Coder Lee Yongho – Chapter 103: Black Friday (3)

Discrimination and comparison.

Criticisms and rebukes gave Steve a type of catharsis. However, this didn’t mean that he did this to anyone.

If so, then he may have been gotten fired already.

Steve had a clear standard.

And that was ability.

If someone was not up to his standard, then he would break that person with logic.

“I said design it with scaling out as the basis. You did something and you’re approaching it from a DevOps point of view?”


It was a type of methodology to see development and management in one view. There were many practical methods within it as well. The techniques used in DevOps included Docker or cloud.

“We’re preparing to apply the Docker to make scaling out possible as soon as possible……”

“So, the test script? What about the results of the test you used scaling out on?”

“We have the test script ready, but as for the scaling out results……”

“What are you going to do if the speed isn’t up to par on the day itself when you’re using scaling out?”

“To implement an environment for commercial use as well, the equipments are lacking and……”

“You could have made the equipments as close to the real one as possible on the cloud system and test it!”

Steve’s voice increased. Silicon Valley was made of people from many different races.

An accordingly open-minded culture was taking place as well.

However, that just meant that there was an open-minded culture, not that everyone had that line of thought.

Steve’s reactions were more violent towards Asian technicians than white ones.

“Yellow monkeys, really…….”

The end was always like this.

He always finished with malice and a personal attack.

He made those capable his own, and those incapable leave the company.

There was no need for the company to fire them too.

Surprisingly, the people who the company was about to fire were already gone as they left on their own.

This was all thanks to Steve.

This was another one of the reasons why the company gave him an important position despite his rude language.

One of the people who participated in the meeting with Steve was standing with a box in his arms. Various furniture he used in the room was inside the box.

“What are you going to do by leaving now?”

“I can’t hold it anymore.”

“But it’s Black Friday soon, if you aren’t here……”

“He will do well by finding a capable person or something. *Spit*!.”

Pretending to spit on the floor as if he didn’t want to see this place again, the man kicked the door to the office and left.

The man left and Dave approached YongHo.


“Y, yeah.”

“I saw that Steve was at the meeting last time as well. He might have the skills but be careful.”

Rather, YongHo find Dave interesting since he was the one to tell him all this.

He found it surprising that Dave had an interest in the situations within the company.

“You were that interested in the people of the company?”

YongHo’s words made Dave’s face become colored in panic. Then, Jessie, who was on the side, spoke up.

“I will tell you that. It’s because Dave @!#$%^.”

Dave quickly blocked Jessie’s mouth with his own hand.


Dave’s scream could be heard. Jessie didn’t stay still either. She had bitten Dave’s finger which was blocking her mouth.

“It’s nothing great, so why are you preventing me?!”


Dave groaned like a wet dog, but that didn’t stop Jessie.

“Dave was originally in Steve’s team, but he tried to go against him when he was knocked down in technical ability as well. Like how you won against Mark last time. Then, he came over to the current team.”

YongHo was smiling since he found their quarrel very interesting. They must be able to produce such a scene due to being close to each other.

However, it seemed like Dave took his smile in a different way.

“Y, you’re smiling?”

Dave headlocked YongHo.

“Kehk, so, sorry. Le, let go.”


Dave didn’t let YongHo go for a while. Fortunately, since James, who was nearby, helped him out, YongHo could leave Dave’s clutches.


The Bug Window was dependent on the specification document so there was a limit to optimization.

It did not enable him to go beyond the specification and change the structure itself.

What he changed was just a part.

He changed part by part to optimize the source.

He changed the parts where he declared a variable that used 100 units of memory when he only needed 10 units.

He also changed parts where he had to investigate 1 to 100, each by each, so that he could go to the next step immediately after a result came out.

He was doing this since investigating up to 100 when the result came out at 50, was inefficient.

The Bug Window guided him in editing those parts.

Having edited all the elements that the Bug Window showed him, he ran the program.

‘Any more will be difficult.’

!!!!!Pass fail!!!!!

Compressibility : 41.5%

The result was a fail with 41.5%.

This was the final result that YongHo got with the help of the Bug Window.

‘Is any more impossible?’

Even this was a great achievement.

Although YongHo didn’t know it, Jeff’s result showed a performance of 25%.

Compared to that, his was better by 1.7 times.

‘Hm……Should I apply this for now?’

If he could not increase the performance anyway, then it didn’t sound so bad to test using this.

He didn’t bother uploading the source to the storage.

Currently, many sources were coming up in the branch.

If there was anything suitable, YongHo combined it with the master.

YongHo had become the committer like Son SeokHo, and the company people became like An ByungHoon, a contributor.

Even now, many people edited bits of YongHo’s source and were uploading their source onto branch.

