Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 25: Unit Tests (3)

Director Kim ManHo.
Kim WonHo’s father and one of Mirae IT’s board executives. He appeared in KO Telecom’s project. The PM himself stepped up and introduced the project. YongHo stood up hurriedly when he saw everybody standing up.
“These are the interns who entered this time.”
“Good day to you, sir. My name is Choi HyeJin.”
“Nice to meet you.”
“Good day to you, sir. My name is Lee YongHo.”
Kim ManHo grabbed YongHo’s hand tightly and spoke.
“You’re Lee YongHo? I heard a lot about you.”
“He does his work really well. A good guy has come in this time.”
“Really? If even the PM is saying this, his skill must really be top notch.”
“Thank you, sir.”
“Yes. Work well in the future.”
“And there is the collaborator from the outsourcing company.”
Client and contractor; and outsourcing and freelancer. (Gab->Eul->Byung->Jung)
There were countless groups under the contractor. Mirae IT didn’t do its project only by themselves.
There was the outsourcing company under it. Kim ManHo didn’t even greet them and looked for No JunWoo.
“Where is assistant manager No?”
“I will show you the way.”
The office which became quiet when Kim ManHo came in, turned in to a warzone again.


After Kim ManHo, No JunWoo, and the team leader from SDP(Service Delivery Platform) in which No JunWoo was in, had finished their talk, the decision was passed down. As soon as the decision was passed down, complaints erupted.
“Manager! Isn’t this too cruel?”
“They did say they will extend the deadline by 1 week… So, let’s work a little more.”
“They are overdoing it. An extension of a week isn’t anything big either.”
The person who was receiving the complaints was manager An. YongHo, as an intern, kept observing the situation.
“The schedule is so tight that we are reserving motels…”
“I know that.”
“This is too cruel. If the points part is changed… Just look with your own eyes, manager. Their faces look unbelievably tired!”
Manager Yun SooChan, who was manager An’s junior, looked around the place and spoke.
“What can I do? It’s the higher-up’s decision.”
“For god’s sake!”
“Manager Yun.”
While manager Yun was speaking of everyone’s behalf, a person raised his hand up.
“Oh, yes, please speak.”
“Then what happens to us with our freelancer contract?”
“The people who want to extend by one week can have theirs done so, of course, there will be additional pay.”
“I understand.”
“Any other questions?”
Nobody else asked anything.
“Then please work hard.”

There were times when a conference began at 11 p.m. If that happened work time was extended to 3 or 4 a.m. They went to their motel rooms and collapsed on their beds. Being late became common.
Whines came from many places.
The continuous forced march.
HyeJin’s head, who was looking at the monitor, suddenly dropped down.
“HyeJin, are you alright?”
HyeJin, who lightly hit her head on the keyboard, replied while blinking.
“Y, yeah.”
“Get some rest.”
“I still have many things to do by the end of today.”
“How about sunbae, did you finish yours?”
“No, I have thing left to do too.”
“Even so, you’re amazing, sunbae.”
“You are the top for fixing bugs, aren’t you?”
“Well, that, I just look up a lot of stuff.”
“Even so… You really are amazing.”
YongHo fixed the bugs quickly using the bug window. In the test result report which all the teams in the project shared, YongHo’s name occupied most of it.
“Sunbae, do you know what you’re called recently?”
“A nickname?”
HyeJin smiled as if it was funny just thinking about it.
“People call you cotaku.”
“What? Cotaku?”
“A coding otaku.”
“Whoa. But it’s still better than Bindae(bedbug) Yong.”
Perhaps waking up due to the conversation and the laugh, HyeJin focused on the monitor again.
“Now I seem to wake up a bit.”
“Yes. Let’s do our best.”
The atmosphere of a warzone from when YongHo first came to the office, disappeared, and fatigue pressed heavily upon them.
No JunWoo.
This person from the client company didn’t have any hint of being tired.
His work hour finished at 6.p.m on the dot.
Nobody stopped him from leaving.
“Hey, Mr. YongHo!”
“I’ll go back first, so take care!”
“Have a safe trip back home.”
“Don’t stay until too late, and go home quickly!”
“I understand.”
“Manager An, you’re being too cruel on YongHo, he’s still an intern.”
Nobody looked at him favorably as he left work while waving his hand.


9 a.m.
YongHo and HyeJin came into work like zombies. They barely managed to not be late today.
“Huh? I can’t find manager Yun today.”
“You’re right.”
“That’s strange.”
YongHo tilted his head. The only person to be here before them, who were interns, was manager Yun. A while ago, he had his baby child, and he put a family picture on his desk and kissed it all the time. And he was famous in the office for that.
“Shouldn’t the manager be tired too?”
And he was that enthusiastic about work. Maybe due to the weight of his family on his shoulders giving him responsibility, he was the last to leave and first to come int.
“Well, that’s possible.”
“Oh, god. What do I do with this…?”
The cleaning lady accidentally broke the frame which had manager Yun’s family in it. The frame, which was made of glass, shattered and was thrown all over the floor. YongHo went up to her and asked.
“Are you alright, ma’am?”
“I am alright but… The frame is broken.’
YongHo had a look but there was nothing wrong with the photo itself. And considering manager Yun’s personality, he shouldn’t care about it that much.
“That’s okay. Well, a frame can be replaced.”
“B, but that won’t do. If the owner of this frame comes to work, then tell him to call this number. I have to reimburse him.”
“Oh, I understand.”
YongHo received the contact number maybe due to the fact that the lady was as old as his mother.
“I’m sorry. I’ll clean this place up, so keep doing your work.”
YongHo sat down after picking up the photo and returning to his seat. HyeJin already had her computer on and was getting ready to start working.
And lunch time arrived.

Manager An looked around the office and spoke.
“Did anyone see manager Yun?”
At his words, an assistant manager who shared room with manager Yun stepped up.
“He was sleeping when I came out.”
“Then you should have come with him, why did you come alone?”
“He looked very tired so I left him to sleep……”
“Call him quickly.”
The assistant manager spoke with a difficult face after calling multiple times.
“He doesn’t answer.”
“I called him about 3 times just now but he doesn’t answer. Shall I go and have a look?”
“No, let’s go together.”
Maybe he had a bad feeling but manager An hurriedly exited the office. Not much time later, an ambulance loudly wailed after coming out from a motel near the office while speeding.

Translator’s note

Regular chapter 2/4

What’s a ‘difficult face’? lol… And that blatant forecast there…

Also, why am I falling for that girl… she’s so nice…. (HyeJin). Author, please don’t do anything to her okay?

BAD NEWS(and some good news…)

I’m not getting any time to translate… so much homework… then it’s finals then I may go overseas to see my dad. He’s in Turkmenistan where internet is…. but the good news is that I already translated up to chapter 41 so you still will get your chapters until then…

Thx for reading!

Translator : Chamber
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