Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 11: To Meet Again Like This (2)

‘So she’s lost without being able to ask.’
YongHo clearly understood what kind of situation SuMin was in. Her pride didn’t permit her to ask YongHo. But then, if she asked her seniors, she was afraid that she would be thought as stupid or be scolded with ‘you don’t even know this?’ kind of line.
‘She’s a junior after all, so I should tell her. Well, it’s not anything difficult.’
YongHo, who was watching from the side knew why the Sql Developer wasn’t running and how to fix the problem.
“Oh! So, I have to add this AddVMOption-Xmx256M thing.”
It was a small voice. But to SuMin, who was next to him, it was clear.
“I wondered why it didn’t work. So the AddVMOption didn’t have to be in the file. If they wanted to explain, at least explain clearly….”
YongHo murmured again. At first, SuMin only thought it was annoying to hear YongHo murmuring. However, after listening, it seemed like it was the same problem she was experiencing.
‘Don’t tell me…’
SuMin added AddVMOption-Xmx256M on the last line of Sql Developer with a ‘Don’t tell me…’ kind of feeling.
Sql Developer Start!
The problem she was stuck on for ages was solved smoothly. The program ran normally.

YongHo’s IT world.
In his second year of college, He made this blog from SungGyu’s advice. After returning to school from military service, he frequently organized its contents. The posts until now amounted to over 300. A new post was added today.

-How to solve errors during downloading Sql Developer.

YongHo organized his blog after having finished setting the development environment, as ordered by assistant manager Seo. According to SungGyu, It would become a big asset if he organized his studies whenever something came up. While organizing blogs, he would look up various related contents and that also would become his knowledge.
‘I think this would do.’
An organized blog would help his studies, but it would also help him learn to organize posts. It was a helpful activity in various ways.


After organizing his blog, he accessed the SVN(Source version management tool) and downloaded the current project and the related source codes. A red cross(x) was marked on the sources that were downloaded locally..
Project Name: salesMng.
This was the project name he downloaded from SVN. There was a small cross(X) on the bottom right of the project name.
“You even downloaded the sources?”
Assistant manager Seo spoke to YongHo who was engrossed in his laptop monitor.
“Oh, assistant manager.”
“Aren’t you trying to hard?”
“Haha… It’s nothing.”
“How far did you get?”
“I have downloaded all the programs you told me, I just finished downloading the sources and I was about to access the testbed server and the DB server.”
“You got quite far. It’s only the first day, so don’t overdo it, and get off work.”
Looking at the clock, it was already over 6 o’clock. It was a 9 start 6 leave schedule. But at assistant manager Seo’s words of leaving, YongHo looked around to see that no one was leaving work.
“The others……”
“You will do overtime work in the future so go home early for today.”
“Even so, let’s……”
At YongHo’s words, SuMin frowned, SuMin already got up and was packing her stuff.
There were 2 interns.
One was packing and one said he would stay behind. To whom the better evaluation would go was obvious. YongHo’s actions felt like kiss-ass in SuMin’s view.
“Even if you stay behind, there isn’t anything you can help with, Mr. YongHo. So pack up already.”
YongHo could only pack up his belongings when assistant manager Seo repeated his words. The first day of intern ended like that.


The place that YongHo was sent to was a place that did the maintenance of a fashion company’s sales management system. Currently, they were at a stage where they just finished configuring the next-generation system and they were now on the stabilizing stage.
“That is all. Any questions?”
YongHo and SuMin were seated in a conference room. In front of them, assistant manager Seo put the PPT on, and, currently, he just finished explaining the system in which YongHo and SuMin was in. The contents were similar to when they heard Seon Min University’s course management system.
Both SuMin and YongHo sat there silently. Silence flowed in the conference room.
“If you don’t have any questions, then I will tell you the things that have to be done today.”
There was only one thing to do. They finished downloading the tools for developing programs so they needed to change the settings into the environment where they could develop programs.
“You have to finish changing the settings within today.”
Setting the development environment.
Normally they would first install the software, and right away, adjust the DB settings info and the settings to run the compiled sources downloaded from the SVN to run locally on the relevant software. However, considering YongHo and SuMin’s status as interns, he divided it into steps. (The software here refers to the development environment, or basically, coding software)
“You have to make the downloaded sources able to run in local environment, and using the information on the DB I gave you, you have to make each test DBs accessible, do you understand?”
“The work here is currently too busy, so even if you have anything to ask, try to use the internet, and if it still doesn’t work, then you can ask.”
“I understand.”
“Trying to look something up by yourself actually lasts longer in your memory. You won’t easily forget the knowledge you got from trial and error.”
At that moment, YongHo and SuMin were thinking similar things. That life here won’t be easy in the future. YongHo had the ability to fix bugs, but lacked experience. SuMin had good grades but was weak in practice.
“And to add one more thing, from today on, if you don’t complete the work I give you, you will work overtime.”
Overtime work.
YongHo had clearly seen it in the past few days. Even when he left work at 8 or even 9, no one in the office stood up from work. At that moment, YongHo was curious about overtime pay.
“If you work overtime, what do you do with meals or… transport?”
YongHo asked in a roundabout way.
“Meals will be given from the company and if you leave after 11 o’clock, then you can just claim it from the company after taking the taxi. As for overtime pay… you can think there is none.”
YongHo couldn’t say anything after hearing that there was no overtime pay from assistant manager Seo. It was the same for SuMin.
Probably trying to refresh the mood, assistant manager Seo spoke as he clapped.
“Well then, let’s get to work.”

Translator’s note

Regular chapter 1/4. Next one will be released in 47 hours from now.

Ugh! TL’ing is so hard, especially the technical parts. Unlike fantasy, you can’t just make things up…

MC such nice guy…, anyway MC will ‘meet someone’ in the next chapter! Look forward to it!

Thx for reading!

Translator : Chamber
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    1. Chamber Post author

      All Korean companies are slave companies. Then even make people work on the weekend

  1. antowibowo

    Looking forward to it! Technical stuff that is non fantasy must be harder to TL. I am somekind of an IT and sometimes reading the statements are hurting my head. Nevertheless TLing it. Really appreciate the hardwork you do here. Thank you!

  2. jacobpaige

    Well, this sounds like a crap company to work for. Though, as long as they don’t overload their employees, its still reasonable. They are salaried after all.

    Still, if crunch time is the only time, then the rest of his contract time is going to be hell. I wonder if he could break it and then pretend he never had an internship there? He’s still a student, so as long as the company hiring him didn’t do a deep background check, he should be able to get away with it. Assuming there’s not a massive fee for breaking the contract of course.

    1. Chamber Post author

      Korean companies (the big ones) are mostly like that. They overwork their employees.
      Basically squeeze’em dry and discard them. Usually IT employees have to retire at around 45 years old.

      1. jacobpaige

        I wonder why people would still want to work for them then. You’re not likely to have enough money to last the rest of your life if you retire at 45 from a company that habitually underpaid you.

        The MC would be better as a free lancer in that case. Especially if his English is good. Once he established his reputation as “Mr. Fix-it,” he could easily find a job at a foreign company where he’d be treated decently. European for preference (better health care).

        1. Chamber Post author

          It’s kinda related to confucianism culture:
          You are to be successful and pay gratitude to your parents. Somehow, ‘success’ is now related to getting into big companies.

          As for MC’s English skills…. It’s kinda obvious but I’ll just say that you will find out later

          1. jacobpaige

            Ah, so successful market campaigns likely changed the culture to benefit big companies then. Certainly not the first time. Still, I doubt he’ll get stuck with an abusive employer in the long term. Plot armor ftw and all that.

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