He did not want to block their passion by uploading the answer that the Bug Window told him.

While YongHo was busy developing the module to increase server performance, each of the fields were taking shape.

Lucia, who was developing the front-end app, and Mark, who was developing the web, uploaded their prototype builds onto the server.

The back-end work, the database, was already completed, and the development of the module to increase server performance were all going to their respective places like in a puzzle.

For the image processing, the last piece of the puzzle, YongHo looked for Na DaeBang.

“DaeBang, how is the library going?”

“I think I will finish it if you give me a few more days.”

Na DaeBang wasn’t only playing around. Here, there were many technicians that he couldn’t find in Shinseki.

If one had the interest and the effort, then the opportunity to learn was everywhere. Freedom was guaranteed during work hours, and due to being given a salary that was on a different plane to Korea, many had leisure time.

Leisure took shape as consideration to other people.

The people in the company didn’t find the questions that Na DaeBang were asking them as annoying and calmly replied to each one.

Those considerations lead to Na DaeBang’s growth.


“Hyung-nim. I wasn’t only playing around!”

“I know. I’m very well aware.”

Na DaeBang’s passion was hotter than anyone’s. YongHo also worked late into the night at the company, but Na DaeBang took his laptop home and worked, and studied under Dave’s teachings.

One week, he was studying by following Dave, and another week, he studied under James.

His hard work was about to take fruit.

“You should rest too for a few days, Hyung-nim.”

He seemed worried about YongHo, who was forcing himself every day.

Due to the forced march, the prototype was finished faster than expected. Moreover, YongHo had also developed a module to increase the server’s performance in a revolutionarily fashion.

Going beyond diligence, he worked with tenacity.

Na DaeBang could come here too only because he had worked tenaciously as well.

“Yes, I should doze off for a little.”

Perhaps due to being in front of a computer screen all day, his eyes were hurting.

And his eyelids closed on their own.

Like what Na DaeBang said, he felt like he should rest a little.


The atmosphere in the meeting room was very heavy. The day when the system would be overloaded was coming, but the preparation state wasn’t up to what Steve wanted.

“You guys do know that Black Friday is one week from now, right?”


How many users can we handle every day?”

“About 80 million……”

“I thought you knew that overseas customers are increasing rapidly nowadays……”

Steve paused for a moment.

This meant that he was not in a good mood. The developers all became nervous when they saw that.

They couldn’t think about anything else either.

“If it wasn’t for me, would we be able to keep those 80 million users?”

This was the reason why no programmers participating in this meeting could say anything. If it wasn’t for Steve, there was no was no way they could handle 80 million users a day.

Steve himself participated in developing and proceeded the server performance increase progress from the code level. Only like that did the current results come out.

“We’re doing a scale out test using the Docker, so we’re expecting that 100 million people would come inside the coverage.”

One of the developers said with courage.

However, he could only shrink back.

“I want 200 million, not 100.”


“Are you limiting our company?”

Steve criticized as if he didn’t like it. He treated limiting the users per day the same as limiting the scale of the company.

In Steve’s thoughts, if the population of the world was six billion, then he should be able to cover six billion users.

Because his company was the best in the world.

“There’s one week left. If you don’t develop a server that could handle 200 million requests at the same time, then you should be prepared.

Steve gave out his ultimatum.

It was obvious that the faces of the programmers in that meeting turned pitch black.

Black Friday wasn’t only Steve’s interest.

The creation of the internet connected the world into one.

People all over the world took interest in Black Friday, and they all wanted to access Jungle, the most famous internet shopping mall in the world.

This day was the only day of the year where the number of users accessing Jungle became the most, and at the same time, the day where they could make the most profit out of.
Obviously, the management people became interested, and the executive members of the company as well.

“Well, overseas sales are increasing so that’s reasonable.”

YongHo woke up due to the mutterings on his side.

“A server to cover 200 million users a day… Is it possible?”

Having just woken up, YongHo could only hear the last part.”

Is it possible?

Of course it is.

“…It, it’s possible.”


“It, it’s possible.”

Rubbing his sleepy eyes, YongHo muttered, half-asleep. Jessie, who was talking on the side, looked at YongHo as if he was absurd.

“Sleep some more.”

Jessie knew the situation since she was watching right next to him, but the other people didn’t.

Even without this, YongHo’s name was becoming increasingly famous within the company.

The talent to replace Steve.

A genius with endless potential.

The hidden disciple of the genius, Jeff Done.

Etc. Rumors about YongHo were as large as they could get. His insignificant words just now also added onto that bloating balloon of rumors.

If YongHo stepped in, handling 200 million users a day is nothing.

The length of the rumor was only one line, but the weight of it wasn’t light at all.

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