Coder Lee Yongho – Chapter 109: Becoming a New Person Every Day (3)

The youngest and the quickest to become a ‘Chief Software Architect’.
Those vague rumors had come true.
Not a single bug was reported for a month.
The service YongHo had released was suggested for the Perfect Code of the company, and regardless of the achievements of the service, regardless of the compression module he had made, his promotion was decided.
Two promotions within one year.
Moreover, the first Asian Chief-ranked engineer.
Even though this was the Silicon Valley, this was considerably shocking.
Shocking news came with a shocking increase in salary.
It was different from Korea, where salary increased only once a year.
The moment he was promoted, his salary went with it.
“That’s nice.”
Seeing the offered yearly salary, YongHo found it hard to hide his joyous expression.
He was pretending to be calm by using the word ‘nice’, but one of his cheeks was twitching.
“This will be applied starting next month.”

After the yearly salary re-negotiation, what YongHo had met was a group of people that liked to tease him.
“Is it finally today?”
“Okay, let’s go dammit!”
“He says let’s go!”
Shouted Na DaeBang, and the others cheered as a result.
Was it due to him preaching Korean culture?
Some, who had synchronized Korean culture into their own, shouted along with Na DaeBang.

Whiskey + Beer.
Infinite loop.
And a cut-off memory.
He woke up to find himself at 1 pm on Saturday.
When he went downstairs to the living room, there were unexpected guests.
Dave couldn’t come out of his room due to the overdrinking from last night.
Only Na DaeBang was boiling an unidentifiable soup, trying to get himself out of the hangover.
“Oh, he’s here.”
YongHo lightly nodded to Jeff, as their eyes met each other. Next to Jeff was a man he had never seen before.
Coming down, YongHo asked Jeff.
“What are you doing here at this hour?”
YongHo couldn’t help but wonder. This person didn’t even call him normally.
Although that was starting to change recently, coming to his home like this was a very rare thing for him to do.
“Of course, I came here to talk about something. Let’s go outside for a moment.”
“We have something to talk about with this sir here, so let’s go outside for a moment.”
As if to force him outside, Jeff urged YongHo.
“Do you know that you’re kinda impatient nowadays?”
“…It’s all because of you.”
YongHo doubted his ears. But he hadn’t heard wrong.
Jeff’s next words were the proof.
“I said it’s all because of you, so get dressed and come out.”

Drinking in the fresh air outside, his burning head cooled down a little.
To YongHo, who was shaking his head several times to clear his head, the man he had never seen before, greeted him.
“I’m the investment manager at Koogle.”
“Ah, yes……”
He accepted the hand, since he couldn’t reject it. While he was shaking hands, YongHo looked towards Jeff.
He required an explanation.
“He’s the man who’s managing the investment to our company. I said that I’ll meet him along with you. Didn’t I say it before? Join my company.”
“State you conditions. I want to catch you no matter whatever the costs.”
A strong will could be felt from Jeff’s words. He remembered the handshake that he had with the CEO.
That hand was also very solid.
“Please wait a moment.”
The one who introduced himself as the Investment Manager stopped Jeff’s words.
“W, we never gave our permission yet. We want to proceed after a simple talk.”
“Ah, really… I said there’s no doubt about his abilities and yet…… “
Jeff didn’t seem to like it, but took a step back anyway.
Whatever the case, this man held the finances of his company.
“Can we first see the library that Mr. YongHo had created?”
“That’s in the house…”
Since he came out in a rush, he took nothing with him.
And also, he instantly felt a little rejection thinking that his opponent was testing him. His current company, although as big as Koogle, was fighting for the first place in the Internet Shopping industry.
Moreover, he was a Chief-ranked developer.
If it was before, he would have begged for the test, but it wasn’t like that now.
He didn’t want to think of himself as being in the inferior position.
“Ah, I have with me, a simple problem, can you solve it?”
The Investment Manager intended to test YongHo by whatever the means.
It seems like he hadn’t done his homework, despite being called the ‘Investment Manager’.
YongHo realized after looking at Jeff’s creased face.
‘So it was Jeff who urged this guy……’
The Investment Manager seemed to have thought that YongHo had come over to Jeff’s side already. That was probably why he was talking about tests.
However, YongHo’s opinion was different.
“Why should I?” (T/N: Savage)
Ignoring the flabbergasted Investment Manager, YongHo looked towards Jeff.
“Jeff. I feel really grateful that you’ve taught me until now. Although you probably won’t do this, if you have anything to ask me in the future, I will gladly answer with whatever I have. However, this doesn’t seem so nice, does it? You suddenly came to me on a weekend, and came to test me? And also, I’ve been promoted to Chief-ranked engineer as of yesterday. It’s wouldn’t so nice if rumors about chief-ranked engineers going around and taking tests, spread out.”
Although he talked to Jeff, the Investment Manager’s expression turned sour. Jeff quickly asked for YongHo’s understanding.
“I said it before, but I don’t want to test you. As I said many times, I will give you the conditions you want, as long as it’s within my capabilities, so let’s work together. That’s the reason I came here.”
“Then shouldn’t you give me those ‘conditions’ first?”
YongHo came out strong while he was at it.
Jeff took out a sheet of paper.
From the conversation, the Investment Manager had long since been excluded.
It seemed like Jeff, who anyone would say is one of the best programmers in the world, was the one requesting.
YongHo looked at the paper on the table.

