Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 21: Three Hells of SI (2)

‘Phew… It isn’t easy here either.’
Manager Choi switched YongHo with SungGyu out of consideration. However, this place, the KO Telecom’s project, described by HyeJin could be summed up in one word.
-Sunbae, this place is hell! Hell! The gates of hell have opened.
Firstly, there was no reason for the client company employees to see YongHo directly. YongHo only had to see Kim WonHo. The work too, was minor things like fixing button shapes.
But not here.
There wasn’t enough manpower so each person had to do their job properly, and if there was a hole, then getting abused by superiors was the norm.
And No JunWoo.
As the representative of the client company, he was bossy to no end. HyeJin warned YongHo again and again to be careful around him. There were a lot of stories but she just said that he would know of it when it happens.
-You worked on webs while you were there so you would probably do webs here too. I’ll first show you how it’s done.
The work was not as simple as he thought.
First, the downloaded source is run, and the test progresses according to the test scenario. If an error occurs, that scenario ID and the error content is reported on the test result report. Then, the source is modified so that the error doesn’t happen, and when it is confirmed, it is committed to the SVN. After committing, edit the test result report so that the said error is changed to fixed.
The words were simple, but from the source editing to the document work, it wasn’t easy to match the alignment. However, to YongHo, bugs were a way to develop himself. Moreover, fixing bugs were his specialty.
‘What kind of errors are waiting for me, I wonder.’
KO Telecom’s project, A.K.A Hell, YongHo was instead filled with expectations.


The alarm of the bug window popped up as soon as the program was run. On the top right of the bug window, tens of bugs started popping up.
‘Damn… That’s a huge lot.’
YongHo looked at the number on the side of the bug window. A total of 473 errors. That was the current number of bugs on his bug window.
‘There’s too many!’
The bug window didn’t only pick out real errors, but it also picked out anything that could cause a problem. Logic errors, efficiency errors included. For instance, the answer was supposed to be 11 but the calculations went wrong and the answer was changed to 7.
There was no error log for that so the programmers would have to confirm with their eyes. Such bugs were pointed out in the bug window.
‘If I fix all of them, they would probably call me crazy. Let’s see how HyeJin does and match her speed.’
After skimming over the error content, YongHo asked HyeJin, who was next to him, after organizing his thoughts.
“HyeJin, how many bugs are we supposed to fix each day?”
“Due to the schedule, we have to do about 3 per day. But well… It depends on the difficulty but the assistant managers do about 5 a day? if they do a lot.”
“Then how about you?”
“Yeah. How many do you do each day?”
HyeJin spoke with a slight conceit. 2 or 3 for an intern was great. There were countless newbies who couldn’t even fix one.
“I do about 2 or 3?”
“Hmm… Really?”
“Don’t feel too much pressure. First, it is sufficient to know how the current system is running.”
“Didn’t you say the unit tests were starting from next week? You said the source had to be finished.”
“I did say that but… We are still interns so there would probably nobody who expect things from you.”
At YongHo’s question, HyeJin answered with a don’t-worry tone.
“Oh, I see.”
“It will probably do if you just help with the simple tests next week.”
“Okay. I will do my best and fix anything I can.”
“One warning; don’t rashly commit after fixing something.”
“I know.”
HyeJin turned her face to the screen after talking. Perhaps her skills were recognized, but she was using dual monitors despite being an intern. YongHo was the only one who was using a laptop within the office.

The next day, after fixing some bugs, Yong Ho, who was reading the documents related to the project, was called by manager An Byung Hoon. (This is the guy from course registration)
“I was too busy to greet you. Good to have you here.”
“Good day to you, manager.”
“You left a deep impression that day, but… Looking at the test result report, I called you because I saw your name from time to time.”
“Is there any problem?”
YongHo became nervous while thinking whether what he did was wrong.
“Mr. YongHo fixed some things according to the test result report……”
“I am fixing some simple bugs that are within my knowledge.”
“Really? Hmm……”
This problem occurred because it was the first time YongHo worked in the SI industry. There was no programmer who fixed bugs on his/her first day. They first learn about the system for about a week, then look at the source for a while. However, YongHo had the ability to see bugs. Even without all this process, he could fix the bugs. That was why he fixed bugs on his first day.
Thinking that everyone else did the same.
“No. I will confirm and speak to you again. Go back to your seat.”
“I understand.”
Returning to his seat, HyeJin asked what was up.
“Why did the PL call you?”
PL was the acronym of project leader, and it was the person who lead the project technically. Programmers usually spoke to the PL rather than the PM(project manager?).
“Oh, I fixed some stuff so I wrote it on the report, and he called me for that.”
HyeJin’s voice’s pitch became high due to surprise. Perhaps she noticed her loud voice, she covered her mouth with one hand.
“Sunbae, you came here yesterday though?”
“Y, yeah.”
“Then you fixed bugs after just coming here yesterday?”
“Uh, Yeah, is it no good?”
“It’s not about being good or bad, but… it’s too early. Even if you played around at college…… Sunbae, didn’t you fix wrong? This project is not some part time work you know?”
“I know very well that it isn’t some part time work.”
“The total cost for this project is nearing 2billion! (≈1.736million USD), but fixing things on the first day……”
“Uh, I fixed some simple stuff.”
“No matter how simple it is… how can you start within a day… Did you compile the source properly then upload it?”
“Yeah, in built normally. I did the tests and there was no problem so I uploaded it.”
Even after that, HyeJin kept asking as if she didn’t believe it. YongHo’s reaction to hers was a there’s-no-problem attitude. But there was one problem.

Now it was No JunWoo, who called YongHo. According to the subcontract contract law, it was illegal for the person in charge from the client company to be placed in the same working place. Moreover, the person in charge from the client company must tell the specifications to the programmers through the PL or PM, not directly.
But No JunWoo and YongHo were currently closer to each other the subcontract law was.
“Mr. YongHo. Speak to me for a sec?”
“Me, sir?”
“Yes, you.”
YongHo moved towards where No JunWoo was sitting.
“Sit here.”
In an office with desks placed right next to each other, there was a single person who had 2 desks to himself.
No JunWoo.
The sole person with 2 desks to himself. YongHo was sat next to him.
“I saw your name on the test result report.”
“I did fix a few things.”
Manager An then No JunWoo. YongHo wanted to know what was going on.
“Really? Are you sure?”
“What do you mean by that……?”
“How much time has passed since you came here?”
“Today is the second day, sir.”
“And you fixed some bugs?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Go back to your seat, and call manager An here.”
“Why manager An……”
“Manager An?”
No JunWoo called manager An without listening to YongHo any further. YongHo went back to his seat and manager An took his place.

Translator’s note

Regular chapter 2/4

473 errors… Looks like MC has met his match. Korea… why does it have so high unemployment rate when there isn’t much manpower? Greedy companies….

Thx for reading!

Translator : Chamber
Proofreader : Maled

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