Coder Lee Yongho – Chapter 101: Black Friday (1)

All gazes were gathered on one person. From the clusters of white hair beneath the ears, this person looked at least 40 years old, if not more.

“I don’t think we’ll be able to pass Black Friday easily as it is now……”

The man was tilting his head while looking at the system structure on the screen.

Black Friday.

For the biggest shopping discount event of America, the company was also preparing for many things.

He didn’t want to experience another mass-refund that occurred five years ago due to the site going down.

“Shouldn’t the scaling up take longer than the scaling out?”

Scaling up meant upgrading the hardware specs, while scaling out meant increasing the number of hardwares.

Scaling up involved switching to higher-spec hardwares, while scaling out involved gathering many low-spec hardwares.

And scaling out was what this man was suggesting to do.

“Why don’t you leave the company if you’re going to be like this?”


At Steve’s words, the man kept quiet. From his black hair, he looked Asian.

It was difficult to say whether he was from China, Japan, or Korea, but he was definitely an east Asian.

When the man kept his silence, Steve looked more angry. Then, he didn’t even hesitate to use racist words.

Gook! Go back to your country.

This was the slang word that Americans used to refer to southeast Asians, and eastern Asians. Since it was an old word, there weren’t that many people who recognized its meaning.

No one within the meeting room couldn’t object even though this person said to leave the company, and to go back to the man’s original country. This man, was one of the people with the most technical ability within the company.

Steve Banks. (T/N: Google tells me he’s a football player….)

He was the Chief Software Architect of the company.

Someone was waiting for Steve outside the meeting room.

It was Kenneth.

“Heeey, it’s been a while.”

“So what is it? Aren’t you busy nowadays?”

“I heard you were busy preparing for Black Friday.”

“It’s making me crazy. I feel like walking on a tightrope.”

“Isn’t there that guy who entered with Dave’s recommendation a while ago?”

“Oh, yeah, I know that.”

Steve clicked his fingers as if he just remembered.

“Apparently, that guy made a method to revolutionarily increase server performance. I came here to talk about it to you to see if it can help.”

“Really? Wasn’t he an Asian?”

Steve’s stiff face didn’t loosen up. Even without that, he was having headaches due to preparing for Black Friday.

“He’s Asian… but according to his words, he can increase the performance by five times the original. Although, I do worry if he’s just all talk…….”

Steve started walking, as if there was no need to ask anymore.

Technology was a field he was more confident in than anyone.

He could just check it immediately.

Steve’s footsteps headed towards the office where YongHo was in.


What YongHo mentioned in the meeting room after he had met with Jeff excited many people even within the company. And it made many people gossip about it as well.

It’s true.

It’s not.

There’s no way that’s true.

It’s sufficiently possible.

Rumors spread around like a wildfire. Exaggeration, deprecation, magnification, wrapping, etc – there were many kinds of altered rumors.

“That’s realistically not possible.”

“I heard it was developed by Jeff Done, though?”

The man flinched when he heard the name Jeff Done. Jeff Done’s fame was sufficient to put down any controversy.

However, this time, whether he really developed this or not became very controversial.

Rumors were endless, in a variety of ways.

Git(Global Information Tracker) is a type of data storage. As a storage that one can manage versions with, it was used a lot when saving a program’s source.

YongHo also uploaded the source he wrote to a git.

This was the address where YongHo uploaded his source.

The real thing had appeared.

A new project, made by YongHo, had appeared. Countless developers within the company tried to access the source, but they didn’t have the permissions to.

In the first place, one could not access an intra-company git outside, and secondly, the one who created the project could set the access permissions for those within the company.

YongHo didn’t give that permission to anyone.

“You really aren’t giving me one either?”

Dave spoke in disappointment. His two eyes seemed like pseudo-tears would fall at any moment. However, YongHo wasn’t deceived.

“Acting won’t get you anywhere.”


“It’s because it’s a test source that’s not completed. I’ll show it to you if I complete it a little more.”

“You can show it to me now and we can work on it together.”

He seemed to have a passionate curiosity. Perhaps, as Dave had said, there might be better results if he worked together with him.

However, YongHo had another method other than Dave.

The Bug Window.

And to receive the guidance from the Bug Window, he needed a specification document.

The program that Jeff made and the one YongHo made were similar, but different. He needed a specification document for his own program and not Jeff.

He might get one if he asked Jeff, but the problem was that he felt that Jeff wouldn’t hand it over so easily.

“Well, that’s true……”

Dave’s offer did tempt YongHo a lot.

On one hand, he wanted to do this without using the Bug Window.

Every time he looked at the Bug Window, he thought about the past.

He remembered the time when he looked at the answer sheet whenever he got stuck in his school days.

That’s how he ended up in a 3rd rate university in Seoul, Seon Min University. Due to that reason, he was trying his best to not look at the Bug Window.

Conflict was storming in his heart.

Na DaeBang also seemed to get wind of the news as he found his way to YongHo’s seat.


“Uh, what is it?”

“How can you do this to me?”

“Wh, what?”

“Are going to keep playing the fool?”

