Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 22: Three Hells of SI (3)

Due to the small size of the office, manager An and No JunWoo’s conversation could be heard, even if one didn’t want to hear it.
“Manager An.”
“Yes, assistant manager.”
“This is wrong, isn’t it?”
“He’s been here for one day and he starts editing source? If a problem arises, are you going to take responsibility?”
“I have managed a few projects until now, and there hasn’t been an occasion where a first day newbie edits sources.”
“Don’t do it if you aren’t going to take responsibility.”
“This project isn’t some kids’ play. So please take care of it, yeah?”
“I understand.”
It was a short conversation but it was enough to know who’s the superior one in the office.


YongHo secretly called HyeJin outside. He asked HyeJin as soon as they were outside.
“Was it wrong for me to edit?”
“It wasn’t wrong, but… you were a bit early, sunbae. This is the first time it happened…….”
“First? Is it wrong to edit sources on the first day?”
“I don’t really know.”
HyeJin was also an intern. She lacked and understanding and experience of the industry.
“It looks like I’ve committed a big mistake, though……”
HyeJin just blamed No Jun Woo. She tried to tidy up the situation by saying that No JunWoo was a retard from the beginning.
“No JunWoo is originally like that. He really shows us what being bossy is that appears on the news.”
“It’s strange that manager An called me before I was called by No JunWoo.”
“Don’t worry too much. If there is nothing wrong with the edit, would there be any damage?”
“Yeah, but, I’m thinking I’ve damaged the manager’s reputation because of me.”
YongHo’s words were filled with worry. He thought he gave damage by showing off in vain. Kim WonHo’s grudge left him with a trauma.
“But No JunWoo does keep minimum etiquette towards manager An.”
“…That now was keeping etiquette?”
“That is being a gentleman, sunbae.”
HyeJin waved her hand while saying ‘what are you talking about’.
“This really is no joke…….”
While they were conversing on the bench, YongHo’s phone started ringing. The caller was manager An.

It was already the second cup of coffee. The first cup was with HyeJin and the second was with An ByungHoon.
Yongho thoughts went off topic and thought ‘I’ve slept all the sleep tonight at this rate’ while sitting down.
“Sorry, sir. Because of me……”
“It’s alright. This is nothing.”
“Even so……”
“Anyway, was it really you who edited it?”
Manager An couldn’t believe it.
“I just knew a few of them so… I fixed them while referencing the internet.”
“Really? Your skills are great for an intern.”
“Thank you, sir”
“No, it’s me who want to thank you. You are showing your skills when we don’t have much manpower here. I’ve looked at your edits; there were some bits that I was unsatisfied with but there was no problem.”
At manager An’s praise, YongHo scratched the back of his head and laughed awkwardly. YongHo’s edits were just copy and paste from the bug window. Maybe a day when he didn’t need the bug window will come, but it wasn’t now.
“Looks like you study a lot?”
“I am studying using the internet and books.”
“Yes, do your best. Don’t mind about No JunWoo.”
“I understand. Then you’re saying I’m allowed to edit the source?”
“Of course. Please take care of me from now on.”
“No, it should be me saying that. Please take care of me.”
An ByungHoon’s encouragement healed YongHo’s trauma a bit.


After conversing with manager An, YongHo calmed down and focused on fixing bugs. The solutions were already there on the bug window. Fixing one bug didn’t even take 10 minutes. Rather than fixing bugs, the testing to see if it really works took much more time.
Looking before leaping was one of the virtues of program developers.
‘The bug window sure saves time.’
No JunWoo called YongHo who was fixing the bugs one by one.
“Mr. YongHo, what are you doing?”
“I am working, sir.”
“Are you busy?”
“Well, yes, a bit.”
“Could you come here for a minute?”
He wondered why he called him again. However, he was the person in charge from the client company, so he couldn’t not listen. He was afraid of the repercussions it would bring to the people around him and the company.
“Look at this. Do you know this game?”
What No JunWoo showed him was a game. YongHo was speechless for a moment due to it being absurd.
Street Fighting.
A game anyone from the arcade generation would know.
“Install this game. A friend of mine who goes to a game company sent me some free coupons. Have a bout with me.”
“This game?”
“Why? You busy?”
“It’s not that.”
“What does an intern have to be busy with? Oh, you have to get permission from your superiors. Wait a sec.”
No JunWoo who was speaking, shouted towards manager An.
“This friend can rest for a bit, is that alright?”
That was enough. And so the game began.

“What school did you go to?”
“Seon Min university, sir.”
“Seon Min?”
No JunWoo’s reaction was normal. Not many people knew of Seon Min university. It was located within Seoul but knowledge of it was the same as some nameless university in countrysides.
“It is located in JungTong.”
“Mirae IT is not bad… You’ve done well.”
YongHo’s character KO’ed No JunWoo’s character in the game.
“You do well in games?”
“I liked games more than studying.”
“Is that so, that’s why.”
“It’s nothing. Shall we stop? I’ve got work too.”
“Oh, then please.”


No JunWoo frequently called for YongHo. At times, he ordered YongHo to do some of his private matters even though he belonged to Mirae IT.
“Can you have a look at this?”
“What is this?”
“This is the test scenario that opens this time. If you have a look, it would be a great help for you Mr. YongHo.”
“What do you mean by have a look……”
“Just skim over a bit and check the things where it looks strange to you or if it logically doesn’t make sense.”
YongHo endured his urge to swear. And he barely made a bitter smile while replying in a voice that became one tone lower.
“But this doesn’t look like our company’s work?”
“Are you nitpicking?”
“It’s not that.”
“Didn’t you say you were an intern? If you are an intern, you need to do various things. Are you sure you will be a permanent employee at this rate?”
At that moment, YongHo felt a taut string snapping in his head. And someone grabbed YongHo’s shoulders from behind.
It was manager An.
“Assistant manager, I’m sorry but we are opening soon too, so we are very busy. I’m very sorry. If the opening ends, then we will help.”
“Oh, man. Are you THAT busy?”
“I’m sorry, assistant manager.”
An ByungHoon held his head down towards No JunWoo while saying sorry. No JunWoo couldn’t say any more after seeing that. An ByungHoon said towards No JunWoo.
“And this friend here WILL become a permanent employee. It was the precondition for his internship.”
At An ByungHoon’s words, the office became quiet. Nobody said anything including No JunWoo and YongHo.

Translator’s note

Regular chapter 3/4

No JunWoo = new Kim WonHo, anyone? Well, he’s too crafty to be like Kim WonHo and he’s no small fry either… yeah, Kim WonHo’s small fry compared to No JunWoo.

Interns, made to do everything from working to playing with higher ups… and received the lowest salary… So sad…

Oh, and anyone else want YongHo x HyeJin? She’s so sweet…

Thx for reading!

Translator : Chamber
Proofreader : Maled

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    1. naosouonight

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