Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 24: Unit Tests (2)

Weekly PL conference.
The PLs of Mirae IT were in a meeting. The PM in the middle of the room spoke. “Please report each of your progress.”
“Marketing team has currently solved 51 errors out of 124.”
“Product team has currently fixed 62 errors out of 140.”
Manager An was also seated there. When it became his turn, he opened his mouth to speak.
“Customer team has currently fixed 120 errors out of 152.”
The PM asked manager An again.
“How many did you say you fixed?”
“120 out of 152. Progress rate is around 80%.”
The PM sat up from the back of his seat and turned his head towards manager An.
“Why is it so high? Did you perhaps calculate wrong?”
“No, sir.”
“Then how did it happen?”
“There’s a new intern called Lee YongHo, and he’s a real piece of work.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes, out of the 120 fixed problems, about half was done by him alone.”
“…That’s nonsense, did the testing go properly?”
“I’ve checked it twice, but the source was organized neatly and there was absolutely no problem with the program either.”
“*Sigh*… Well, he’s better than most managers.”
At the PM’s words, many managers looked away. Not minding them, the PM continued speaking.
“When was the time you socialized with the interns?”
“It didn’t happen yet, sir.”
“So we didn’t even look after them because we were so busy. After the unit tests are finished, let’s have a get-together.”
YongHo, who wasn’t even a permanent employee, had his name engraved in the PM’s mind.
SI businesses worked with units of projects. It was the PM who organized the teams to do the project. If the PM wanted someone, the company would rarely reject that person.
Moreover, if many PMs wanted one person, then his/her worth would naturally go up.


“Sunbae, sunbae.”
“Uh, yeah?”
“Why are you working so hard? You’ve yet to eat lunch.”
“It’s lunchtime already?”
“Time sure flies.”
“But sunbae, you don’t look at websites like stack overfly?”
“Stack overfly?”
“You don’t know stack overfly? It’s the most visited website by programmers.”
“I do know.”
He listened to manager An’s words and even answered a question. He was so busy that he couldn’t even check whether his answer was voted up.
“How can you fix those bugs without even looking at those websites?”
HyeJin asked because she didn’t understand.
Normal programmers’ process of fixing errors after developing a program went as follows:
1.     Search the internet
2.     Find a similar source, then copy & paste.
3.     Run the program and fix any problems
YongHo didn’t go through 1&2.
“Did I do that?”
“I watched you from behind because I wondered when you were going to eat lunch, but I didn’t even see you open an internet browser.”
The bug window was a big help. And Kim WonHo’s bullying also helped.
“Let’s get lunch. We will have to line up if we go late.”
YongHo who had no excuse, changed the topic. And HyeJin lead the way to the cafeteria.


After eating, he had a look at stack overfly.
‘Let’s have a look.’
Half of his feelings were doubt. Using English that didn’t make sense, he only uploaded a source for the answer. He had a mixture of anticipation and uneasiness thinking about whether his answer was voted up or not.
After he went to stack overfly, there was an alarm. Even though it was a small thing, YongHo felt his heart beating. On the top right, he touched the alarm window.
Answer is selected +15
‘Phew… I did get voted up. To think some foreign programmers upvoted me, it feels kinda strange.’
He had a feeling of being acknowledged. Moreover, being acknowledged by a foreign programmer, it made YongHo slightly excited.
But there were 2 alarms.
Answer was recommended +10
YongHo’s answer was not only upvoted, but other programmers even recommended the answer.
A total score of 25.
It was the score for his first answer.