Only one condition came into his eyes.
3% stock options.
As of yet, this was worth about 30 million won. (T/N: Around 27K USD)
This kind of stock used the method of issuing new stocks, and he would be able to sell it after two years.
“Although it’s only 30 million won now, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes 300 million or even 3 billion. You should know my ability, and I also acknowledge you now.”
There wasn’t that much of a difference in salary compared to his PREVIOUS salary. (T/N: So, his salary before he became chief)
The important thing was the options.
The stock option attracted him.
LIke what Jeff said, YongHo knew of Jeff’s ability more than anyone else.
His technical ability could never be called ordinary.
“Please give me time to think.”
“One week. Please decide by then.”
Taking the contract paper, YongHo stood up first.
Behind him, he could hear Jeff’s picky attitude.
“If you’re going to be like this, we will not receive investments from you. We have plenty of other investors.”
Jeff’s voice was louder than his ordinary voice this time.
As if he was willing for YongHo to be able to hear it.

When he went back into the house, Dave and Na DaeBang were eating an unidentifiable red soup.
As their spoons were moving too fast, it would be more correct to say that they were drinking rather than eating it.
“Hyung-nim, I made this using the hangover-specialized recipe. Please take a spoon.”
Na DaeBang waved while calling to YongHo.
Or such words he used to call him with before.
If he talked about Jeff’s offer, then he might really become one.
For Na DaeBang, it wasn’t a problem since he could take him, but Dave was the problem.
It was only thanks to Dave that he could start living an American life, far away from his homeland, and could adjust to the environment. Thinking cool-headedly from a social person’s perspective, YongHo’s success in America was largely due to Dave.
As such, the biggest regret he would have if he decided to leave the company was Dave.
“Come and sit here. I have something to talk about.”
They both seemed to read YongHo’s serious mood.
Both of them put down the spoon they had in their hand and sat on the sofa in the living room.

A sheet of paper was placed on the table.
YongHo spoke after putting down the contract paper he had received from Jeff.
“I was given an offer.”
“It was a person called Jeff Done, and he wanted me to work with him. This is the contract paper, and I haven’t signed it yet.”
“Oh! As expected of hyung-nim! That’s good.”
“Well, I have no complaints in the company I’m commuting to now, but I’m thinking about this since their conditions are quite good.”
“Yes, Dave. It’s that person you know.”
The playful attitude that Dave usually had couldn’t be seen anymore. Well, it didn’t become that serious either.
“So, what do you think of it?”
“As you see, the conditions aren’t that bad. What’s most attractive is that I’ll receive stock options and will be able to take as much as I work for it. Also, I received a lot of help from Jeff, and I think it will also be good if we work together in the future.”
YongHo’s thoughts were positive. It wasn’t only one or two things he had received help with from Jeff.
Above all, there was Jeff’s ability.
He was sure that he still had a lot of things to learn from Jeff.
YongHo had to go back to Korea some time in the future.
Although it was important to earn money, it was just as important to raise his skills.
Now, he had reached a certain level.
However, YongHo wanted to look at a wider sky.
“Jeff, Jeff. I’m very well aware of his skills.”
YongHo carefully spoke after seeing Dave’s reaction.
“In my opinion, it would be good if we went there together… How is it?”
“What about Jessie or James?”
Dave took out other people’s names.
They were important people to him.
“Of course.”
YongHo also agreed. (T/N: Jungle’s gonna hate him now)
Although he had to talk to Jeff to be sure, he didn’t feel that Jeff would refuse.
There were many programmers in the world, but skillful ones were rare.
Jessie and James both had the skills to go anywhere.
“They wanted my answer within one week.”
“Did you already set your mind on it?”
“Dave, I can’t live in America forever. I have to go back to Korea where my parents are, some time in the future. And before that, I need to experience as many things as possible and have to succeed financially. Although the Chief position in the company is also very attractive… I cannot stay there forever.”
“Yes, everyone has their own circumstances. Moving companies isn’t something wrong anyway.”
“Dave, I would be overjoyed if you come with me.”
“Yes, Dave hyung-nim. Come with us.”
Even Na DaeBang’s words didn’t enter Dave’s ears.
Dave only said ok before going back up into his room.

A photo on the desk.
Dave couldn’t take his eyes off of it.
‘It was fun then……’
The Dave in the photo didn’t look that different from his current figure. Only the background told that it was taken in his student days.
‘Jeff, Jeff-seonbae…..’
One woman and three men were smiling brightly within the photo.
The men were James and Jeff along with Dave, and the sole woman was Jessie.
‘YongHo is……’
…Going forward endlessly.
However, he was repeating the same routine every day in his current company.
As he had the skills, he didn’t worry about getting fired.
He only felt that he had stopped at some point.
Perhaps this was the reason why he liked YongHo so much.
Curiosity-wise, he wasn’t inferior to anyone.
Interestingly, YongHo kept throwing things at him that he might be curious about.
Something had changed within his stable life.
‘Well, James would come with me if I go.’
James and Dave were of one mind.
The most tragic city of America, Detroit.
The murder rate was 48.2 people per 100 thousand, which was 1.5 times higher than South Africa, which boasted the worst security in the world.
They had relied on each other in the city of crime hidden beneath the surface of the super country, America.
Although they didn’t share blood, they shared their lives.
‘Jessie would……’
It was hard for even Dave to predict what she would do.
However, he wanted to go there with her.
Dave stood up from his bed after looking at the photo for a while. (T/N: I thought the photo was on the desk…?) (E/N: He’s probably looking at the photo from a decent distance while sitting on the bed.)
‘Yes, this isn’t something I should drag on about. If I go to Jeff’s company… I need to settle it before we go there.’
Dave went downstairs to the living room like a madman.
In the living room, YongHo was hurriedly drinking the hangover-soup that Na DaeBang had made.

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