Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 17: Regular Monitoring (1)

Monday morning.
Kim WonHo looked for YongHo without fail.
“Did you do everything I told you to?” “I’ve done everything.”
“Let me have a look.”
YongHo opened the browser window and showed him on the screen what he developed over the weekend.
After testing for a while and finding no bugs, Kim WonHo couldn’t think of anything to say. He looked indifferently at YongHo and the screen in turns.
“Is there any problem?”
YongHo asked but Kim WonHo just kept clicking buttons without replying.
“No, You’ve done well. It’s perfect.”
YongHo knew that Kim WonHo was being sarcastic, so he didn’t bother replying.
“Then I’ll give you this week’s task. Miss SuMin, come to the conference room too.”
Kim Won Ho called YongHo and SuMin to the conference room to give them this week’s task. And Manager Choi stopped Kim WonHo who was about to go in.
“Assistant manager Kim, talk to me for a sec.”
“I am sorry but I have something to do right now.”
“I called you precisely for that.”
Nobody liked Kim WonHo because of this attitude. That’s why he was sent to Seon Min university where he could work alone and ultimately ended up here.
“What is it?”
“The tasks you give to the interns. Don’t you think you should go for a field study to the IDC?”
“The IDC?”
“Yes. Incidentally, we have go to the IDC for monitoring. I thought we could send them there at this opportunity.”
“Oh, then can we apply some of the minor bugs to the Sales Management Homepage?”
“Yes. The twisted button shape and the problem with the printing order of the posts.”
“Ok. that’s fine.”
There was nothing major to do during the monitoring, and you could leave work directly from there. It was a consideration from manager Choi to YongHo.


SuMin, YongHo and Kim WonHo were together in the conference room.
“You two both heard that, right? Tomorrow we’re going on a field-study to the IDC. Incidentally there’s regular monitoring so we are tagging along.”
YongHo and SuMin replied while nodding.
“Speaking of that, Mr. YongHo, you have the stuff you worked on, right?”
“The stuff I worked on?”
“Yeah, the file with the various bugs you fixed.”
Until now, in accordance with Kim WonHo’s orders, YongHo fixed various small bugs that occurred in the Sales Management Homepage. The bugs appeared in various places from JavaScript to HTML to the servlets, and all these contributed to raising YongHo’s skills.
“Oh, yes. I do have it.”
“Let’s upload it at this opportunity.”
“Upload it?”
“Yes, I’m saying let’s upload it on the commercial server.”
“I’ll look over it. So, send me all the files.”
“I understand.”
“SuMin, send me the ones you modified too.”
“Send it to me on the messenger as soon as you go back to your seat.”
YongHo and SuMin went back to their seats and sent the files they modified to Kim WonHo via messenger. That day, Kim WonHo didn’t give YongHo any special tasks so he could leave early. Or rather, It was Kim WonHo stayed behind after YongHo and SuMin had left.


There was a schedule for regular monitoring so assistant manager Park also gathered in the Mirae IT IDC in Gasan Digital Complex.
“Here, write your name.”
Following assistant manager Park’s guide, YongHo and SuMin wrote their contact information on the registry..
“Is it your first time here?”
IDC was located within a building in Gasan Digital Complex. With 3 floors altogether, a server room, a central control room, and the other floor was where the office was located.
“Yes, it is my first time.”
They sat with assistant manager Park on the leftmost side, then Kim WonHo, then SuMin, then YongHo on the rightmost side.

YongHo who was on the rightmost side, could only pick up a few things that Kim WonHo was talking about. Kim WonHo used the excuse of ‘being inconvenient to others’ while sitting next to SuMin to explain things in a small voice.
“You access the server in the server room you see there from the computer here. You will get used to it with time so just listen to it for now.”
“Yes, assistant manager.”
“Here, you can access each of the DB, web and the application servers. How many servers did I say that we were running?”
At Kim WonHo’s question, SuMin spoke vaguely and asked YongHo.
“How many were there?”
“2 DBs, 2 application servers, and 2 web servers. So 6 altogether, sir.”
“Then let’s access each server.”
For some reason, Kim WonHo was kindly explaining to YongHo. Then, they each started accessing each server from their own computers. SuMin was right next to him, so she could see, but from YongHo’s seat, he didn’t have a way of knowing what Kim WonHo did. Looking at that scene, assistant manager Park spoke.
“I’ll go out for a smoke, so YongHo, come and look from here.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Yes come and sit here.”
At assistant manager Park’s words of permission, YongHo who was trying to read Kim WonHo’s mood, directly went to the next seat and sat down. He had the ability to solve bugs, but that was all he had. Now, he had to learn everything he could. It wasn’t a time he should bring up his puny pride.
‘Kim WonHo, I’ll deal with you later.’
From the start, Kim WonHo could let both the interns sit next to him, but he purposely sat down next to assistant manager Park. And then he made SuMin sit next to him. He pushed YongHo far away.

After assistant manager Park went out to smoke and YongHo sat down, Kim WonHo accessed the server.
“From now, I’ll upload the files you sent me yesterday to a real server so have a careful look.”
Kim WonHo went to the Sales Management Homepage and opened a folder named temp. The modified files for the Sales Management Homepage that YongHo and SuMin sent were in there.
“Usually, we would verify it first with the QA team and then we would upload it using a configuration program, but for simple things like this you can sometimes directly upload it like this. Understand?”
The two could only nod. They couldn’t even judge if what Kim WonHo did was in accordance with the rules.
“Have a look at it carefully. First you switch the web server using the L4 switch.”
After speaking, Kim WonHo went to the network management page and switched the web server.
“For the switchover you can just do it on the settings on the web page like I did. Understand?”
YongHo and SuMin were feeling puzzled whenever he said ‘understand?’. It was the first time they heard of something like L4 after being born. The word ‘switchover’ was new to them too.
Whether YongHo understood or not, Kim WonHo didn’t mind and the explanation continued.
Like that, it was about 20 minutes before every process was finished.

(Note: For those people who don’t get what’s happening, basically, the L4 switch switches over between the commercial server and the private test server. From Coyo)

Translator’s note

Regular chapter 2/4

What’s Kim WonHo up to? Also, be sure to thank Coyo, if he wasn’t here I would’ve long since dropped this novel…

Thx for reading!

Translator : Chamber
Proofreader : Maled

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