Coder Lee Yongho – Chapter 108: Becoming a New Person Every Day (2)

Once the service was released, then that service would be monitored specially.
It was to prevent the trust in the service from going down by catching the errors at the start.
“How many until now?”
“None, sir.”
“I, I don’t understand how this is happening either but there isn’t a single complaint yet.”
Even the employee in charge of monitoring shook his head as if he didn’t understand what was happening.
He looked very confused.
However, the computer wouldn’t be lying.

0 cases.
In the last week, not a single bug had occurred in the service that YongHo had released.
“Does that even make sense? There’s nothing from the web either?”
No matter how well an Indroid app was debugged, or how optimized it was, errors should still occur.
This was natural since one piece of software had to cover for a variety of devices.
Such a natural thing hadn’t happened.
“Didn’t you see wrong? Here, let me see.”
The person in charge went out of the way, and the man who looked like the superior took his seat.
By clicking the refresh button several times, he reloaded the monitoring screen.
However, the results didn’t change.
Bugs 0.
Not a single bug had occurred.
The employees’ trust in YongHo had only become firmer.

Error makes users very annoyed. (T/N: I experienced this just yesterday… the logcat in Android Studio just won’t work)
A single error would make the users turn away and the app would be deleted from the users’ smartphones.
Numerous apps had been deleted that way.
The developers worked through errors day and night to induce the users into using the app for a long time.
The web was slightly better.
Most people didn’t mind a few reloading sessions.
The service that was produced with YongHo as the center didn’t annoy the consumers even once.
Was it due to that?
As time passed, positive feedbacks came from those users.
This meant the users of the service would increase.
“Won’t you really be promoted to chief at this rate?”
“Who knows?”
“Didn’t the CEO promise you himself?”
“That he did…”
The service was smooth sailing to the point that even YongHo had a slight expectation towards it.
There were no bugs either so the office was very peaceful.
“But why does that guy keep annoying you?”
Na DaeBang tilted his head slightly and looked towards a corner of the office.
This was where Kenneth sat.
He pretended to look at the monitor while sneaking glances towards where YongHo was at. He looked very suspicious.
“That’s what I want to say……”
“Should I go to him and give him some ‘nice words’?”
Na DaeBang didn’t seem to like Kenneth at all.
YongHo was no different.
From the moment he was in the seminar, he felt that Kenneth had something against him.
Especially recently, since he was close to Lucia in order to teach her, Kenneth’s eyes became even more vicious.
“Leave it. He will leave the company soon.”
“I looked into it and it looks like his back stinks a lot.”


Please re-confirm your ID or your password.
Unregistered ID or wrong password.

Kenneth’s expression was full of panic.
No matter how many times he tried, he couldn’t log in with his company account.
He definitely used the same ID and password to log in before he had lunch, but perhaps due to the system, it suddenly didn’t work.
Kenneth called the computational management employee.
“Currently, I cannot log in with my account.”
“There was a request to freeze your account. Please talk to them.”
There was no need for Kenneth to go to them.
He knew better than anyone about what it meant for his mail account to freeze.
Just as he ended the call with an absent-minded expression, someone called for him.
It was the HR Manager that Kenneth knew very well.
It was also someone who YongHo met while negotiating for his annual salary.

At Will.
Do what you want.
The phrase that conveyed the flexible employment culture of America very well.
Kenneth thought that he was unjustifiably fired.
The service was safely launched, and not once did he slack in his job.
There was no way the HR Manager’s words would enter his ears.
“If you really want to hear it, then I can say it to you, but I’m not saying it since I think it’s better for you to not listen to it.”
“I need to listen to it.”
The HR Manager pressed the enter key in the laptop in front of him.

Pzzzt, pzt.
-Not long after I entered, he was suddenly standing behind me. I wondered what was happening and looked back to see that he was sniffing. I was so shocked and asked him what he was doing, but he just turned away and went about his business.
A woman’s voice flowed out through the laptop speaker. Then, another woman’s voice could be heard.
-Someone suddenly placed his hand on my waist. I was so shocked and screamed unintentionally.
The last was Lucia’s voice.
-I said I didn’t like it.
A familiar man’s voice was recorded as well.
-Will you keep coming out like this?
-I will take my leave.
-Where do you think you’re going!

“I don’t think I need to hear anymore of that. Just find it fortunate that the company hadn’t sued you. Well, I don’t know whether the women here might sue you or not.”
Kenneth couldn’t hold his head up in embarrassment.
And he had no choice but to pack his stuff on that day.
Nobody had greeted him out while he was leaving the office.
Rumors about him had already spread around the company.
Instead, he only received cold gazes.


