Coder Lee Yongho – Chapter 107: Becoming a New Person Every Day (1)

Jeff spat out the yellow liquid in his mouth as he was drinking a glass of beer.
His face said ‘that’s absurd.’
However, YongHo, in front of him, was only baffled.
The ‘secretion’ from Jeff’s mouth had covered his clothes.
“*Spit* *Spit*, Hey, what was that for?!”
YongHo hurriedly wiped the alcohol on his body using the napkins he could see around him.
Yu SoHyun, on his side, also helped him hurriedly.
However, Jeff wasn’t interested in any of that.
“What did you just say? Say it again.”
“Say what again.”
YongHo brushed away the beer on his clothes. Thankfully, since it was alcohol, he didn’t get any bad smell on him.
“What was the performance of the compression library?”
“A little over 40%. Jeff’s has over 50% though, no?”
YongHo said like it was nothing, but Jeff, as the receiving side, wasn’t quite like that.
Jeff spoke hurriedly as if he had gotten excited.
“40%? You got over 40%? Aren’t you lying to me?”
“Why would I lie? Thanks to that, I got promoted and even got a raise in salary. Isn’t that why I’m treating you all to dinner today like this?”
“No way. That’s not possible. There’s no way that’s possible…….”
The excited Jeff was now muttering to himself.
He looked like an insane guy.
YongHo thought that Jeff was drunk since they had all grandly drunk a glass.
“If you’re drunk, then let’s go home.”(T/N: How to treat people to less food, get them drunk)
“Let’s go.”
“Okay, let’s stand up. Where was your house again?”
“House? What are you talking about. I’m saying let’s go see that program you spoke of.”
“Come again?”
“Stand up already. Let’s go.”
YongHo helplessly stood up due to Jeff’s urging.
Jeff hurried as if possessed by a ghost.
Like a madman, Jeff grabbed YongHo’s wrist.
“We don’t have to go anywhere. I always carry my laptop with me.”
Since there were cases where he might have to work at home, his bag always carried the laptop.
“Then let’s go to my company.”
Jeff hurriedly left the venue while grabbing YongHo’s hand.
Thanks to that, the payer had disappeared.
Thanks to that, Jonathan’s face cringed hard.
And one more, Yu SoHyun’s expression didn’t look that well either.

Having come to the company, Jeff kept urging YongHo.
“Let’s see it quickly.”
“Hey, at least let me get the laptop on.”
YongHo was annoyed in the end after seeing Jeff act like a child.
However, his vexation didn’t enter Jeff’s ears at all.
Jeff’s mind was only on YongHo’s source.
“Almost done.”
YongHo put on the source on the booted laptop.
Jeff sat down and didn’t move a muscle.
Like that, an hour had passed.

No conversation went past.
The office, late at night.
Only silence filled the area.
YongHo had fallen asleep due to the fatigue that the dawn and the alcohol had gave him.
“Just what is your identity?”
He felt like he had heard Jeff’s voice along with a stuffy smell of cigarettes.
YongHo, who was dozing off, woke up from his sleep. He was still half-asleep.
“…You’ve finished going through it?”
“Are you making fun of me?”
“Why did you ask me to teach you until now?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Can’t you tell what you just did?”
His chaotic mind had become clear in an instant.
He felt like the alcohol in his body had all evaporated.
Illegal use of source code.
He only thought of that.
He thought that Jeff had become angry since he had copied a lot of the source.
Moreover, he had even applied it on the company’s commercial server.
There was no room for excuses.
“Th, that’s because Jeff gave me permission to refer to the source, and I slightly edited the source as well but……”
Jeff stared holes at YongHo, who was stuttering his excuses.
It was as if his eyes were shooting fire.
He kept staring at YongHo without saying anything.
YongHo had put out excuses that he had thought of.
“Not just slightly… I edited quite a lot, so I can’t say that this is Jeff’s source alone.”
At that point, Jeff glared at him even stronger.
Flinching at those eyes, YongHo spoke in a mosquito like voice.
“Ah, o, of course, the original author is Jeff.”
“No, this isn’t mine anymore. What I wanted to hear isn’t about that.”
“How can you optimize to that point? How can you see everything in tens of thousands of lines of code without missing a ‘dot’? Just how do you see the code as to… perfect the source without a single dot of unnecessity?”
Since he had received the help of the Bug Window, YongHo couldn’t say anything.
His conscience pricked him too much to say that he had finished this alone by himself.
Jeff also couldn’t believe it, but he now had no choice but to.
It was always like this.
Meeting this guy always ended in unexpected happenings.
He produced results unimaginable to Jeff like magic.
He knew since he had constructed this architecture himself.
25% efficiency.
It could not go above 25% without Koogle’s data.
However, the results in front of him were speaking otherwise.

‘With my hands, it’s not possible.’

However, if it goes into YongHo’s hands, it becomes reality.
“Just what are you?”
Jeff asked again.
YongHo couldn’t say anything again.
However, Jeff inwardly knew.
The person that was better than himself.
He just hadn’t acknowledged that fact.


