chapter 43: Overwhelming Popularity And Wolfing Down Of Food
Chapter 44: The Person Who Strikes Later, Has Overwhelming Popularity
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