Regards to passion and intellectual curiosity towards programming, Na DaeBang wasn’t inferior to Dave.

He switched departments for new skills to solve his curiosity, and now, he had even followed YongHo all the way to America.

Maybe, Na DaeBag could be said to be like this since he had predicted all this.

Here was someone who would bring a storm.

Since he had thought that YongHo would achieve something great, he had followed YongHo all the way here.

As such, Na DaeBang was a weight in YongHo’s heart. He couldn’t just ignore him, and he felt like he should take responsibility for him if it was within his capability.

“Phew, okay, okay. I get it.”

“Should I gather the people in the meeting room?”

At Na DaeBang’s words, all the ears of the people who were working near them twitched. All of them were listening to YongHo’s words.

Would he be able to keep his position if the Bug Window disappeared?

YongHo asked himself this question every night before sleep.

However, as of yet, the answer was:

  1. (T/N: One of the reason I like this series. MC doesn’t rely on his cheat forever.)

He would be able to surpass his position in the past when he was at Mirae IT or when he commuted to Shinseki.

However, he wouldn’t be able to stand in this position.

The Bug Window was like a double-edged sword to YongHo.

If he used it well, it would become a big help, but if he used it in the wrong manner, then it may become the sword to sever his own two arms.

To free himself from such worries, he wanted to solve this problem without using the Bug Window this time.

YongHo’s steps stopped for a moment when he was about to go into the meeting room. Although too many people being within the room was one of the reasons, it was more so, because a person he had only heard the name of, had come.

‘Steve Banks?’

He was a Chief Software Architect, and the company only had tens of people in this position.

Chief Software Architect was the highest position that one could climb on the ladder as a technician.

And it had a strong authority as well.

Any projects or technological developments would be stopped with just a word from them.

The company trusted and respected their opinions that much.

Like how they had enormous authority, their numbers were small, and the number was fixed at 20.

It was a system where one had to come down for another to go up.

A system where one could see the harsh side of American society.

Steve Banks was one of the few who was in such a position.


YongHo lightly greeted, but Steve didn’t seem to care about that.

“I don’t have the time, so shall I listen to the explanation first?”

Without even pretending to listen to YongHo’s greeting, he spoke of his business here.

‘It’s not finished yet though……’

YongHo had a bad feeling, but he shook his head and erased that feeling from his head.

The purpose of this meeting was to gather everyone’s opinions to fill the lacking parts anyway.

If a person like Steve Banks had a look at it, he may have a different viewpoint on the source.

‘He’s apparently on Jeff’s level, so he might be of help.’

Meeting one of the best people were always delightful things. Those meetings may become his opportunity to develop himself.

When the atmosphere, which was full of whispers about Steve’s appearance, calmed down, YongHo started his presentation.

“The basic structure is one that adds a concept of prediction on top of the Huffman algorithm.”

Starting from that, YongHo’s explanations continued for around 20 minutes. Having finished explaining, YongHo ran the program he wrote until now and showed them.

“As you see, it’s not completely implemented yet, so the efficiency isn’t that good.”

The test environment that YongHo made was in the same format as Jeff’s program.

However, compared to the result that Jeff’s program produced, it was lacking.

!!!!!Pass fail!!!!!(T/N: It literally says that, I don’t think it makes sense… pass fail?)

Naturally, he also couldn’t pass the passing line, and the result turned out to be a failure. YongHo set the passing line at 50%, the same as Jeff’s program.

Currently, the efficiency that was produced by YongHo’s program was 35%.

The compression rate didn’t reach 50% yet.

“However, it’ll become better in the future.”

A 10mb file had changed to become 7.6mb. The people within the meeting room seemed amazed with just that as they were urging him to show the source.

“When will you be able to finish it?”

At Steve’s words, the noisy atmosphere in the meeting room quietened down instantly.

He was a famous man already within the company. YongHo also knew this from Dave.

“I think it’ll be done in one month.”

“Will it be difficult to do it in two weeks?”

“It’s hard to give you an exact timetable.”

Although he had his ‘breakthrough’, it had just blossomed. Even one month was considering that he could get help from Jeff.

“I understand.”

Then, Steve stood up from his seat and left the meeting room.

Kenneth, who came out of the meeting room, was having a talk with Steve.

“He has the ability, he’s worth raising.”


“But I don’t think it’s as you said? He’s not all talk, and seeing his source, his results are solid too.”

“I, is that so?”

“Yes. The source was neatly organized as well.”

Steve looked very satisfied. It seemed he had a lot of expectations, as if he had found a peculiar jewel.

On the other side, Kenneth looked like he had a lot of complaints. The plan to embarrass YongHo by dragging Steve in, had gone wrong in its initial stages.

“Well, if you say so……”

Seemingly thinking that only his voice within the company would decrease if he spoke ill of YongHo, Kenneth shut his mouth.

‘It won’t do like this.’

Steve was basically saying that YongHo’s ability in winning against Mark were not lies.

The plan to chase him out of the company by embarrassing him had failed. However, planners always had a plan B. (T/N: ‘Planner’ here is the same word used a lot in God of Music)

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