No JunWoo called the PLs in the office to one place. The PMs and PLs of each part of Mirae IT got together in one place again. Their stiff faces conveyed the seriousness of the situation.
“Assistant manager, the schedule is for it to be opened next month.”
“That’s why I’m saying this now.”
“If the point management system is changed now, then everything will go haywire.”
“That’s not true, it’s an exaggeration to say everything will go haywire. Then would you report to me how the source would be changed and what specific part?”
At No JunWoo’s words, the PMs and the PLs lost their words. There was not much time left but the specification kept changing. It was unsure whether the opening would go successfully even if they pour all their efforts into the unit tests. They didn’t even want to think about the time they would take to make a report on what No JunWoo said.
A PM who couldn’t hold it, finally spoke out.
“The schedule kept getting delayed because the specifications kept changing, but you want to change the point management system while we are at this stage? Customer’s point are referenced by most of the system but, if that gets changed, then we won’t be able to guarantee that the system will open in time.”
“That’s why, report to me about what and where should be changed. I can decide then.”
“Assistant manager knows very well how much time it takes to write one document, don’t you?”
“Do you think I wanted to do this? It’s an order from above. This is really the last time.”
“How many last times are you going to have!”
The PM took out the document he brought. In the document were all the edits that happened so far. No JunWoo’s lips turned in to a fishy smile after checking the document brought out by the PM.
“You have time to create documents like these, but don’t have the time to investigate what should be changed to implement it?”
At those words, the PM instinctively knew that he had to take a step back. No JunWoo was going to accomplish this by getting hold of weaknesses by any means.
“*Sigh*… Then please give us an extension.”
“Our side can give you one more week.”
“Then our pay would naturally be increased right?”
It was obvious. If they have to do more work, the due date would naturally be extended, and they had to be payed more. But No JunWoo spoke nonsense.
“We will be considerate towards Mirae IT in another contract.”
“That’s that and this is this!”
“Are you keep going to be uncooperative?”
“No, it’s not being uncooperative, I……”
“Call director Kim. Our team leader will speak directly to him.”
“Assistant manager.”
“Why? Isn’t it true? If you keep being uncooperative then what can we do?”
No JunWoo, who locked his fingers and put them the table, crossed his legs and looked at the people in the conference room. There was not a single person who was younger than him in the room.
“1 hour has already passed. You know of our company’s tradition right? Meetings will last only one hour. Well, then, what are you going to do?”
“We will first tell the director then report to you again.”
“Then speak to him and tell me the answer by the end of today. There’s no time.”
No JunWoo who finished speaking, he left the place first. The PM called somewhere in the quiet conference room. The receiver seemed very upset. The loud voice that could be heard from the phone could be heard by everyone in the room.

Translator’s note

Regular chapter 1/4

I am liking this girl(HyeJin) more and more…


Translator : Chamber
Proofreader : Maled

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  1. antowibowo

    Yeah on it the client tends to do that. A good company usually have PMs that won’t get presurred like that though. The term must be clear at the beginning, how many change until extension and how much the payment will add up to. Scope, time, budget. Stick to the triangle.
    Thank you for the chapter!

    1. jacobpaige

      They just have really bad luck due to plot. Companies and situations like this definitely exist, but I doubt that they’re the majority and if you have good enough skills, you can usually find a better job somewhere else.

  2. jacobpaige

    I don’t get why he backed down. The time taken to write the complaint document was both negligible and irrelevant, especially compared to the document that he was asking for.

    Honestly, if they’re not even going to pay a proper wage for the abuse that their giving Mirae, they should just look elsewhere and sue the company for breach of contract. Unless they were stupid enough to sign a contract that actually allowed for this kind of behavior.

    If they don’t want to go that far, then they should consider going above his head. Its pretty clear that he likes throwing his weight around, its possible that the people above him actually have brains and are willing to use them.

    1. Chamber Post author

      sue -> costs money, and they are not likely to win (cuz ‘backstage’ stuff)
      as for the documents… I dunno ask the author (not that you can…)
      If they lose the work then they won’t get any more contracts with that company anymore and that will be a huge loss of income for Mirae… logically speaking…That’s just how Korea works… KO Telecom will just say to its allied companies to stop working with Mirae and that will be over for Mirae…

      1. jacobpaige

        The power of not working with someone doesn’t only belong to KOT though. It also belongs to Mirae and any sensible, competent company in its field. If KOT develops a reputation for breaking its contracts and treating its contractors like disposable tissues, then who would want to work with them? Reputation is an important thing and if your reputation is s**t, then the cost of hiring people goes up, the conditions they demand get more severe, the quality of their work and products get worse and your ability to survive as a company goes down.

        Conversely, Mirae not standing up for its employees and allowing them to be treated like slaves damages their ability to retain or recruit new talents. Who would want to work in a sweat shop environment when they could easily get a job somewhere else with better conditions and comparable or better pay?

        Also, unless KOT is a truly massive company, losing their business will not be the end of Mirae and the cost of suing them for breach of contract is mitigated by the money that they’ll receive from the suit. They aren’t private citizens or a small company. They can afford to sue someone if its necessary. And it is necessary in order to show that they won’t allow their business partners to ignore the terms of the deals that they’ve agreed to.

        Unless they had a truly bad contract that actually allowed KOT to do this sort of thing of course, then its 100% Mirae’s fault for being naive and incompetent when they negotiated the deal and suing would be pointless.

          1. jacobpaige

            Sometimes. As Konami and several other companies have shown us, in the short term, things do sometimes work the way you describe. I just like to think that its uncommon and a losing strategy in the long term. Especially in the idealized world of fiction 😉

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