Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 1: Bug Window

Mt.Jiri, Cheon Wang Peak.
One man arrived at Cheon Wang Peak.
*pant* *pant*
Sweat was pouring like rain on a man’s face and he was breathing roughly.
“I’m so goddamn tired”
The man’s name was Lee YongHo.
YongHo sought Cheon Wang Peak as a new start before reinstating school.
It was summer, 2nd semester of 4th year would start soon. And he would soon be thrown into the war known as employment.
“It really starts now.”
YongHo murmured, while looking at the clouds below. The white clouds were everywhere and they looked like they could be grabbed with hands.
“I will definitely achieve success.”
He pledged and pledged again. He hoped to let his parents live in luxury, and order food without looking at the price tag. And all this required his success.
“I can do it! Let’s do it! The world’s best programmer!”

The time was early dawn.
The Sun was about to rise. There were barely any people around Cheon Wang Peak. YongHo was looking at the clouds on the mountainside.
“Is it going to rain I wonder……”
Grey-colored clouds were rushing towards him. And thunder could be heard far away.
“It looks like I need to get down quickly.”
Urgency could be seen on YongHo’s face. His current position was on the peak of Mt. Jiri. It was not a distance he could travel in one or two hours. He would be in a real fix if it rained while climbing down.
“Let’s get down quickly.”
YongHo quickly climbed down from Cheon Wang Peak.
The thunder got louder as soon as he got off the Cheon Wang Peak boulder.
Lightning struck far away. The flash was blinding to YongHo’s eyes.
“The weather forecast never mentioned it would rain today.”
He definitely checked the weather before climbing. However the rain clouds in the sky clearly told him that the weather forecast was wrong.
“As always, one cannot trust the weather forecasting agency.”
YongHo sped up his steps while blaming the weather forecast.
The thunder could be heard getting near and near. The sounds were loud to the point of being frightening. The thunder was raging as if it was chasing YongHo as he was climbing down.
Suddenly, lightning struck right on top of YongHo’s head. His vision turned blank and his arms and legs trembled uncontrollably as if he was epileptic..
“I… I have so many things I haven’t done yet……”
His consciousness stopped like an unplugged computer.

The healthy man collapsed in the middle of a quiet mountain road. The rain clouds that were covering the sky also began to clear.


“Mr. Lee YongHo? Mr. Lee YongHo, Are you awake?”
“Mr. Lee YongHo?”
Hospital emergency room. A white-gowned doctor was speaking to him as he was flashing light at YongHo’s eyes.
“Mr. Lee YongHo, try to blink if you are awake.”
YongHo blinked, complying with the doctor’s words.
“This is the hospital. Mr. Lee YongHo was found collapsed on the mountain.”
After listening to the doctor’s words, it seemed his consciousness came back a little as YongHo’s eyes started focusing a little.
“Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”
YongHo barely replied to the doctor, with all his strength.
“You need to calm down a little more so it’s better if you stay hospitalized for one more day.”
YongHo went straight back to sleep after nodding to the doctor’s words, just like that. After a long time, YongHo opened his eyes again.
“I have such bad luck……”
He looked for his phone after waking up. He put his phone in his bag before it started to rain. Fortunately, nothing was missing.
“Let’s see.”
YongHo switched his phone on.

1.     java.lang.NullPointerException
2.     Sliding Menu Error
3.     DrawLayout Function Problem

“Whoa, What is this?”
YongHo dropped his phone on the bed. He shook his head and picked his phone and looked at the screen.

1.     java.lang.NullPointerException
2.     Sliding Menu Error
3.     DrawLayout Function Problem

On the top right, he could see familiar lines. They were familiar but they were something that should not be seen. Surprised, he looked for the doctor.
“Doctor! Doctor!”
The white curtains surrounding YongHo parted and a nurse walked in.
“Yes. What is it?”
“I, I think I’m seeing things.”
“See here, the phone screen.”
YongHo held the smartphone towards her. The initial screen could be seen like any other phone.
“What about it?”
“Can’t you see the words?”
The nurse looked at him with a “what nonsense are you talking about” expression. She did not understand YongHo’s words.
“Yes. Words.”
The words were floating there even while conversing with the Nurse. It was as if he was looking at a hologram.
“Sometimes, patients hallucinate after a big shock. It will gradually get better after getting some rest.”
The nurse said while calming him down.
“Re, Really?”
“Yes. You don’t have to worry about it much.”
“That doesn’t seem to be the case……”
YongHo murmured as he found it strange. It didn’t seem like it would go away after one or two days.
“Just calm down first and tell me if you have the same symptoms after some time?”
YongHo replied in a small voice. The lines didn’t disappear from his eyes even after the nurse went away.
“Phew… What the heck is happening…”
He sat still staring at the phone screen looking at the strange happenings. There was red light on the messages icon. His friends had contacted him.
“Let’s look at those messages”
After clicking the messages icon new words started appearing in front of his eyes.
“Wha… What the heck is this?”
Not even checking the messages, he stared at the hologram for a short while before a different content appeared.

Title: A NullPointerException has ocurred.
Detail: Null pointer exception is occurring on line 1025 of SendMessageActivity.class. The origin of the error is due to referencing an object with no value.
Solution: Make a Message Object in line 1025.

“What, what is……”
Looking at the details, it seemed like there was a bug in the program and there was a method to solve it. As a Computer Science undergraduate, YongHo understood its meaning.
“It seems to imply that there is an error in the message application”
He studied Indroid, a smartphone OS(operating system if you didn’t know already). It wasn’t to the point of making a complicated app, but he knew what Null Pointer Exception was and what Activity was.
“Wh… Why am I seeing all this?”
He didn’t understand but the reality was displayed in front of him. The bugs and solutions of the application in front of him could be seen in his eyes as if he was seeing a hallucination.
“Let’s sleep; it will get better after sleeping.”
YongHo attempted to deny reality as he put down his phone and closed his eyes. And the words disappeared as if they were never there in the first place…

Translator’s Note

Woot! first chapter!

Translator : Chamber
Proofreader : Maled
TL Check : KobatoChanDaiSuki

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