“Thank you.”
Lucia’s eyes looking at YongHo were full of admiration. YongHo likely knew this because he once had the same eyes.
“It was nothing.”
“Commuting to the company has become a lot easier.”
It was painful to come to the company every morning.
Kenneth’s gaze that seemed to scan every part of her body turned blatant by the day.
He didn’t give up after being rejected once.
If it wasn’t for YongHo, the one to leave the company would be her.
“Well, good for you. Work hard from now on.”
After going through many incidents, he had become considerably closer to Lucia.
Now, they weren’t so awkward even when they were alone together.
YongHo stood up first and walked in the front.
Lucia, who was looking at him with a gaze of admiration, looked at him for a moment.
Now, it seemed like her gaze of admiration had a tinge of longing in it.

Just as he entered the office with Lucia, firecrackers popped around his head and flakes fell down onto his head.
“Wh, what the hell? You guys again! Is the office a playground?!”
YongHo shouted since he thought they were playing around.
Even so, Dave was still smiling.
However, there was something strange.
It wasn’t only Dave. The majority of the members of the office were surrounding YongHo.
Amongst them was the familiar HR Manager.
“Wh, what is this?”
“On what?”
“You’ve received the first Clean Code award of the company!”
YongHo was still confused.
If not a single bug occurred after a service was released, then a Reputation of Clean Code would be awarded.
No one was awarded this prize since the company was founded.
Not only reputation, he would be given a medal made of pure gold as well.
Clean Code if a bug didn’t occur after two weeks.
Perfect Code if a bug didn’t occur after a month.
This was one of the company’s policies that placed importance in stability other than technology.
Currently, the code YongHo had written had no bugs for two weeks so he was awarded the Clean Code Award.
“There’s something like that?”
“Yes. Even we didn’t know such a thing existed, but the CEO himself had told us.”
Said the HR Manager with the pure gold medal in his hands.
This was definitely a policy within the company.
However, not once was it awarded within 10 years.
As such, this policy was as good as not being there.
“Th, there are all sorts of things…”
“Please accept this.”
A medal made of pure gold was hung on YongHo’s neck.
On the medal, 0’s and 1’s were carved alternately. (T/N: That’s SO SAD), The HR Manager, who had hung the medal on Yongho, whispered in a secretive voice.
“It would become a Perfect Code if no bugs occur for two more weeks. Do you know what the award for a Perfect Code is?”
“I, I don’t.”
“100 thousand dollars in cash.”(T/N: That must be heavy)
“Then we’ll look forward to it!”

He just found this unreal.
He thought whether this was okay or not.
Matters that made him happy came at him endlessly.
“Hyung-nim. Five days left.”
It looked like Na DaeBang was looking forward to it more than him.
His strong will to get a meal out of YongHo once the Perfect Code was awarded could be felt.
“Somehow, it looks like you’re looking forward to this more than me?”
“Isn’t Hyung-nim’s matter my matter?”
“…I wish that your intentions were pure.”
“Heeey, there are no guys more pure than me.”
“You look like a bandit though.”
“4 days 23 hours 19 minutes 31 seconds left.”
Na DaeBang covered his ears without even listening to YongHo.
Then he started counting by the second.
“4 days 23 hours 19 minutes 30 seconds left.”
“4 days 23 hours 19 minutes 29 seconds left.”
“Get lost!”
“4 days 23 hours 19 minutes 28 seconds left.”
“This guy learned strange things from Dave as well…”
It seemed like Na DaeBang had taught Dave the alcohol culture of Korea while Dave taught Na DaeBang how to rile up another person.
Also, without needing for Na DaeBang to count, time flowed quickly.

Perfect Code.
Is there such thing as a perfect code in this world?
There must be no programs without bugs.
Since, once such a program was born, numerous programmers would despair.
Now there was only 20 minutes left.
Until a perfect code was born.
“Didn’t the matter become too big?”
“The value of a technology may not be apparent in the sales immediately. We already know this from experience. However, great technology will see light after being carved by a master. So you don’t have to be so tense.”
The CEO’s words from next to him was instead what made him tense.
The service was stabilizing, but it wasn’t like it was producing amazing results.
It wasn’t like the users were increasing explosively, nor were the sales rapidly increasing.
Despite that, the people related to technology within the company were all gathering.
A monitor was installed on the screen where YongHo did the seminar before.
The main purpose of it was for a countdown.

18 minutes 12 seconds.
13 minutes 8 seconds.

The final 3, 2, 1 was shouted by everyone in the hall.
The developers didn’t go into despair, but rejoiced at the birth of a new genius.
Their shouts were directed towards YongHo alone.
This was the day when a service that didn’t produce any bugs for an entire month, was born.
Sales due to the service didn’t matter. (T/N: Why not just release a ‘Hello World’ app then…)
“I don’t think I need to think through this anymore. You will be promoted to Chief starting tomorrow so please do your best for us in the future as well.”
The CEO’s hand that grabbed YongHo’s two hands were very solid.
To the point that he wouldn’t be able to let go easily.

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Editor: st8_lupe

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