Na DaeBang, who came to work, was expressing exaggerated disappointment.
He seemed to have heard of yesterday’s matters, more like, he knew exactly what happened there.
“Traitor.”(T/N: Actually says ‘betrayer’ but…)
When Na DaeBang muttered that behind YongHo, Dave copied him.
“Go away already.”
This had been going on for 30 minutes already.
YongHo couldn’t handle it anymore and stood up from his seat.
“Did you finish your work?”
“I uploaded it already, sir traitor.”
“I treated to everything you want normally without even receiving room rent. Just what is your problem?”(T/N: Huh? Room rent? What?)
“You treated people of another company to a meal, but you never did that with us.”
Dave seemed to be infected by it as he kept muttering that on the side.
His face full of pranks was conveying the current situation well.
YongHo seemed fed up wit hthis joke as he spoke in surrender.
“I will treat you all to a meal if the service stabilizes, okay? We’ll have it at the place you want, so stop this and go work.”
“Hyung-nim, you promised, okay?”
“Okay, I get it already.”
YongHo spoke in surrender. Dave and Na DaeBang seemed delighted after YongHo said that he would treat them to a meal, as they were deciding on where to go.
“He really learns the wrong things off people…….”
YongHo clicked his tongue while looking at them.
Dave was the fastest to absorb the alcohol culture of Korea that Na DaeBang had spread around.
Dave, who quickly gets absorbed once he was into anything, was absorbed in the alcohol culture.
“They should work like that.”
Jessie, on the side, also clicked her tongue. However, it seemed like the two hadn’t heard her at all.
“Should we go with liquor+beer this time?”(Dave)
“That’s good!”(Na DaeBang)
It was like becoming a new person everyday.
Dave had now learned the taste of the mixture of liquor and beer.
While Dave and Na DaeBang were thinking about what to eat out, the service they were preparing for several months was only awaiting release.

There was a gate that all programs had to go through.
Otherwise known as QA(Quality assurance).
The service YongHo produced was also the same.
‘It’s better than I had expected……’
Such was YongHo’s opinion after receiving the test report.
When he did a project in Korea, numerous bugs would pop up.
Not only the amount of bugs occurring numbered quite a lot, the bugs that appeared while editing the source weren’t small either.
3 pages of A4.
This amount could be said to be very good.
Moreover, most of the bugs were occurring in the app that Lucia had developed.
Considering that she was a rookie, and had to cover a lot of devices, she had become much better than before.
‘I had to call her everyday too at first.’
During the initial stages of the development, he had just sat her next to him while developing.
Such things were changing by the day.
‘Even so, there are a lot of bugs……’
That wasn’t enough.
Lucia was the one who produced the most bugs in the team.
Of course, it was also because the team had a lot of capable people.
But even so, he couldn’t help but be disappointed.
‘Should I try teaching her like how I was taught?’
The time when he was not even able to use a mouse after being half forced, half of his own will.
The experience of not being able to use an IDE which compiled real time and told him where he errors were.
He felt like Lucia’s skills would increase if he taught her that.

“Did you see the report that came out?”
The dejected Lucia’s voice became like a mosquito.
She knew better than anyone that the majority of the report was covered with her own name.
“So, you know what? Do you have any intention in doing as I say?”
“I think your skills might increase if you do as I say. How about it?”
“I, I will do it. I will definitely do it.”
Lucia ardently nodded her head.
YongHo was someone who might become a chief level personnel in the future.
If it wasn’t now, she would lose the chance to speak to him forever.
“Then in the future, don’t use the mouse, much less the IDE when coding.”
“Don’t use the internet if possible too, okay?”
“Yes……”(T/N: You can make android apps without using android studio? How?)
Lucia found it difficult to accept, but she barely replied.
YongHo also read the complaint in Lucia’s expression.
However, she would only know when she tried it.
Like how it worked on him, this would make Lucia step further.

“…What the hell’s happening right now?”
No mouses could be seen within the office.
It was the same with Dave and Na DaeBang.
The bigger problem was that there was no IDE window anywhere.
All of them were coding in a Linux CLI(Command Line Interface) environment.
“Na DaeBang, what are you doing right now?”
“I asked you what you’re doing right now.”
From behind Na DaeBang, who was tackling against the black console window, YongHo made a devil-like expression.
Perhaps having read the violent aura in his expression, Na DaeBang flinched.
“Di, didn’t you say that my skills would increase if I do this, hyung-nim?”
“…Are you trying to mock me?”
“Wh, what do you mean?”
“If not for that, do you think it makes sense to build on the console without using the IDE and debug? When would we release the service then? I can only think of this as your riot since I’m being promoted to chief.
“N, no. I only heard Lucia saying that you said to do it like this……”
Na DaeBang moved back while flinching.
The wheeled chair seemed to have difficulties in bearing Na DaeBang’s weight as it kept screaming.
“Is Lucia the same as you?”
YongHo’s voice was loud as if meaning for everyone to hear it.
“Lucia’s a newbie. And I’ve got her covered to a certain point, but you doing this only means for me to wipe you ass.”
His loud voice became calm again.
Although it did, it gave out an even more eerie feeling.
Na DaeBang’s chair also seemed to have run into a wall as it didn’t move back anymore.
“Plug the mouse and open the IDE, and plug the LAN line too, okay?”
Na DaeBang could only nod like crazy.
The other people within the office all hurriedly ran the IDE, and plugged the mouses into the computer.
Even though he hadn’t been promoted to chief yet, YongHo was influencing the entire office.

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